The Law On Safeguarding The Security Of Supply

Original Language Title: Laki huoltovarmuuden turvaamisesta

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In accordance with the decision of Parliament, which is made in the order in the manner set out in article 67, provided for in article 1 of the Law's purpose and objectives: (2 September 2005/688) the purpose of this law is an exception to the conditions and in the event of serious disturbances, comparable to those applicable to safeguard the livelihood of the population, the country's economic life and economic activities are necessary for the defence of the country and the related technical systems (security of supply).

section 2 in order to safeguard the security of supply in all circumstances is to establish and maintain sufficient capacity for the production of goods, as well as the production, distribution, consumption and foreign trade.
The State Council set the General objectives of the service and security of supply, to determine the readiness level, taking into account the population and the economy, as well as of the necessary minimum õ provision of national defence.
3 L:lla on 2 September 2005/688 is repealed.

Section 3 of the State of the backup storage to back up the State of the stocks are held in the livelihoods of the population, the functioning of the economy and national defense, a solid production and supply of the raw material necessary for the Finland's international contractual obligations of the ingredients and products. (29.12.1994/1527)
The introduction of a Council of State to decide on the stocks.

Section 4 of the security of supply authorities (11 April 2008/225), the development and coordination of supply contingency belong to the Ministry of employment and the economy. Government departments are developing a supply in its own area of competence.

section 5 (11 April 2008/225) for the development and maintenance of the security of supply is a supply centre. The Centre's bodies are the Government and the Chief Executive. The Centre operates in the Security Council and the Committee of the Permanent way of operating in the sectors of yhteistoimintaeliminä and pools.
The Centre's control and shall be carried out by the Ministry of employment and the economy.

section 6 (11 April 2008/225), the Security Center's mission is to: 1 joint action by the public administration and the business community) to develop the security matters;
2) to ensure the security of supply of technical systems;
3) secure the necessary for the production of goods and services, as well as military national defense the supportive production;
4 the obligation and security) to manage the storage;
5) maintain the State stocks of materials, which are necessary in order to achieve the objectives referred to in article 1 and to meet the international obligations binding on Finland.
Be sure to supply the necessary in order to safeguard the security of the Centre's tasks may be required to adopt measures for the regulation of the Council of State.

section 7 (8.11.2013/765) the Security Centre's activities will lead to the Government, including the President and Vice President, including at least 9 and not more than 11 members, of which at least 4 represents the business sector. The term of Office of the Board shall be three years.
The State Council shall be appointed by the Security Council on the proposal of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman and the other members of the. The Government's obligation for compensation shall apply to the extent that the State Act (1062/2010) provides for the obligation of compensation for Board members.
The Ministry of employment and the economy fix the remuneration of the Board of Directors.
L State 1185/2002, is repealed. See L State 1062/2010 as well as on the application of article 21 (L) 1035/2010.

section 8 (8.11.2013/765) the Government shall be responsible for: 1) leads to a Security Center;
2) to guide the activities of the sectors and pools;
3) under the auspices of the result of the Executive Director shall be appointed by the heads of units and services in the immediate;
4) shall be appointed by the members and accept the yhteistyöosapuolien with the slices in a pool of contracts;
5) take care of the security of supply, as well as for the management of the finances of the Fund and the activities of the Board of Directors;
6) to decide on the Security Center on the budget and the plan of action;
7) to draw up the annual accounts and the annual report;
8) to respond to the Security Center for the proper organisation of the accounting and internal control.

section 8 (a) (8.11.2013/765) of the State Council to the Security Centre for employment on the ceo.

8 (b) of section (8.11.2013/765) the Managing Director shall be responsible for: 1) leads to the Security Center in accordance with the instructions issued by the operation and administration of Government;
2) gives the Government and its members the information that are necessary for the exercise of the tasks of the Board;
3) shall be appointed by the other than as referred to in paragraph 3 of section 8 of the officials and to the staff of työsopimussuhteinen;
4) to prepare and to implement the decisions to be taken by the Government and the Security Council;
5) to act as security as Secretary-General of the Council.

Article 8 c (8.11.2013/765), the Security Council's mission is to maintain and develop contacts with key partners, to monitor the status and trends of supply, as well as make presentations.
The State Council shall be appointed by the Security Council at least 22, and up to 26 members for a term of not more than three years. The Chairman and the other members of at least one half shall be appointed on the proposal of the business community.

section 8 (d) (11 April 2008/225), the Security Center, the Government shall appoint the members of the various sectors in the service sectors of the security experts, whose task is to assess the supply of space and to promote cooperation between the public authorities and the business community through the security issues.
Pools in the agreements between the Centre and the private operators will be set up to take care of business-and toimipaikkakohtaisesta-proofing.

8 (e) of section (11 April 2008/225) through the Security Centre, sectors and pooleilla have the right to receive feedback from the industry and business associations on the production capacity of the premises, information, human resources, as well as other aspects that are necessary to carry out the tasks provided for in this Act. Information obtained under this Act shall apply with respect to the Act on the openness of government activities (621/1999) provides for the prohibition of exploitation, as well as confidentiality and secrecy of the document.

section 9 (2 September 2005/688) the Security Center in the accounts shall apply to the accounting law (1336/1997) and in the audit law of the Court of Auditors (11/15). (18.9.2015/1226)
L:lla 12/15 amended the Act shall enter into force on the 1.1.2016. The previous wording is: the Security Center in the accounts shall apply to the accounting law (1336/1997) and the law of the Court of Auditors, audit (459/2007). (11 April 2008/225)
More detailed provisions on the audit of the financial statements and accounts of the Council regulation laying down shall be provided to the State.

section 10 of the security of supply to the central position and is responsible, on behalf of the State and the supervision of the authorities and the courts, and the right to the supply of State interest in all matters relating to the sector.

The financing of the security of supply article 11 the Security Center in the treatment of the State outside the budget of the Security Fund, which is recognised as income on liquid fuel excise duty Act (1472/94) under the laptop security. (29.12.1994/1527)
Grain, seed grain and grass seed storage to back up the interest and other costs may be compensated from the State budget. (c 248/1632)
The Security Center will separately set the suoritteensa commercial management, unless the service certainty. (2 September 2005/688), section 12 of the Security Fund is backed up in warehouses, unplaced funds as well as the Security Center assets and debts. Security in the transfer of the goods stored, together with profit or loss is taken into account security of supply as the Fund's capital.
If the Government decides to discontinue or to reduce the State's stocks, there is security of supply – in part of the capital of the Fund, or enter on the State budget.

12 (a) in the section (11 April 2008/225) of the State Council to strengthen the security of the Centre's financial statements. Financial statements include an income statement, a balance sheet and the annual report. When setting the State of the accounts, the Council may, on the advice of the Government agency to decide on the rules governing the transfer of the Security Fund of the State budget, if it is not essential to the Government under section 2 of the security of supply in order to achieve the objectives laid down by article or to cover the expenditure provided for in.

section 13 (29.12.1994/1527) the security shall be carried out with the permission and under conditions imposed by the Council of State to take out loans of up to EUR 200 million. The interest rates on loans granted and the repayments are carried out through the security of the Fund's assets. (2 September 2005/688)
State shall be responsible for the security of the loans referred to in subparagraph (1) of the Fund to the extent that the assets of the Fund are not sufficient for the service back up.

Article 14 of the Council of the Council is hereby authorised to hand over the management of the safety stock fund assets land and buildings and appliances, in the well to the future security of supply.
The security of the fixed assets of the fund transfer occurs as the State of the fight against impunity, the disposition of the separately. Real estate revenue and donations from the offsets should be recognised as income security fund.
The acquisition of the shares of the Security Center, Security Center-owned shares and share ownership with the rest of the decision-making process, shall apply to the State company the ownership and corporate governance (1368/2007), section 4 (1) of the Act provides. (8.11.2013/765) section 15 (11 April 2008/225) the security of the Fund are covered by the Security Council of the activities of the Centre and the expenditure incurred in relation to security of supply, as well as in other laws laid down in the Fund over the service back up.

Miscellaneous provisions

section 16 (2 September 2005/688) for details on the implementation of the provisions of this law shall be provided to the State by means of a Council regulation.

section 17 of this Act comes into force, the Defense economy, the design centre and the Ministry of trade and industry moving staff into the Security Center service of existing employees.
The Security Center in the person of the pension security of employment is valid, what civil servants and employees in relation to a person provided for in the State to be in.
The costs incurred in the organisation of pension security is, mutatis mutandis, in effect, what government agencies and institutions are provided.

section 17 (a) (11 April 2008/225) That intentionally or recklessly ignore the time limit pursuant to article 8 (e) provide the information requested, or give false information, is to be condemned the security breach to a fine.

section 18 of This Act shall enter into force on 1 January 1993.
This Act repeals the law of the State of stocks (531/58), as amended subsequently.
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the necessary measures in law täytääntöönpanon.
THEY'RE 105/92, the amendment of the acts 32/92 TaVM entry into force and application in time: 29.12.1994/1527: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1995.
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the measures needed to implement the law. The Council of State can do the operations referred to in article 13, before the entry into force of the law.
THEY'RE 240/94 c 248/36/94, TaVM 1632: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1996.
THEY'RE 90/95, 17/95, EV TaVM 60 on 2 September 2005/688/95: this law shall enter into force on 1 October 2005.
THEY'RE 44/2005 11/2005, EV, TaVM 75/2005 11 April 2008/225: this law shall enter into force on 1 July 2008.
Before the entry into force of the law can be used to take the measures needed to implement the law.
THEY 152/2007, TaVM 1/2008, 8.11.2013/765/2008 EV 10: this law shall enter into force on 1 December 2013 at the latest.
THEY 69/21/2013, 2013, TaVM EV 18.9.2015/105/13 12: this law shall enter into force on the 1 January 2016.
THEY TaVM 34/254/2014, 2014, EV 371/2014

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