The Law Of The State And A State Guarantee Covering

Original Language Title: Laki valtion lainanannosta sekä valtiontakauksesta ja valtiontakuusta

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In accordance with the decision of Parliament provides for the scope of the law: Chapter 1 section 1 (16 November 2001/986), the scope of this law shall apply to the State budget the amounts allocated, and I quote, as well as the consent of the Parliament, in the form of State aid granted on the basis of the State guarantee and the guarantee of the State.

section 2 of the relationship with the other legislation (16 November 2001/986), the provisions of this law shall apply only if the other act or a regulation adopted pursuant thereto, is not otherwise provided.
In the law of that State, in the case of a Government guarantee and the guarantee of the loan, as well as to appeal the decision of the authority in the case referred to in the law and its implementation, in this case, in addition to what the State law is applied (688/2001) 14-18, 31-32 and 33 to 35. (16 November 2001/986), Chapter 2, section 3 of the State lending loan terms State resources for use, the time and the other terms of the loan to decide on loan granting authority, statement of revenue and expenditure of the budget of the State. However, the decision on the terms of the loan debt loan authority.
The loan may be granted only to the amount of the debt to be paid by the post against the depreciation rates for and back. For a period of five years, or for a shorter period of the loan may be ordered to be paid back in full at the same time.
The minimum amount of the loan provided for in the regulation.

section 4 of the security of the loan may be, unless otherwise provided by law or as otherwise determined the amount of money in the grant of Parliament, granted only to protect against collateral. The loan and the guarantee will be granted without kuntainliitolle.
The borrower is required to keep enough of the property insured.

4. (a) section (16 November 2001/986) hybrid capital of the State of the loan may be granted to a limited liability company Act (734/1978), Chapter 5, section 1: for the purposes of capital in the form of a loan only if it is separately in the budget allowed.

section 5 of the Control myöntäneellä the loan authority has the right to provide or require the borrower's finances and operation of the controls. The borrower is required to submit all the necessary account-as well as other documents and studies, and otherwise to assist in the inspection.
The borrower is liable to pay the loan at a time to provide to the authority that issued the report on the loan funds käytösta.
The collateral or the borrower is given a loan of authority, upon request, to establish the necessary collateral value.

section 6 of the Loan expiration without notice in Loan Authority may require a loan without notice immediately: 1) if interest is not paid on the due date at the latest, or an abbreviation;
the amounts secured by way of lainoitettu or 2) if distrained for sale;
3) if the borrower or guarantor of the bankruptcy or seeking to abolish the fee or guarantor of the compositions or dies, and the borrower's behest, to set the necessary security.

determination of takaisinmaksettavaksi of the loan If the borrower section 7 has used the loans for purposes other than those for which they have been issued, or the borrower is given a loan when applying for or after essentially false information or concealed the loan was substantially affected by the decision, the authority which issued the order to loan the loan as soon as part or all of the back pay.
The loan, issued by the authority may also impose loan immediately to be paid, if the borrower does not comply with the terms of the loan, or if the conditions for the use of the loan funds, in which the loan is granted, are substantially changed. The loan authority may prescribe a loan a loan on the value of the collateral, if takaisinmaksettavaksi has been reduced so much that it no longer corresponds to the amount of the loan or the guarantee maintenance is neglected.
When all or part of the loan is provided for under paragraph 1, to be paid back, the borrower shall at the same time to be carried out by regulation provide for additional interest. Additional interest shall also be carried out on the number of paid the loan back if the payment is made after the lender within the meaning of subsection 1, have been deceived by. Additional interest shall be calculated in accordance with the date of payment of each drawdown date or repayment.

8 section (3 March 1995/310) interest on delayed payment of the loan from the borrower is required to pay the annual interest on the due date of the implied refusals amount including the interest rates referred to in subsection 3 of section 4 of the interest rate.

section 9 (30 November 2001/1110), the collection of small loan payments, the State Council Regulation lays down rules on the amount of money which the interest rate, the interest rate or other type of performance may be charged on the loan due date following the last batch of the loan or for leave to be recovered.

section 10 of the fee for deferment of Loan a therapeutic authority shall be entitled to authorise the illness, unemployment or other special reasons, deferral of the payment of interest on the loan and the repayment period of the loan, up to a total of one year without changing. Lykättävälle loan interest provided for in the regulation to the lot.

section 11 of the property in order to safeguard the interest of the State to auction may be the statement of revenue and expenditure with the resources to buy the assets of the State property, which is being sold to or lien auction.
The auction will be for the State to buy the property only to the extent that it is for their own use or to the State of the State may be better safeguarded by selling the assets later by the State. The use of the purchased property to the State to decide on the Council of State.

section 12 (16 November 2001/986) payment, and loan modification to change the Loan to be repaid to the liberalisation of the avustukseksi and avustukseksi of the consent, unless the Parliament have agreed that the Council of State or the loan authority may grant an exemption from the loan to be repaid or to change the loan avustukseksi. To change the avustukseksi of the loan otherwise subject to the State aid law.

section 13 of the recovery of the operational fees of the loan, promissory note, mortgage and pledge of commitment to the adoption of the reform of the guarantee, and other debt-related measures, as well as the issue of adoption, may be charged for loans or cash basis, in accordance with the law of the State premium (980/73).
Chapter 3 section 14 of the State guarantee of the State guarantee, the security required only until the security of the State, subject to determining Parliament not decided otherwise.
The provisions of article 4, article 5 and article 11, also applies to the State determining the only guarantee.

Article 15 of the guarantee fee, on the basis of the consent of the Board of the State fee for the guarantee by the guarantee fee. The guarantee fee will be taken into account for the imposition of the obligation to state the amount of the guarantee may have been carried out, the risk of the activity and the nature and scope of the risk in the economy, the length of time the credit rating of an item, the risk, the credit rating of the country risk and other risk factors as well as the katettavaan. A more precise determination of the guarantee fee can be adjusted to the State by means of a Council regulation. (16 November 2001/986)
The Government may for special reasons decides that the guarantee fee.
The guarantee can be obtained without a court order or decision siezed without a recovery of taxes or charges, in the order in which the ulosottotoimin is provided.
The above regarding the State guarantee and the guarantee fee, shall also be charged to the State guarantee and the guarantee fee. (16 November 2001/986) (16 November 2001/986), the guarantee and warranty on the control of a Government guarantee or guarantee of myöntäneellä authority has the right to have the authority at a time under the supervision of the necessary in order to comply with the terms of the guarantee or warranty data and reports so far, the economy, and for the benefit of the operation of the guarantee or the guarantee is given, as well as the activities provided for in this economy and for audits. The State security authority has the right to obtain the information referred to above and in order to secure the claims of creditors, the reports also that the guarantee has been issued.
Chapter 4 the entry into force of the regulation and section 16 of the regulation on the implementation of the provisions of this law shall be given Full delegation of the regulation.

Article 17 entry into force this law shall enter into force on 1 June 1988.
The law also applies to the date of its entry into force in the past which have accrued to credit claims. In the case of interest on arrears shall be charged and for the interest rate referred to in article 7, however, until the date of entry into force only to the extent permitted by the terms of the promissory note.
State income and expenditure, and the reasons for the financial statements of the law in accordance with article 12 (f) of the regulation on State guarantees (927/81) is in force until this law in accordance with article 15 of the regulation enters into force. THEY 93/87, vvvk. bet. 10/88, svk. Mrs. 24/88 acts entry into force and applicability: 3 March 1995/310: this law shall enter into force on 1 May 1995.
The payment, which was delayed to the entry into force of this law, at the time of entry into force of this law shall apply to the provisions in force. However, this law can be applied, if it leads to a common finance sanction than the previous law.
THEY'RE 292/94, 58/94 of 16 November 2001/986 TaVM: this law shall enter into force on 19 November 2001. The provisions of article 4 (a) of the law on the capital of the loan shall, however, apply only with effect from 1 January 2002. This Act does not apply to the State guarantee and the guarantee of the State, which was granted before the entry into force of this law.
THEY are 195/2001, Staub 21/2001, EV 141/2001

30 November 2001/1110: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2002.
Before the entry into force of the law can be used to take the measures needed to implement the law.
THEY 162/2001, Staub 23/2001, EV 153/2001