The Law On A State Guarantee Covering Art Exhibitions

Original Language Title: Laki taidenäyttelyiden valtiontakuusta

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament, provides for: the scope of article 1 of the exhibition objects of art exhibitions for the replacement of the damage resulting from the guarantee of the State may be granted in accordance with this law.
The provisions of this law shall also apply to the historic art exhibitions and other cultural exhibits.
The State guarantee may also be granted to an individual object or an object in order to keep the group exhibited by following, mutatis mutandis, to the provisions of this Act.

section 2 of the damage caused to the subsidiarity of the State guarantee to the Exhibition on the basis of the State guarantee shall be replaced by the object only to the extent that the damage is not entitled, on the basis of the insurance or other security.

the General conditions of section 3 of the State's guarantee may be granted for artistically or historically significant exhibition or the organisation of the exhibition, which will be held in terms of the importance of the international cultural exchange.
The State guarantee can only relate to the kind of exhibition, organised by the Finnish public entity, or by the native community or other non-profit foundation. The State guarantee cannot be granted to a commercial exhibition. The activities of the permanent exhibition of the exhibition space will be on the road, and they must comply with the relevant fire safety requirements, and other. An exhibition of transportation, loading and unloading, as well as checking the condition of the exhibits must be carried out in a proper manner. Exhibits should be appropriate. Article 4 (5.4.1991/639) (5.4.1991/639) the granting of the guarantee of the State guarantee of the application by the organiser shall decide on the grant of the exhibition, the Ministry of education. In its decision, the Ministry of education may limit the guarantee only to a part of the exhibition, the exhibition of the time, the exhibition the organizer of the exhibition premises or transport and that it considers necessary in order to set the terms and conditions.
The State guarantee may be no more than the insured value of the definite exhibits. The total liability of the State guarantees, the guarantee shall be a maximum of EUR 1 000 million. (May 29, 2009/382) on the basis of the State guarantee to be replaced by section 5 of the damage repair costs and damage to the object of the exhibition shall be replaced by the costs incurred by other direct costs as well as the value of the discount, or destroyed or lost, the value of the object.
The exhibition, to the extent of the injury caused to the object shall be replaced by the amount of damage exceeds the organizer of the exhibition. As to the orders of magnitude are laid down in regulation.
If the damage is caused by the fact that, under article 4 of the conditions have not been met, no compensation shall be paid, unless the refusal to consider to be unfair or the Council of State from the rest of the cast, for a special reason and the payment of compensation.
The application by the Ministry of education to pay the compensation to the organizer of the exhibition.

section 6 of the State's right of recourse against any damage to the injured party the right to compensation for the damage from any other part of the exhibition moves to the State responsible for the compensation on the basis of the State guarantee on the day that the Ministry of education decides on the replacement of the damage the resources of the State. The use of Takautumisoikeuden will take care of the Ministry of education.
The use of Takautumisoikeuden may be waived by decision of the Council of State in whole or in part, if the damage is not caused deliberately and consideration will be given to the conditions of use of the assets of the takautumisoikeuden and the other, in the circumstances, unfair or not.

implementation of the law on the implementation of this law, article 7 of the taking care of the Ministry of education. The Ministry may be accompanied by advisers on exhibitions of the State guarantee on the composition of the Board, and duties shall be those laid down by the regulation.

the provisions of article 8 of the regulation on the implementation of this law shall be given for further delegation of the regulation.

date of entry into force of This section 9 of the Act shall enter into force on 1 October 1986HE 247/85, Vvvk. Suvk. 5/86, bet bet 20/86 entry into force and the application of the acts: 5.4.1991/639: this law shall enter into force on 1 May 1991.
THEY'RE 299/90, vvvk. bet. 98/90, svk. Mrs. 302/90 6.5.1994/336: this law shall enter into force on 15 May 1994.
THEY'RE 20/94, Staub 10/94 30.4.1997/390: this law shall enter into force on 6 May 1997.
Article 4 (2) of the upper limit of the guarantee of the State, as laid down in the exhibition does not, however, apply in respect of any of the exhibitions, for which applications have been submitted to the State guarantee to the Ministry of education received by the mean of 26 March 1997 at the latest.
THEY'RE 27/1997, Staub 5/1997, 30 November 2001, 36/1997/EV 11: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2002.
THEY are 185/2001, SiVM 9/2001, 29 May 2009/137/2001, 382 EV: this law shall enter into force on 1 August 2009.
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the measures needed to implement the law.
THEY SiVM 2/29/2009, 2009, EV 40/2009