The Law Of National Park

Original Language Title: Laki Perämeren kansallispuistosta

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The speaker of Parliament, in accordance with article 1 of the decision provided for in the Treaty establishing the purpose of the Origin of the National Park: the sea in order to protect the environment of the outer archipelago and sea nature research and nature take an active interest in the cities of Kemi and Tornio are generated for the State-owned areas of the Nature Conservancy (71/23) as a special protection area of the National Park.
LuonnonsuojeluL 71/1923 is repealed L:lla 1096/1996.

section 2 of the Marine National Park, in the area of Kansallispuistoalue origin, has an area of approximately 15 700 hectares, and its boundaries are marked with a dotted line on the map annexed to this law.
The boundaries of the National Park shall follow, mutatis mutandis, to the Division of law, what (604/51) is provided for crossing the start. The National Park area is a significant ground in such a way that a sufficient number of signs indicating the area of the National Park will be placed in the national park land. The boundaries of the National Park waters shall be entered only on the map.
The National Park, which covers the identification plates and other characters is valid, what they are.
JakoL 604/1951 KiinteistönmuodostamisL:lla 554/95 is repealed.

3 section fishing fishing law (286/82) the right to fish in public waters is valid for all the waters of the National Park.

the right to the protection of section 4 of the taking-over of the natural National Park Authority and the guard should have the right to take possession of hunting, collectors ' items or other equipment, which is used or intended to be used contrary to the provisions of procedural provisions or in the National Park. The same also applies to the territory of the unauthorized appropriation of the right animals and tampered with photos taken with the plants, as well as everything else in the National Park is prohibited from taking or using.

section 5: connecting the region to the National Park area, which is not owned by the State, but it is within the boundaries of the National Park, the Sea comes From the State, it shall be read as a nature reserve.
If the National Park area will move to the State, it can be attached to the decision of the Ministry of the environment of the National Park.

the provisions of section 6 of the detailed rules for the implementation of this law will be given more detailed regulation.

the date of entry into force and transitional provision in section 7 of This Act shall enter into force on 1 April 1991.
The Act repeals certain specific nature reserves on 15 May 1970 on the formation of the Regulation (339/70) article 1, paragraph 1, and other provisions of the regulation, in so far as they concern the area referred to in this Act.
ANNEX, THE MARINE NATIONAL PARK. Tornio, Kemi 2532 03, 06, 2541 01, 02, 03.
Map kuvanaHE 260/90, l-tvk. Mrs. 38/90, svk. Mrs. 297/90