The Law On The Basis Of The Insurance Law For Replacement Rehabilitation

Original Language Title: Laki liikennevakuutuslain perusteella korvattavasta kuntoutuksesta

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament, provides for: 1 the scope of the article (made/1361) this law insurance law (279/1959) the replacement of the accident referred to in the necessary rehabilitation, as well as to a person residing in Finland, to which the provisions of this law or social security in Finland for an international instrument binding sosiaaliturvasopimusta.

section 2 of the rehabilitation of the drug-abuser refers to a set of measures to promote and support the work of the return-to-work and performance, prevent the rehabilitator will be deleted and will reduce the performance of the work or the disadvantages, as well as maintain and improve his independent performance.

section 3 of the Rehabilitation conditions for Rehabilitation shall be replaced by the person who is entitled to compensation for transport insurance according to the law, and that the performance of work or transport damage or potential are being undermined. Also, if the rehabilitation shall be replaced by the, it is likely that a person's job or ability to function due to a road traffic accident or the potential to substantially decrease later.

section 4 replaced by rehabilitation Kuntoutujalle rehabilitation shall be replaced by the reasonable costs as well as damages for loss of earnings compensation rehabilitation period is carried out as provided for below.

section 5 of the employment and earnings of rehabilitation in order to improve the capacity to work shall be replaced by the Kuntoutuksena and the cost of the necessary measures in order to maintain or to help that you receive, despite the limitations caused by the injury or illness will be able to continue to work in the profession or to move to a former or a new job or occupation for which he can get to the main livelihood.
In evaluating the need for rehabilitation, taking into account the age of the previous action, education rehabilitator, housing conditions, injury or illness caused by the restrictions, as well as his chance at the end of the work or occupation in the labour market rank for the rehabilitation of the commonly called on to enter at the published conditions.

section 6 of the Job-and the ability to work in the rehabilitation of the recoverable costs-the costs of rehabilitation, and the ability to be replaced by: 1) the need for and opportunities for rehabilitation to sort it out;
2) employment and training experiments;
3. the work of the former or the new rehabilitator) työhönvalmennus or työklinikassa or any other similar establishment;
4) is a necessary and sufficient education suitable to a type of work or trade kuntoutujalle and in order to carry out such training necessary formative education, elementary education, as well as studying and study instruments arising from the necessary and reasonable costs;
5) resulting from the necessary and reasonable travel costs for rehabilitation;
6) in support of the industry or profession in order to grant or interest-free loan to purchase equipment and machinery, or your own creation or modification of the company;
7, facilities and equipment to be used) as well as the rehabilitator equivalent structures, which are necessary in order to reflect developments in the tasks caused by the restrictions on the activities of the injury or illness;
8) hard-to-non-interest-bearing loans to the disabled person in the grant or acquisition of the means of transport for the apartment and a job in between trips, if the need for the vehicle is caused by an abnormality in the constraints used in general means of transport;
9) hard-to-travel costs to the disabled person's work or study, when a disability prevent you from using public transport; as well as the cost of these other 10) other rehabilitation.
If the duration of the measures taken to improve the earning potential is found, that the conditions for the rehabilitation or kuntoutujalla not otherwise detected him, the rehabilitation of the sector can be changed, or it can be used to completely stop.

section 7 of the rehabilitation of work or the performance of the Kuntoutuksena shall be paid to the extent that it is not provided for in the health sairaanhoitona huoltolain (1326/2010), according to the health center or hospital, the insurance company's payment at the place of work of the rehabilitation of the undertaking chosen by the rehabilitator or activity or to promote social mobility and performance, and the cost of the maintenance of the necessary measures. (30.12.2010/1336)
Rehabilitation costs will be replaced by: 1. the need for and opportunities to sort it out) rehabilitation;
2) rehabilitation periods outdoors or in institutional care;
3) due to the injury or illness caused by the activities of the Council to impose the necessary tools, and how to fit it, how to obtain it, the use of harjaannuttamisesta, as well as the use of disclosure, maintenance, and replacement costs;
4) hard-to-people with disabilities the necessary and reasonable steps which will be necessary for permanent housing, AIDS and devices, as well as an apartment renovation costs; the change in the cost of compensation for the work of the dwelling is entitled to no more than once every five years, unless particularly compelling reasons for modification in the past;
the costs of adaptation training kuntoutujalle 5), including his relatives, or actually to ensure the involvement of the person caused by the necessary adaptation of coaching, travel and accommodation costs, as well as a reasonable degree of loss of earnings provided for the care of such a person;
6. travel costs incurred for the participation of kuntoutujalle rehabilitation);
7) the additional costs of disabled service housing difficult;
8) interpreter services to hard-to-Visual, auditory, or puhevammaiselle are generated by the reasonable costs; as well as the cost of these other rehabilitation 9).

section 8 of the Rehabilitation period a compensation for loss of earnings payable to Kuntoutujalle, which is the work or training in the experiment, työklinikassa, työhönvalmennuksessa, or vocational training, or in a hospital or rehabilitation facility, shall be carried out in accordance with the laws of that period by insurance compensation income, or c the reduction in full. Full compensation does not, however, be paid at the time when the rehabilitation is so organized that it prevent the kuntoutujaa from making him suitable employment.
If there is an accident vammautuessaan kuntoutujalla been income, will run her means of subsistence at the entry of the merit of the work, which would have been at their disposal before the start of his rehabilitation.
On the basis of full recovery of the need for and the reasonable period of rehabilitation opportunities, in explaining, as well as the rehabilitation of pending, in the case of a proceeding under section 5 of the rehabilitation.
Kuntoutujalle will be paid in accordance with paragraph 1 of article 5, on the basis of full recovery of the rehabilitation of the educational program for the period of the leave.

section 9 (30.12.2004/1361) Rehabilitation is interrupted if the rehabilitation is interrupted or rehabilitation to determine the need for and, as far as possible, the start will be delayed or interrupted or the rehabilitation of the drags on the kuntoutujasta on the reason, which is not the result of any such interruption or of the repayable disability for the period of delay will not be performed for remuneration in accordance with article 8.

section 10 of the primacy of the law if the municipality is under other legislation provided kuntoutujalle services and support, for the same purpose, and at the same time as the kuntoutujalle according to this law, the right to compensation passes to be replaced by rehabilitation in this regard.
If the municipality has announced for the rehabilitation of the insurance institution as of late, that the institution has been able to take notice of the institution of kuntoutettavalle, if the compensation is not liable to pay compensation.
This section is provided for in the above right to compensation, apply by analogy to the social insurance institution social insurance institution, if it is organised by the Rehabilitation Act (610/91), has been organised by the kuntoutujalle according to this law the rehabilitation or rehabilitation in lieu of the money under the Act (611/91) paid for the rehabilitation of the money according to this law superseded the rehabilitation period.

the transposition of article 11 of the Rehabilitation proceedings If the restrictions caused by long-term disability for work for replacement and capacity and earning opportunities, insurance institution will on its own initiative, without delay, refer the section 5 of the rehabilitation proceedings and to take care of rehabilitation needs and rehabilitation. In the event of the need for and, if necessary, to determine the chances of rehabilitation will be by the institution before the injured may be granted a permanent pension.
Rehabilitation initiative can also be damaged, the employer, the labour authority of the sairaanhoitolaitos, or other rehabilitation issues to deal with in person. As a result of the initiative of the insurance institution shall without delay to take measures to establish the rehabilitation where necessary and possible.
If the initiative has been rejected in accordance with the laws of the rehabilitation, this institution is responsible for ensuring that the injured will be given information about other rehabilitation possibilities and that they are directed to the rehabilitation needs, in cooperation with other services within the same rehabilitation or the providers. (text/507) 4 is repealed 19.12.2014/1224 L:lla.

Article 12 responsibilities of the various insurance companies for damage compensation of traffic are carried out by the same person in two or more modes of transport, as a result of the damage, to decide the question of rehabilitation, unless it is already pending in another institution, that institution, which carries out the aftermath of the accident compensation for last.

section 13 of the cost-sharing

If kuntoutujalla is the more of the same, or immediately following a road traffic accident fellows the right to compensation is made up of two or more vehicle insurance, the cost will be shared between the insurance institutions, as article 14 of the law on motor vehicle insurance is provided.
If the need for rehabilitation is based on two or more of the component costs of transport damage shall be divided between the consequences of the events of the liable in relation to the insurance.

section 14 (16.4.1993/363) section 14 is repealed by L:lla 16.4.1993/363.

Article 15 of the law of the increase of the compensation for the period of delay In delay in the compensation provided for in the insurance policy shall apply to the extent that the law provided for in article 12 (a) to a person against the payment of delayed compensation for the loss of the finance for the period.

section 16 of the appeal Which is not satisfied with the decision of the insurance institution to give, not to appeal to a court for an appeal not later than the 30th day of the insurance by the day after the date on which the appellant had knowledge of the judgment.
If in the course of an appeal from the decision of the appellant's, shall be deemed to have received the information on the seventh day after the date on which the decision has been announced with his mail address.
If the appeal is received at the right of the time limit under paragraph 1, the insurance policy, be it in spite of this, if a delay is not compelling reasons.

section 17: International reciprocity, the State Council has the power to decide on such derogations from the provisions of this act according to the law, the interests to be paid due to the mutual agreement with a foreign power.

the provisions of article 18 of the more detailed provisions on the implementation of this law will be given a more detailed regulation.

Article 19 entry into force this law shall enter into force on 1 October 1991.
This Act repeals the insurance of receiving invalid on 1 July 1965, the maintenance of the law (391/65), as amended subsequently.
This law shall also apply to prior to the entry into force of the aftermath of the accident the necessary rehabilitation. THEY sosvk. 259/90, Mrs. 49/90, svk. Mrs. 253/90 acts entry into force and application in time: 16.4.1993/363: this law shall enter into force at the time of the decreed. (L 363/1993 came into force on 1 January 1994, in accordance with A 730/1993.)
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the measures needed to implement the law.
THEY'RE 340/92, 2/93, the EEA Kouba annex IX to the agreement: Council Directive (72/166/EEC) (other. Council Directive 72/430/EEC), Council directives (84/5/EEC, 90/232/EEC, and 90/618/EEC) the text/507: this law shall enter into force on 1 October 2003.
Before the entry into force of the law can be used to take the measures needed to implement it.
THEY 164/2002, Shub 53/2002, made 265/2002/1361 EV: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2005. This law shall be applied to the traffic damage caused by the entry into force of this law, that have occurred in the entry.
THEY 158/2004 28/2004, Shub, EV 169/2004 30.12.2010/1336: this law shall enter into force on 1 May 2011.
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the measures needed to implement it.
THEY'RE 90/2010, Shub 40/2010, EV 244/2010 19.12.2014/12: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2015.
THEY 213/2014, Shub 22/2014, EV 180/2014

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