Regulation Of The Labor Court

Original Language Title: Asetus työtuomioistuimesta

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Presentation by the Minister of Justice provides for the Labor Court of 31 July 1974 (646/74) in accordance with article 47: section 1 of the presiding judge of the mission is in addition to what is otherwise provided for, to make their presentations to industry it considers necessary for the development of the legislation.

section 2 the President's role is in addition to the Labor Court (646/74) is provided for: 1) ensure that the functions of the Labour Court will properly and promptly treated and that the delivery of the books will be given without undue delay to the parties;
2 the application of the principles of Justice and law) to control the consistency of the interpretation of the labor court decisions and opinions; as well as 3) to ensure that the presiding judge of the most important solutions in the appropriate way will be published.

section 3 (23.11.2006/1029) is the task of the Labour Court Counsellor, in addition to what is provided for in the Labour Court Act, for its part, take care of the presiding judge of the judicial interpretation of the laws of the joutuisuudesta and consistency.

section 4 (19.12.1997/1223) of the Secretary's task is to act as a Rapporteur in the Labour Court. In addition to the tasks of the rapporteur, the President may order the Secretary to respond to and to take care of the administrative and financial affairs.

4. (a) section (6 July/669) 4 (a) in the section has been repealed A 6 July 2000/669.

section 5 of the Labour Court (15.4.1988/330) is the Secretary of the Department of the Secretary, Office, porters, typist and Clerk posts. A Tribunal may, in addition, have a temporary employment contract in relation to the officials and staff.
The tasks of the staff referred to in subparagraph (1) above, the amount of the President, where they have not provided for in the rules of procedure.

section 6 (24.9.2015/1244) The officers referred to in article 5, shall be appointed by the President of the staff recruited by the Industrial Tribunal and employment on a contract basis.

section 7 (24.9.2015/1244) by the Labour Court, the President may take leave for up to 30 days a year. This for a longer period on the official freedom to decide on the Supreme Court.
During the Labour Court to the Secretary of the neuvokselle, and other officials to grant the Labor Court President.

section 8 (23.11.2006/1029) of no more than three months, the President being prevented from attending to his duties shall be performed by the Labour Court. This being prevented from attending or when the Office of the President, three months longer than the time available, as well as the President of the Republic the President of the open public trustee.

section 9 (15.4.1988/330) the authorities of the Interim Manager for the open on the Labour Court shall take to decide on the Ministry of Justice. The current section 7 on the interim authorities referred to in paragraph 2, the operator shall be ordered by the authority which issued it.

section 10 (19.12.1997/1223) Työnantajayhdistysten as well as the trade unions organizations presentation to the Labor Court of law on the management of funds provided for in article 2 for the purposes of labour relations as a member of the eight, in a position to perehtyneeksi is to be proposed in the industrial, agricultural and service industry jobs familiar with people.

section 11 (24.9.2015/1244) 11 section is repealed by A 24.9.2015/1244.

Article 12 of the presiding judge of the Court-and päätöstaltiot, as well as to the parties to the judgment and the decision to sign, it tracks the President, under whose chairmanship the issue is resolved.
The parties to the tracks by the Labour Court judgment or decision shall bear the seal of the Industrial Tribunal.

the provisions of article 13 of the rules of procedure of the Specific tasks will be provided by the staff.
The rules of procedure must be delivered to the Ministry of Justice. Article 14 (19.12.1997/1223), This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 March 1983.
This regulation repeals the Decree of 15 November 1974, the Labor Court (842/74), as amended.
Before the entry into force of the regulation for the implementation of the measures to be taken.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: 15.4.1988/330: This Regulation shall enter into force on 19 April 1988.

7.4.1989/333: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 June 1989.

19.12.1997/12: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 1998.

6 July 2000/669: This Regulation shall enter into force on 12 July 2000.

23.11.2006/1029: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2007.

24.9.2015/1244: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 October 2015.

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