E-Mail Policy-Regulation

Original Language Title: Postitoiminta-asetus

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The presentation of the Minister of transport establishes the post of 29 October 1993 on the activities on the basis of the code of civil procedure (907/93): the scope of article 1 of the Postal law limits the action of the postal law of action (907/93) does not apply to the transport and distribution of leaf and not limited to the transport and distribution of shipments, negligible. In a separate action, the law does not apply to postal asiakaskohtaisella transfer speed and reliability in its individual agreement or other similar agreement, based on the Routing and distribution activity, if the activity does not interfere with the operation of the treatment of the national post. an inordinate amount of

section 2 section 2 of the Act of operation of Postal Mail: the post referred to in paragraph 2, first subparagraph of the shorter side of the shipment shall not exceed 25 cm in length, the longer the page a maximum of 40 cm and a thickness of no more than 3 centimeters. The above measures can be used to a limited extent, however, that because of its size, provided on behalf of the ship can be divided into the e-mail into the hatch and into the box. The maximum weight is 2 kg of mail.
Postal mail to the postal service in the terms of delivery can be classified as different types of postal items (products) for those with more services and other desirable qualities.
Mail the form and the recipient and sender address information and payment indications will be given detailed instructions on the terms of delivery.

2. (a) section (29.1.1999/76), the quality standard of postal services, the postal service is to share them in the mail, which is left to the pass and on the next working day to be shared, and which has been paid shall be the one applicable for shipments of at least 85% of that is informed on the following working day and not less than 95 per cent no later than the second working day.

section 2 (b) (brought an action/76), the post office postal service cost calculation cost calculation shall be transparent and non-discriminatory.

section 3 of the Work permit application to the Council of State of any request for the authorisation of postal activities addressed to the: 1) the applicant's name and address;
2), for which the authorization is requested;
the information on the sort of e-mail activity 3) is to be provided;
4 the conditions of delivery of postal services);
5) evidence that the applicant is financially sound and apparently capable of regular mail.
The application shall be accompanied by a trade association or rekisterinote or any other similar statement, articles of association or equivalent of the company-or any other agreement, if necessary, säädekirja, Foundation, association or cooperative policies, as well as a two-year master plan, as well as of the financial statement of the postal activities. If the applicant is an entity, the application is oheistettava the applicant most recently established for the annual accounts and the annual report as well as a list of the members of the applicant, the partners or owners, or from other persons or entities who use the power of decision to the applicant in the community.

section 4: the post office the right to refuse to post the date of receipt of the consignment, or Email the Department has the right to refuse to accept or transmit email broadcast: 1) if the consignment contains dangerous substances, objects or products, the transportation of which is prohibited by law or which are otherwise contrary to the law or give rise to apparent danger to people or property;
2) if it contains the live insects or other living animals;
3) if the contents of the shipment are particularly sensitive to heat or cold;
4) if uninsured the consignment contains money, securities or other valuable; or 5) if the sender is an enterprise customer who has essentially failed to fulfil its obligation to mail payment to the institution.

section 5 of the law of responsibility for Postal Mail action referred to in subsection 2 of section 12 of the postal shipment loss or damage to the maximum amounts of compensation are as follows: 1) up to the postivakuutettu shipping insurance;
2) an ordinary letter to 500 marks; and 3) other postal mail to the 3 000 mark as regards the dispatch or consignment.
The postal service, and the customer may agree on the ceiling of compensation contrary to subparagraph (1) is provided.

section 6 of the refund referred to in article 5, in addition to damages, the postal service will return the shipment to the institution of a popular transport of mail. If the shipment is lost or damaged, only in part, will be returned to the corresponding part of the fare.
The postal service, and the customer may agree to the return of payment as opposed to postal institution provides.

Article 7 of the Postal Opened mail pieces the details to the action in accordance with the law, section 9 of the undelivered mail package, or on a separate live opened annex, where and when the shipment has been opened, who opened the consignment, as to why the shipment has been opened, and the opening has been made pursuant to the provision. Entry must be confirmed by the signature of the o-ring.

the provisions of section 8 of the Ministry of transport and communications, and more specific instructions may provide for more detailed rules and instructions for the application of this regulation.

date of entry into force of article 9 this Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 1994.
Before the entry into force of this Regulation may be to take the measures needed to implement it.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: 29.1.1999/76: This Regulation shall enter into force on 3 February 1999.
Parliament and Council Directive 97/67/EC; OJ No l L 15, 21.1.1998, p. 14