The Eligibility Of A Higher Education Diploma Abroad Produced By The Civil Service Law

Original Language Title: Laki ulkomailla suoritettujen korkeakouluopintojen tuottamasta virkakelpoisuudesta

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament, provides for: 1 section (30 November 2007/1096), the scope of this law provides for the eligibility of public higher education diploma abroad produced by the post and the action, provided that the eligibility requirement is provided for in the law or regulation of a certain level of degree or a degree in a college or university student in Finland, to be carried out.
For the purposes of this law, a college education and college semesters of study.

section 2 of the Public post and the work in the public services, for the purposes of this Act, or an independent body governed by public law kuntainliiton posts as well as posts and posts. (12/9)
The public, for the purposes of this Act, the law of contract and the delegation for relations with the role of kuntainliiton in the service of the community and the establishment of the private sphere of activities, the costs of which may be performed by the State for help.
This law does not apply to the eligibility requirements for appointment of posts, the criteria shall apply to the appointment of the judges and the law (205/2000). (30 December 2008/1123) section 3 of the law of subsidiarity If any other law or regulation, the provisions on the eligibility of a higher education diploma abroad producing a public office or position, instead of this law are complied with them.

section 4 (30 November 2007/1096) Assimilation of studies carried out abroad, producing a public office or position of the same validity as the necessary studies to be carried out in Finland post, if these studies is not expressly mentioned in this decision under the law. A foreign university degree tietyntasoiseen degree courses carried out in Finland shall be treated as a priority.
Other than that the law on the recognition of professional qualifications (1093/2007) in the case of falling within the scope of the degree may be under this Act to equate to a certain degree courses carried out in Finland, named above, if the eligibility requirement or task. The college credit shall be treated in a specific area or a specific set of Finland carried out in certain areas, as well as a college student.

section 5 (30 November 2007/1096) to support this view, the criteria for Qualifications shall be treated as the payer of the masters degree in degree level in Finland, the degree.
A specific, named it and shall be treated in the area mentioned the provision in the University degree.
Correlation between the levels of qualifications will be assessed on the basis of their scale and difficulty. The equivalence of the qualifications on the basis of the similarity of their content areas.

section 6 of the basics of credit to support the performance of a particular University carried out a study in Finland shall be treated as the equivalent of the University and area of study. Vähimmäislaajuudesta provides for the regulation of the assimilated the student performance.
Student performance level and in the field, according to the same criteria, the correlation will be assessed as provided for in article 5 is certification.

section 7 (30 November 2007/1096) Additional studies to support shall be subject to article 4, in the cases referred to in paragraph 2 of studies abroad and in Finland in future studies can be carried out together with the supplementary or equate in Finland for university studies to be carried out in the manner laid down in article 5 and 6. Additional studies to support this view, the conditions of use are regulated in more detail by regulation of the Council of State.
If additional studies to support this view, the subject is not completed by the adoption of the decision, of the additional studies, rinnastamis is determined in the decision.

section 8 (30 November 2007/1096) Rinnastamis application and the decision of the Board of education-the applicant shall submit the reports in respect of the studies necessary for the examination of the application for an officially certified copies of the originals. The application shall be accompanied by the official translator kääntämät in Finnish or Swedish translations of documents written in other than the Nordic languages. The documents, which shall be annexed to the application and certification can be used to provide more detail on the Government's regulation.
The Board of education decides on the application the Court of qualifications abroad or credit qualifications or study to be carried out in Finland. The Board of education may, before making a decision, where appropriate, request the University, korkeakoululta, or any other educational institution on the equivalence of studies to be carried out by the applicant, the opinion of Finland, as well as the introduction of additional studies to be carried out studies. The Advisory opinion of the entity may charge a fee in accordance with the opinion of the omakustannusarvon this means that according to the law of the State in the basis of payment (150/1992) charges and, if necessary, bodies governed by public law provided by the Ministry of Education Decree.
If performed, the decision referred to in the decision rinnastamis the complementary studies in the Finnish University, the University of applied sciences to give a certificate of supplementary education, which, together with the Board of education with the decision to give the qualification for the post, or post.

section 9 (7.5.1997/418) on how to appeal the decision referred to in this Act provides for the administrative act (586/1996).

section 10 (30.12.1992/1598) the Advisory Board section 10 is repealed L:lla 30.12.1992/1598.

the provisions of article 11 of the regulation on the implementation of this law will be given Full delegation of the regulation.

Article 12 entry into force this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1987 they 197/85, 86, Vvvk. Suvk. 25 bet/bet 65/86 acts entry into force and application in time: 31/1273: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1988.
THEY 181/87, sivk. suvk. 8/87, Mrs miet 142/87 28.7.1989/729: this law shall enter into force on 1 August 1989.
THEY'RE 6/89, another lvk. bet 6/89, svk. Mrs 30.12.1992 105/89/1598: this law shall enter into force at the time of the decreed. (1598/1992 came into force on 1 January 1994, in accordance with A 1394/1993.)
THEY SiVM 254/92, 11/92 7.5.1997/418: this law shall enter into force on 15 June 1997.
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the necessary steps in the implementation of the law.
The applications referred to in article 8, which has not been issued before the entry into force of this law, shall be transferred to the teaching to the Government.
THEY 248/1996, SiVM 4/1997, 35/1997 of 1 December 2000 EV/1024: this law shall enter into force on 31 December 2000.
THEY SiVM 98/2000, 6/2000, on 30 November 2007, 116/2000/1096 EV: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2008.
THEY SiVM 5/26/2007, 2007, EV 52/2007 of 30 December 2008/1123: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2009.
THEY'RE 62/2008 5/2008, PuVM, EV 193/2008

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