Military Personal Injury Law

Original Language Title: Sotilastapaturmalaki

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The speaker of Parliament, in accordance with article 1 of the decision provides that the right to compensation and the conditions of employment of the military tapaturmasta of the disease damaged or infected and his omaisellaan is entitled to compensation from State resources, as this is required by law.
The right to compensation is not a defence in the service of the person and his omaisellaan, in which the right to compensation is determined by State officials, the accident compensation Act (449/90) and accident insurance (608/48).
Compensation is eligible for the voluntary training of the armed forces and also by the ammuntoihin and the national defence training Association to sign up for training, as well as the armed forces of the post-aputehtävään of staff involved in the defence of the country, as a voluntary act (556/2007) 35. (11 May 2007/561), section 2, for the purposes of this Act, the military tapaturmalla Military accidents accidents, which is caused by an injury or illness to perform compulsory military service: 1) in the choice of test, inspection or access to the test of military teaching immediately related to the way;
2 astumiseen and the repatriation of the) free time and vacations directly related travel;
the conditions of employment of 3) in the area to the site or the service, or the service as required by the way; the conditions of employment of, or outside the place of 4) to stimulating the application of the compulsory military service law and the conditions of employment of the amending Regulation, for a free time, obtained and on vacation.
A person in the circumstances referred to in paragraph 1 by persons with disabilities, who was born in lyhyehkönä, no more than one a day during the term of the conditions of employment of the disease, which does not replace can be, depending on what accidents at work is provided for, to look at the existence of military accident.
Also, as a soldier of the military tapaturmana shall be replaced by the accident, injury or illness caused by the worsening of the aggravation of an essential, if is likely to be caused by the military tapaturmasta.
The conditions of employment of the military tapaturmana or disease does not, however, be deemed to be a reference to the work accidents or occupational disease, caused by the persons referred to in article 1 shall have the right to obtain compensation from the accident insurance or farmers ' accident insurance Act (1026/81). If the accident insurance Act, or under the law of agricultural entrepreneurs, the compensation payable to accident insurance would give to a person referred to in article 1 of this law, a smaller benefit than for compensation, to be paid an additional contribution under the laws of the military accident.

section 3 of the conditions of employment of the conditions of employment for the purposes of this law the existing international health: 1) an occupational disease within the meaning of the law (1343/88) the range of the disease as an occupational illness;
2) change the disease, if it is likely to have been caused by service; as well as 3) change the disease or disability, if it is likely to have a service substantially pahentama.

section 4 (30.12.2010/1322) in accordance with the laws of the provider of compensation This compensation deals with the State Treasury.

section 5 (30.12.2010/1322) compensation to apply, the obligation of compensation, compensation, compensation matters, the participation of the President of the korvauksensaajan, workers ' compensation costs for the functioning of the Affairs of the Board of appeal, the result of the appeal, and the obligation to supply the information, unless otherwise provided for in this Act, including, where appropriate, in effect, what the law of statutory accident insurance, occupational disease, industrial accident insurance, on the basis of the law on the rehabilitation of the law the FFR (625/1991) and workers ' compensation matters Board Act (1316/2010). In this case, what the insurance covers, the State offices of the establishment.

section 6 (28 June 1996/510), the compensation provided for in the law of compensation under the law of the other in accordance with this Act, the benefits are taken into account for the imposition, in the same way as in accordance with the laws of the accident insurance benefits. In this case, does not, however, apply to the insurance section 6 of the law provides for the taking into account of the compensation in accordance with the tapaturmava kuutuslain personal injury insurance for the replacement.

section 7 of the merit of the accident and the number of family pension, the accident must be considered when determining the number of merit at least the insurance referred to in section 16 of the number of annual income. The number of the minimum amount of earnings provided for in article 16 of the law, however, the accident insurance of persons employed for earning two multiplied by 6 monentissa.

section 8 compensation Compensation is carried out injured and sick days service in the period after the liberation.
Side money can be performed and the conditions of employment of health care also.

date of entry into force of This section 9 of the Act shall enter into force on 1 January 1991.
This law shall apply to the injury and diseases, that occur after the entry into force of the law. THEY 98/90, sosvk. bet. 32/90, svk. Mrs. 146/90 acts entry into force and application in time: 28 June 1996/510: this law shall enter into force on 15 July 1996.
This law shall apply to the injury and diseases, that occur after the entry into force of the law.
THEY are 74/96, Shub 10/96, 59/96 of 11 May 2007, EV/561: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2008.
THEY 172/2006, PuVM 3/2006, EV 299/2006 30.12.2010/1322: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2011.
THEY are Shub 42/218/2010, 2010, EV 246/2010