Regulation Of The Labour Market Service

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The presentation of the order provides for the employment of 26 November 1993 on services (1005/93) in accordance with article 23 of: Chapter 1 General provisions for the implementation of the employment services Act section 1 of the Employment Services Act (1005/93) in order to implement the purpose of the employment services is both personal and employer-customers needs, the Employment Service Act, administered by the other laws and regulations and the provisions set out in this regulation.
Labour market, labour services, and how to use them actively and be informed of the services to be offered in such a way that the person customers are aware of the labour market in employment and training opportunities, as well as the employer-customers the work force.

section 2 of the employment services to the citizens of The States of the non-citizens of Finland, with Finnish binding on the basis of the international agreements on the free movement of labour is a right of entry to Finland in order to seek work, and take up employment without a work permit, shall be treated as providing employment services to nationals of Finland, subject to these agreements.
Other Finnish citizens shall be treated as providing employment services to nationals of Finland, in so far as they are granted a residence permit or residence and work permits on the basis of the right to take up employment without any restrictions.
The legitimate interest shall be treated as provided for in the work in providing employment services to receive the Finnish nationals, provided that they have been granted a residence and work permit is intended for continuous maassaoloon.

Article 3 of the Service provision of the General points of departure, taking into account the needs of Customer service facilities is constantly being developed, and they must be provided in such a way that: 1) improve career, workplace and labour market conditions for the success of the personal choices;
2 the labour market of the professional competence of the labour force) are added to or in accordance with the requirements of the professional skill;
3) to facilitate the search for alternative solutions available in the labour market; to help guests make the most of 4) successful choices between the different options.

section 4 customer service Customer service customer service takes into account the situation and the need for providing the first access to informational services and by supporting self-reliance and independent use of the services of the customer.
If the use of the services within the meaning of subparagraph (1) is not appropriate or necessary, the customer service will not lead to the fulfilment of the performance in the work or education or jobs, in accordance with the needs of the customer is to be designed and laid out together with the customer in a systematic tehostuvia employment services. Where necessary, it may be to draw up a programme for the employment service. The job seeker's työllistymissuunnitelmasta provides for the Employment Act (275/87) in article 17.

section 5 of the promotion of equality between the sexes in the employment services in the planning and execution must work actively to promote equality between the sexes.
Employment services in the implementation of work and education options, job vacancies and job-seekers to be presented fairly in accordance with the same principles regardless of the sex of a person's gender or indirectly due to the fault.
Labour market, labour market services as well as employment and training options, information must contribute to the achievement of gender equality in the labour market.

languages that may be used for the adoption of section 6 of the employment services employment services was adopted, as well as the specificities of the Finnish and Swedish-speaking population and employment needs must be taken into account in accordance with the same criteria as specifically laying down.
Thus, the adoption of the employment services must take into account the needs of the population.
Chapter 2 section 7 of the Employment services employment services offered to the customer to the customer and the employer of the person-a variety of employment placement services for job seeker and the employer of the labour force in order to secure access to työllistymiseksi mutual freedom of contract of the parties based on.
Personal service provision for the employment services are: 1) the transmission of information on job vacancies and job opportunities;
2) self-service of job search;
3) job search advice;
4) a job-seeker with a job seeker registration, record-keeping and maintenance;
5) job search, presentation and työhönosoittaminen as a personal service; as well as the introduction by the employer of the applicant) 6.
Employer-provided employment services for the client are: 1) job vacancies information;
2) workforce and for the acquisition of information and advice;
the search for suitable jobs for job seekers, 3), and ehdolleasettelu candidate of job search, education, training and work experience on the basis of the data; as well as providing the opportunity for employers to apply for 4) on your own employees to maintain the labour authority files and information systems, which it wants to job seekers are given job search information.

section 8: career guidance as a starting point the customer's view of the professional goals of personal career guidance: 1) will be provided with comprehensive and balanced information about the training and employment options;
2) is added to the client's self-awareness and the ability to assess the personal resources; as well as helping the customer to produce a 3) professional development plan.
In addition to the vocational guidance, control of discussions may include, where appropriate, the suitability of the customer and to finance research and education-health and työkokeiluja.

Article 9 of the Education and professional information service Training and professional information service provides clients in matters relating to education and occupation. It is maintained to the advice of the staff and clients to use the information in the registers and the written or other form of recorded information about education and working life.

section 10 of the vocational rehabilitation Vocational rehabilitation for poor health and/or are UNEM customers will be held: 1) vocational guidance and the related state of health and suitability to finance studies, as well as training-and työkokeiluja;
2) työhönsijoittumiseen and training advice, and management;
3) työvoimapoliittisesta adult education Act (763/90) the training referred to in; as well as 4) section 13 of the employment service law, the work referred to in the rankings.
Vajaakuntoisella with the customer for the purposes of this section a person, that the chances of getting a suitable job, keep a job or to go at work are considerably reduced as well-founded because of the injury, illness or disablement.
Chapter 3 recruitment abroad and from abroad to Finland under section 11 of the Personal work of the person asking for the customer's employment services from abroad, the person providing employment services, where he is seeking employment as referred to in paragraph 1 of article 2 of the State. Other countries in the work of aspiring provides general advice and guidance about how to obtain the necessary permits for the work, as well as how to apply, the information available on the labour market and access to employment opportunities in these countries.
Person to a customer, that from abroad seeking work in Finland, the employment services will be provided, in the case of a Finnish citizen, article 2 of this Regulation referred to in subsection 1, or any other foreign national who is the subject of a representation is the basis of a residence permit issued by the Finnish descent. Facilities will also be given to the members of their families.

Article 12 of the employment services of the Employer, the employer-client-client, which is in a foreign country and that retrieves employees from Finland, will be given to placement facilities, if the employer's place of business is in the case referred to in subparagraph (1) of section 2 of the State. Other countries can be informed of job vacancies for employers for job seekers as required.
An employer-client that retrieves employees from abroad, will be given job placement services, where he retrieves the employees under section 2 of the conception of such States. The person asking for details of the other States, workers on the conditions for the use of foreign labour, as well as a service subject to a work permit.

section 13 of the employment services, the international mobility of trainees, in Finland and abroad to supplement international training, which are informed of the training programmes and assist customers in the hakeutumisessa, obtain internships to foreign trainees and are passed to the trainees in the employer-customers.
Chapter 4 use of services and cooperation in section 14 (30.12.1997, p/1358) (30.12.1997, p/1358) the Registration of the person as a customer in the customer service Person to pass judgement on labour law in accordance with article 10 (a) of the employment services must provide the search information in the registration form. The data in the form will be posted to the employment service law, as referred to in article 19.
Person, the consent of the customer job search information to the regulation on labour services information system (Regulation (EC) No 1254/93) referred to the system as well as a reference to the fact that the customer data in the information system have been told to the client, shall be entered in the registration form.

section 15 (31 May 2001/459) job search plan

The employment service law referred to in article 10 (c) job search plan shall be made in writing, on the basis of the interview, the first job search, and it will be reviewed periodically recurring job search interviews. Job search plan is related to the skills inventory, which compiles the client's education, skills, work experience and specific skills.

section 15 (a) (31 May 2001/459) is repealed by A GATT 1994/459.

section 16 of the employment services operating in the area of action, irrespective of the national labour policy services can the customer get the services from wherever they are available.
The first subparagraph of article 7 (4), (5) and (6) of the employment services are provided to a person referred to in the client, which is registered as a person seeking work and have työhakemuksensa force section 14 and section 15 's.
Chapter 5 miscellaneous provisions article 17 prohibition of private employment services of labour payment service under section 16 of the law into line with the rate of employment in the employment service shall be considered as directly into: 1) job search advice for existing vacancies;
2) a job-seeker with the registration, record-keeping and maintenance;
3. presentation of the work of the open jobs) to the applicant;
4) job vacancies information or job seekers information service phones or otherwise, by electronic means;
5 presentation of the ehdolleasettelu and the employer of the applicant); as well as 6) required by the employer other than that of the employer's work by the job seeker's suitability.
Employment directly into a job placement service is not considered activity, in which the Finnish young people abroad and foreign young people in Finland will be offered the opportunity to stay in the family home of work abroad (an au pair position).

section 18 of the collaboration between the Military and the State of their own and control installations in the context of providing employment services to 4,000 persons and related measures in planning must have the cooperation of the relevant authorities.
Training of information, advice and training to the development of information materials and information on the registers of the employment and education authorities.
The labour authorities must follow the immigrant labour and, if necessary, propose to the other authorities of the measures taken, which may contribute to their integration in the new working and living conditions.
The labour authorities must, in cooperation with the Centre for international exchanges worry about tasks that are related to international mobility of trainees.

more detailed provisions and guidelines for article 19 of the Labor Department can provide more detailed provisions and guidelines for the implementation of this regulation.

Article 20 entry into force This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 1994.
Before the entry into force of this Regulation may be to take the measures needed to implement the regulation.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: 30.12.1997, p/1358: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 1998.
Before the entry into force of the regulation may be to take the measures needed to implement the regulation.

31 May 2001/459: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 September 2001.
Before the entry into force of the regulation may be to take the measures needed to implement it.

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