The Law On Rate On Non-Proliferation

Original Language Title: Laki hintasulusta

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In accordance with the decision of Parliament, which is made in the order in the manner provided for in article 67, provided for in article 1: General provisions on price and cost levels in order to mitigate the serious disturbances may be imposed on the price of the non-proliferation, as this is required by law.

section 2 of the Trader for the purposes of this law, any natural or legal person, public or private, that professionally marketed, sell, or otherwise transfer for value, the goods or services (commodity).

the price of the asset for the purposes of paragraph 3 of this law, or for any other product or service manual that establishes the representative of another for the benefit of compensation.
On the basis of the sale of the asset for the purposes of this Act, the premium pricing, discounts, sales, shipping, or other criteria, according to which, in each case, the selling price of the asset is calculated.

The price on non-proliferation decision section 4 When a significant change in currency exchange rates, an essential element of the international price and cost level rise or of any other serious disturbance in the economy has resulted in, or apparently lead to domestic price and cost level the significant of the seriousness of the offspring, the State Council may order a price freeze for a limited period of time, however, for a period not exceeding four months. The price of non-proliferation cannot be renewed until at least the end of the 10 months have passed since the last block.
The price of the home, by prohibiting the exceeding, in closing the trader provided for in a specific period of time covering the price of the asset (the sluice-gate price) or on the pricing basis.
The Government may release the price of the commodity on non-proliferation, in order to ensure the continuity of employment and production, if it, or in order to ensure the availability of goods is necessary.

section 5: When the State Council has ordered a price freeze, without delay, notify the speaker of Parliament, is a man whose knowledge of the Parliament as soon as it is made or, if Parliament is not in session, as soon as the Parliament is meeting. The price of non-proliferation must be annulled, if Parliament so decides.

A number of provisions of the clause 6 of the Undertaking or agreement or a special interim Chair of the Council of State, which is determined by the price freeze, will not be applied or implemented.

section 7 (24.8.1990/826) penalty in accordance with the law and the authority of the provided for in the regulation issued by the order of the violation and its enterprise is provided for by the Penal Code, chapter 46, section 1 to 3. Forfeiture is provided for in the same chapter 8 – 13.

the implementation of this law, the provisions of article 8 shall be adopted, where the need for further regulation.

section 9 of This Act shall enter into force on 1 October 1988.
This Act is repealed on 15 February 1974 on the price control law (156/75), as amended.
The period of validity of this law, the first section is for four years. The period of validity of the laws of the first and each subsequent period, the continuing for four years or for a shorter period of time, if the regulation is provided for the period of validity of at least six months before the end of each section.
As the Council Regulation referred to in subparagraph 3 shall, without delay, inform the President of the Parliament, which is to bring it to the attention of Parliament as soon as or, in the absence of the Parliament not in session, as soon as it has met. Regulation is repealed, if Parliament so decides. THEY 149/87, tvk. Mrs. 7/88, svk. Mrs. 53/88 acts entry into force and application in time: 24.8.1990/826: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1991.
THEY'RE 66/88, lvk. Mrs. 6/90, svk. Mrs. 56/90