Setting The Archive Establishment

Original Language Title: Asetus arkistolaitoksesta

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Presentation by the Minister of education provides for the 20 February 1981 on the Archives Act (184/81) under section 12 of the: Archives Department tasks, section 1 of the Archive establishment belong to the State Archives and the provincial archives.
Archives Department shall be responsible for: 1) control the Registry Act, as the Registry Act (184/81) and under it or provided for;
the general development of the action 2) to take care of the registry and its research and training as required;
3) to receive and store the documents and the information given to the authorities of the materials;
4) to acquire and keep the other Finnish history and relevant social development documents and data sets;
5 of the information service säilyttämäänsä file) to take care of; as well as 6) take care of other tasks provided for its tasks.

section 2 of the State archives administration and operation of the plant will lead to the development of the archive, as well as serving as the country's national archive and the research and Development Centre.
The provincial archives are subject to the administrative authority of the State archive of the district as well as the regional archives and research and development centers.
The County-for tasks handled by Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa cities of the State archives.

Archives Department, the Executive Board 3 of the Archive facility is controlled by and controlled by the State Council for a term of three years set by the Executive Board.
The Management Board shall be composed of the Director-General as Chairman of the institution, as well as five Archives Archives Department who is also familiar with the industry members, of whom one shall provide the most representative staff organizations proposed by the Archives Department. The number of members of the Executive Board of the State Council, Vice-President of the one.

section 4 of the Executive Board shall be responsible for: 1) archives and Archives Department, the development of guidelines for the public and the decision;
2) decide to archive, as well as the economic plan for the operation of the installation and of the budget;
3) give an opinion on the appointment of civil servants of the Ministry of education ratkaistavasta;
4) to deal with other matters of importance to the fundamental, far-reaching or otherwise, that the Director-General of the Board.

section 5 of the Management Board shall meet at the invitation of the Chairman or Deputy Chairman. The Management Board has a quorum when the Chairman and three members is present.
The Management Board in the event of a dispute shall be decided by the meeting of matters by a simple majority. In the event of a tie, the Chairman's vote.
The Management Board shall adopt detailed provisions on the processing of Board Affairs.

Section 6 of the human resources and the tasks of the Director-General of the State of the repository Manager is the value of the name, which is valtionarkistonhoitajan. In addition, the State Archives is an archive neuvoksia, whose responsibilities and tasks are in the rules of procedure.
The County Archive shall be headed by a provincial Archive Manager.
The archive facility is in addition to other posts, as well as supply contracts necessary for the operations of temporary civil servants and contract in relation to the staff.

section 7 of the Executive Director of the State archive of the establishment and operation of the leading archive and is responsible for ensuring that their functions are performed effectively and economically.
The provincial Archive Manager to lead the activities of the provincial archives and is responsible for ensuring that the functions are performed effectively and economically.

Article 8 of the State for the Affairs of the matters covered by the settlement will resolve the Management Board, the Executive Director or other officer to whom such jurisdiction has been given.
The Executive Director will determine things, which are not dealt with in the Board or that he has not been transferred to someone else.
Province-province-for the matters covered by the Director of the archive, unless it resolves the he have them transferred to someone else.
The Director-General, the registry and the provincial Archive Manager can be in an individual case to ruling of the case, which, by the way, it would be him.

the Director-General of the Board and section 9 of the crucial things. The rules of procedure, what other things are resolved.

To fill in, as well as civil servants qualifications and section 10 of the freedom of the President-in-Office of the County archive, arkistoneuvokselta and required to post an appropriate master's degree, good leadership skills, as well as a good familiarity with the Archives Department.

Article 11 of the Executive Director shall be appointed by the President of the Republic on the motion of the Government posts to be picked up without declaring it.
Archive for the Council and the provincial Director shall be appointed by the Ministry of education of the repository.
The Executive Director shall be appointed by or having the rest of the State of the archive staff, subject to the rules of procedure.
The provincial archive of the rest of the staff shall be appointed by or having the provincial Archive Manager.

Article 12 of the Director-General of the Ministry of education granted Official freedom. For more than a year, other than an official of freedom, which the official is entitled to under the law or the official alternative to the agreement, the Director-General of the Council of State, however.
Other government officials and the provincial archive in the archive to the Director to grant leave on the Director-General, subject to the rules of procedure.
Provincial officials to grant leave on the repository of the Archive Manager.

section 13 of the Public authorities in the management of civil servants in the course of freedom or is open to decide it the authority or the officer who granted it.

Miscellaneous provisions article 14 of the State Archives position and is responsible, on behalf of the State and the supervision of the Court, arbitration and other authorities of the State interest and the right to all of the archive establishment.
In the manner set out in the rules of procedure of the State archive of the official has the right to a different valtuutuksetta to control or empower the Ombudsman to oversee the State's interest in all the cases referred to in subparagraph (1), as well as to the registry on behalf of the institution accepted the challenge.

Article 15 of decision is a change of State of the repository, unless expressly provided otherwise, the Supreme Administrative Court and the decision of the State archive of the province of arkistolta in the order in which the Administrative Appeals Act (154/50).

section 16 of the more detailed provisions on the organisation of the State and the provincial archive in the archive, the tasks of the operational units and the staff and powers of the management and organisation of the activities of other Affairs and will be provided in the rules of procedure.
The Director-General of the State archive of the rules of Procedure establish the rules of procedure of the provincial and the provincial archive, the Archive Manager.

section 17 of This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 April 1992.
This regulation repeals the yleisarkistoista Decree of 25 February 1983 (195/83) on the subsequent changes.
Before the entry into force of the regulation may be to take the measures needed to implement it.
The provincial archive of the Director's post to be the first time meets the section 4 non-compliance with the provisions of paragraph 3.

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