Regulation Of The Social Insurance Institution Rehabilitation Organised By The

Original Language Title: Asetus kansaneläkelaitoksen järjestämästä kuntoutuksesta

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Presentation by the Minister of Social Affairs and health, the social insurance institution provided for by the law of 27 March 1991 on the rehabilitation (610/91) on the basis of § 1 of the Disabled vocational rehabilitation institution from holding Rehabilitation Act (610/91), the disabled within the meaning of section 2 of the vocational rehabilitation are: 1) the need for and opportunities for rehabilitation to sort it out;
2) employment and training experiments;
3) workplace health promotion and healing training, the aim of which is to enable the kuntoutujalle will continue to work, if the operations carried out in the workplace, or occupational health-care measures are not sufficient;
4) työklinikassa or any other similar institution, or for specific reasons as personal as a service to be given the job of coaching;
5) training and retraining of the illness, defect or injury, taking into account the restrictions on the right of occupation or work, as well as to carry out such training necessary for education, training and coaching;
6. paragraphs 1 to 5) are listed in the other legal persons, judicial arrangements, study and work in terms of the necessary measures; and 7) the necessary and reasonable in order to protect his future employment grant kuntoutujalle him a suitable and decent living productive occupation or work, in which case the purchase of work equipment and machinery will be awarded a grant only if the equipment will come from his personal use of the and rehabilitator vajaakuntoisuutensa suoriutumiselleen, taking into account the benefits of his work. The amount of the grant shall not exceed 80% of the total cost of the acquisition to be financed with the assistance of the acceptable, however, to a maximum of 15 000 euros. (11 October 2001/846), facilities of the social insurance institution rehabilitation allowance for seriously disabled persons organized by the Act referred to in article 2 (2) of the expensive and complex assistive devices are severely disabled by late-in the context of providing vocational rehabilitation and replacement of such tools that are uniquely caused by the illness, defect or injury due to damage and require special technical level.
The work of the organisation and the replacement of the vocational training in order to cope with a severely disabled by late-or necessary or essential to the execution of the work, the provision of assistive devices necessary to experiment with and to their own, or for use in, as well as the use of these instruments, monitoring and management of education.
The above tools are also in high school and an elementary school in junior high school, perhaps a severely disabled by late-for the conduct of the person's high-priced and require studying the necessary tools to need based on him, on the basis of the approved rehabilitation plan, the implementation of vocational training plan.
For the purposes of the laws referred to in subparagraph (1) above, vaikeavammaisella means the person who caused the injury, illness or disability due to not being able to cope with the study or work without making the above instruments which would otherwise be prohibitively difficult or strenuous.

section 3 allowance for seriously disabled persons organized by the medical rehabilitation of the social insurance institution Rehabilitation Act section 3 of the vaikeavammaisella refers to a person whose illness, defect or injury to him resulting from the general medical and functional side is so large that he it is, therefore, considerable difficulties and constraints in coping at home, at school, at work and in other life situations outside of a public institution, and that the survival of the rehabilitation measures referred to in this article can be supported. (24 March 1995/422)
The treatment must be based on the medical rehabilitation of the severely disabled by late-rehabilitator in the corresponding unit with at least one year and rehabilitator for a period not exceeding three years, written rehabilitation plan.
The Act on the social insurance institution rehabilitation provided by section 3 of the long-term rehabilitation periods referred to are: 1) for over eighteen working days without interruption at the ongoing body rehab; and 2) on an outpatient basis other than that of the individual taken in preparation for the rehabilitation periods of adaptation, which will be given throughout the rehabilitation plan within the specified time, however, for at least one year and for a period not exceeding three years.
The law referred to in paragraph (3) of the abovementioned demanding rehabilitation periods are individually designed by outpatient treatment or the measures to be taken during periods of adaptation training and rehabilitation, which will be enhanced, as well as more than one action sets require specific expertise and skills.

section 4 of the Rehabilitator for the social insurance institution of Finland shall be duty bound to Rehabilitator settlement rehabilitation application solution, the rehabilitation of the content and the amount of the underlying facts, as well as the suspension of the payment of benefits shall be notified for the purposes of rehabilitation and other necessary information.

5-6 section 6 of the repealed article 5-L:lla a/697.

section 7 of the organisation of the activities of the social insurance institution rehabilitation referred to in this regulation can be arranged either by providing rehabilitation services in or acquiring them from other providers.
Kuntoutujalle the producer shall be replaced by the rehabilitation service or acquired the necessary and reasonable costs incurred for the rehabilitation. Rehabilitation services are not carried out for remuneration, if the producer is paid for the share of State aid or State. (c 248/1512)
Compensation for the costs incurred in the rehabilitation is to be lodged within six months of when the service is provided or payment, for which compensation is sought is completed. As to the compensation of the cost of the annual application for the oft travel within six months of the end of the calendar year in which the expenses are incurred. (c 248/1512)
Or part of the compensation to be awarded, even if it would not be retrieved within the time limit, if the denial because of the delay, it would be unreasonable. (c 248/1512) 8 other vocational and medical rehabilitation of the social insurance institution rehabilitation provided by section 4 of the Act: (2) for the following three calendar years as referred to in sub-section on the use of funds of the plan shall be submitted to the Ministry of Social Affairs and health, 15 March of each year. to date.
The plan must indicate what other than the social insurance institution of Finland organized by sections 2 and 3 of the law on rehabilitation of the rehabilitation in accordance with the social insurance institution of Finland medical professional or replace, and hold, as well as how the money is used in the prevention, rehabilitation and prevention, as well as on the research and development activities covered by the social insurance institution of Finland yhteistoimintasäätiöiden rehabilitation institutions and other institutions, the Institute has assisted, and the expenditure to be incurred in operating grants perusparannuksesta.

date of entry into force of section 9 of This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 October 1991.
Before the entry into force of this Regulation may be to take the measures needed to implement it.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: on 24 March 1995/422: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 April 1995.

c 248/1512: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 1996.

on 11 October 2001/846: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2002.

a/697: this law shall enter into force on 1 October 2002.
The response to this law of the social insurance institution rehabilitation on 23 August 1991, the amending Regulation (1161/1991) section 5 and 6, as amended, section 6 of the regulation is part of the 1512/1995.
THEY are 9/16/2002 2002, Shub, EV, 96/2002

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