Regulation Of Official Translators

Original Language Title: Asetus virallisista kääntäjistä

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Presentation by the Minister of education provides for official translators on 23 December 1988 amending the law (11/88) on the basis of article 1 of the translators ' Board of examiners the amount of the translators ' qualifications to the Board of the Ministry of education of the President, the Vice-President and the other members of the seven of them for each of the individual making the man.
The Board will be represented in the Finnish, Swedish, English, Spanish, French, German and Russian language and translation expertise. One of the members of the Board and his personal Deputy must be a Bachelor's degree in law.
The Board Member who represents the language referred to in paragraph 2, shall be the relevant language teacher working in a higher education institution or a translator or some other suitable person for that language. Making a member of one of the qualifications in the same language must be mentioned as the making of a man he is.
The term of Office of the Board shall be a maximum of five years.

the number of degree 2 of the Ministry of education to the Board of the required number of permanent apujäseniä, as provided for below. The term of the Board provides for the permanent apujäsenet.
The Ministry of education, where appropriate, the number of official translators Act (11/88) referred to in subsection 3 of section 9 of the assessors for the basis of a draft submitted by the Board.
The Board may, where necessary, in accordance with the purpose to temporary apujäseniä.
The Commission may have recourse to experts in the preparation and review of the tests.

section 3 of the Permanent apujäsenet comes to prescribe any other than those mentioned in article 1, the languages in which the degrees are frequently performed. It is, however, always be a permanent auxiliary in the Sami language.
If the action to be in such a language, into which is not represented in the Board, and for which there is either not provided for a permanent apujäsentä, to the Board of assessors for this degree for temporary.
Assessors for the eligibility of members of the force, is what is provided for in the third paragraph of article 1.

section 4 of the Board's members and the permanent apujäseniä prescribing as well as temporary apujäseniä when will pay special attention in the area of knowledge translation.
As a member of the Board shall not order a person who has completed the age of 70. For no particular reason not to also be imposed for a term of a member as such, which would continue in his the age of 70 years.

Section 5 of the official translator of the degrees, the degrees will be proceeded with at the due time designated by the translators ' examining Board at least once a year. Examination sessions are held by the Board and other localities in different parts of the country.

section 6 of the Examination is carried out in translation from one language to another. The second of these languages should be in Finnish, Swedish or Sámi language.
The degree consists of two functions. The second task is assigned by an everyday language skill, and the other shall be addressed to the language skill test selecting the topic. The available topics to decide on board.

section 7 of the Graduate accepts the examining board. In order to be accepted, that the two tasks are completed in a satisfactory manner at the same time, koekerralla. The translation must be linguistically correct, and will respond to the text that you want to be precise in its content.
Degree in performance review and criticism of valmistavasti at least two people, both of whom must be a member of the Board, making a member of the auxiliary in or specialist.

section 8 section 8 (13.6.2001/495) has been revoked A 13.6.2001/495.

The official translator for the official translator of the legal right of section 9 of the Act shall be made in writing to the translators ' examiners. The application shall be made in accordance with a formula to be determined by the Board.
The application shall be accompanied by a statement signed by the translator please fill in the insurance, as well as when the applicant does not have a home base in Finland, tenderers may lodge the relevant foreign authority or other reliable explanation of the article 2 of the law on the official translators: of the conditions referred to in paragraph 1. (13.6.2001/495)
The Board will send a certification of an approved this by announcing to the necessary forms and instructions on how to obtain the official translator of this action to be taken in law.

Article 10 of the Declaration shall be in accordance with the following formula of the translator: "I, N.N., I promise, and I declare on my word of honour that I as an official translator as conscientiously and to the best of my ability to perform the tasks assigned to me and I do prevent unauthorized use and to be private, regulars to indicate what role I get to my attention".

section 11 section 4 of the law on the Official translators: (2) the right to act as an official translator for a limited period as referred to in sub-section shall be granted in such a way that it ends at the end of the calendar year.
The official translator of the right referred to in subparagraph (1) shall complete the degree for the last calendar year, so that his right to act as an official translator is valid.

Article 12 article 12 (13.6.2001/495) has been revoked A 13.6.2001/495.

section 13 If the official translator changed to another location or stop working, is his statement of qualifications board within one month of the forward.

section 14 if the Board cancels the right to operate as an official translator, is the official journal of the Board an announcement about it.

The other party to the proceedings, section 15, of the matters to the translators ' qualifications degree in proceedings before the Board is valid, what administrative procedure Act (598/1982).

section 16 of the examining Board shall meet, where appropriate, at the invitation of the Chair.
The Board is a quorum, when the Chairman of the meeting and at least five other members are present.
The adoption of the official translator qualification will be the Board Member representing the language of the person concerned to be present at, making the Member or auxiliary in the. In this case, the part of the auxiliary in the decision-making to the Board.

section 17 of the other party to the issues shall be decided by a simple majority of qualifications. In the event of a tie will be the Board's decision on the opinion, that the Chairman of the meeting.

section 18 of the Act, section 9 of the Official translators of the adjustment referred to in subparagraph 3 of the requirement is to submit to the examination Board within thirty days from the date on which the certification of the abandoned has knowledge of the judgment. The decision shall be notified, how it can be rectified.

2 article has been repealed A 13.6.2001/495.

Miscellaneous provisions article 19 Translators examining Board, works in the context of domestic languages Research Centre.
The Secretary of the Board of works by the task of domestic languages Research Centre Research Centre official.

section 20 of the following degree of notification of decisions shall be notified to the law on administrative matters (232/66) within the order: 1) the decision of the official translator has been accepted or rejected;
2) decision, which has been given the official translators of the law referred to in the third paragraph of article 9 of the adjustment request;
3) decision on the right to act as an official translator; and 4) the decision of the legal action as an official translator has been canceled.

section 21 of the Court or Tribunal shall inform the Board of its decision, that the degree someone is sentenced for official translators under the Act, section 10 or that of the sworn translator or a sworn translator is sentenced for the offence for which he has worked as a translator.

section 22 of the possession of the Chairman and the other members, in connection with, the Executive Secretary of the meeting of experts and on the compensation and travel expenses, the fees and the allowance is in effect, the State committees.
The Chairperson of the Board may be in addition to the monthly premium, the premium of the meeting at an appropriate rate fixed by the Ministry of education.

the preparation of the official translator qualification examination pursuant to article 23, as well as a degree in radio frequency identification verification and performance review shall be paid a premium payable from the date on which the Ministry of education.

Article 24 entry into force This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 August 1989.
Examiners should inform the official journal of the European Union and the rights of the major national newspapers, the official language of the translators by translators certified accountants also had a section 13 of the Act.
This regulation enters into force, the Ministry of Justice shall be handed to the valantehneistä language translators on the Regulation (510/67) section 12 (1) for an examination Board.

section 25 of the prior to the entry into force of this Regulation may be to take the measures needed to implement it.
The members of the Board of Examiners, which provides for a term of Office starting on 1 August 1989, the beginning of their term of Office may, before making decisions and performances, as well as manage tasks which fall to the Board. The fees referred to in article 22, and also can be used to pay compensation before the term starts.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: 13.6.2001/495: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 July 2001.