Law On State Guarantees To Safeguard The Basic Raw-Material Supply

Original Language Title: Laki valtion takuista perusraaka-ainehuollon turvaamiseksi

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1 section (18 June 1998 that the/451) in order to secure the supply of raw materials for Finnish companies in the State of erityisrahoitusyhtiöstä (443/1998) for the company (the special financing) may grant State guarantees in accordance with this law.

section 2 of the State guarantee, the guarantee can be granted a credit which has been granted to a foreign debtor in the context of the long-term supply of raw materials.
The guarantee may replace the loss to the creditor.

2. (a) section (2.11.2001/938) in order to safeguard the interest of the State in the activities referred to in the law of warranty in the event of the risk of loss can be used to protect against insurance, guarantees, agreements, and other arrangements for deposit liabilities (hedging).

section 3 (2.11.2001/938) under this Act, the State guarantees (guarantee of raw materials) and the total liability of the hedging arrangements, the warranty shall not be more than EUR 800 million.
The calculation of the guarantee referred to in paragraph 1, the liability of the credit covered by the guarantees, which have entered into force shall be binding upon it, the guarantee of the capital guaranteed and offers half of the credits which are enshrined in the capital. Hedging arrangements caused by taking into account the responsibility of the net as the regulation provides for the Ministry of trade and industry.
The calculation of the guarantee referred to in subparagraph (1) above, the responsibility for the contract currency shall be converted into euro using the raw materials of the European Central Bank at the time of issue of the warranty for the currency exchange rate stated by the contract.

section 4 Guarantees granted, special attention must be paid to the need to ensure your credit is important to the long-term economy, imports of raw materials for the contract.
The raw material for the granting of the guarantee and material warranty conditions will take into account the international competition elements, as well as the adequacy of the environmental impact of the project as part of the project kokonaisriskiarviota. Article 5 (2.11.2001/938) (18 June 1998 that the/451) the guarantees granted under this law corresponds to the State of the law on the State guarantee fund (445/1998).

(5) (a) section (2.11.2001/938) from the raw material handling fee may be charged for the guarantees relating to the decisions that will be taken into account when determining the amount of work and cost incurred by the processing caused by.
The guarantee deposit is required for raw materials, which will be taken into account when determining the length of time at risk, the risk of the credit rating of an item, the credit rating of the country risk and other risk factors as well as the katettavaan.

section 6 (2.11.2001/938) raw materials guarantees the special financing as referred to in article 1 shall be managed by the. The company strengthens the guarantees applicable to the raw material, the General conditions of contract and makes the responsibility of the State (2) and the agreements referred to in article 2 (a) and the hedging arrangements, as well as other commitments.

6 (a) in the section (2.11.2001/938) Erityisrahoitusyhtiön is the raw material processing and administering the guarantees to comply with the law on administrative procedure, what (598/1982) of the language Act (148/1922).

6 (b) of section (2.11.2001/938) of the activities referred to in this law on the publicity Erityisrahoitusyhtiön is valid, what the Act on the openness of government activities (621/1999), as well as the law on State erityisrahoitusyhtiöstä provides in article 5 and 6.

section 7 (2.11.2001/938) provisions of the regulation of the Council of State for specific raw materials guarantee the operation of the principles to be followed: 1) the raw material for the issue of such guarantees of the General conditions and other instructions;
2) raw materials guarantee the assessment of the environmental effects of projects;
3) raw material guarantees.
More detailed provisions on the implementation of this Act may be given to the State by means of a Council regulation.

section 8 of this law shall enter into force on 1 August 1985. THEY 34/85, Staub 15/85, SuVM 45/85 acts entry into force and application in time: 18 June 1998 that the/451: this law shall enter into force at the time of the decreed. (L 451/1998 came into force on 1 January 1999, in accordance with A 818/1998.)
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the measures needed to implement the law.
THEY'RE 35/1998, 11/1998, PeVL TaVM 12/1998, EV 53/1998 2.11.2001/938: this law shall enter into force on 1 December 2001.
THEY'RE 15/112/2001, TaVM 2001, EV 106/2001