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Within the competence of the Ministry of Social Affairs and health issues to deal with the presentation of a specific Minister, 17 September 1982 on the ' sections (710/82), section 45 (2) and in accordance with article 60: the development of social conditions article 1 in order to prevent and eliminate the Social Affairs Committee of the social ills is to look in the living conditions and monitor their development.
The Board shall act in such a way that the social aspects shall be taken into account in the different activities, such as health care, school capacity, land use and construction, housing, employment, cultural and leisure activities, as well as the organisation of transport and other services.
The inhabitants of the Social Affairs Committee of the need to support the autonomous for the purposes of preventing and correcting social ills as well as prosperity maintaining an environment conducive to the development and support of and.

section 2 of the tasks mentioned in paragraph 1 in carrying out the Social Affairs Committee of the need to act in collaboration with other authorities, communities and people, as well as to take initiatives and to provide advice and other expertise.
Social welfare in the various operating units and are in the implementation, in cooperation with the public welfare.

section 3 of the implementation of the (lodged on 21 August 1992/803), the tasks to be undertaken by social welfare institutions shall be monitored to ensure the implementation of the multi-member in social welfare, as well as provide necessary education and training, research and experimentation in social welfare institutions, activities and the development of the procedures.

section 4 ' sections (710/82) the circumstances referred to in section 15, is also to be regarded as a priority, inter alia, when a person, for similar reasons, study, work or a person domiciled in the territory and the population in the book of the law (141/69) according to section 10, therefore, does not change.

VäestökirjaL 141/1969 VäestötietoL:lla 507/1993 is repealed. See KotikuntaL 201/1994.

section 5 of the social welfare clients must be provided the opportunity to participate in and contribute in an appropriate manner the various units of the social welfare and in the planning and implementation of the service to be provided.

section 6 of the specific needs of the customer's individual circumstances and must be taken into account in the implementation of social welfare. In addition, we must take account of the client's close relationships and their concerns.
In order to assess the need for and assistance to the client in order to safeguard the access to social welfare, together with her, where appropriate, draw up a maintenance plan.

section 7 social work is carried out on an individual-, family-and community work, as well as administrative sosiaalityönä and other appropriate methods.

section 8 of the educational and family counselling is to support and contribute to the positive development of children and families through: 1) guidance, counseling and other professional help human relationships, family life and the upbringing of children; as well as 2) and bringing up children and family life.

section 9 of the Home services provided: 1) individuals should be created, or the home of an Assistant's home of the individual and of the family työapua, personal care and support;
2) support services, such as meals, clothing, bathing, cleaning, transport, escort and social interaction to promote services; as well as 3) paragraph repealed by A 2.4.1993/320.

2 is repealed by A 2.4.1993/320.

Article 10 of the Housing service apartments and support services will be held, and where a person's independent living or moving to independent living supports to be militarily involved, and other social services.

in the implementation of article 11 of the Department of management is for the person to be organized in accordance with their age and condition necessary for rehabilitation, treatment and care. In addition to the endeavour to arrange for him to be safe, comfortable and stimulating environment, which gives the possibility of privacy and to promote his kuntoutumistaan, omatoimisuuttaan, and physical ability.
Facility management will be held in the nursing home as well as separately provided for children and young people in care, erityishuollon, care for the mentally disabled and intoxicating substances abusers in care at the facility, as well as, if necessary, in a service at the facility.
Institutional care can be arranged as a short or continuous day-or yöhoitona, or ympärivuorokautisena. The plant may also arrange for independent living support and rehabilitative activities.

section 12 (8.5.1992/419), or kuntainliiton is the family referred to in article 26 ' sections of your home when considering the suitability of particular attention must be paid to the family home in the human relations, family care of the person giving the possibilities to take into account the needs of the person and the person's going to satisfy the family care, as well as in the interests of the family of the person giving the treatment together with us or a person close to the family in the treatment of kuntainliiton and sijoitettavalle. In addition, it must be ascertained whether the other members of the family in the treatment of a person could be placed in the family home and whether foster care placed in person to get the other members of the family in relation to equal status in your home. Family home also comes in terms of structure, space and amenities for the concept of the right to be there.

section 13 (lodged on 21 August 1992/803) on the grounds of serious social difficulties can be for families with children, people with disabilities and the elderly to organise the resort facilities and support for the Organization of these holidays.

Article 14 article 14 (30.12.1997, p/1413) is repealed by L:lla 30.12.1997, p/1413.

section 15 (lodged on 21 August 1992/803) If the implementation of the functions of social welfare institution for 38 multi-member ' sections in accordance with § inherited and brought the person for future benefits, to enable the institution to provide for the use of settlement funds.

section 16 section 45 (2) of the ' sections of documents shall be initiated by the Administrative Procedure Act (598/52).
Social Affairs Committee has to deal with a matter referred to in subparagraph (1) as a matter of urgency.

section 17 of the Social Affairs Committee is to ensure that the necessary connection to the parents of the child are described, how the child custody and right of Access Act (361/83), the parents can agree on child custody and visitation.
Social Affairs Committee shall also ensure that, where necessary, parents will be directed to and assist in child custody and visitation, as well as the maintenance of the child in the conclusion of a written contract.

section 18 of the Lastenvalvojan is under the supervision of the maintenance of the child, if necessary, to take care of the Social Affairs Committee of the payment and collection of alimony as well as other measures, to the safeguarding of maintenance for which article 5 of the law on the maintenance of the child: the child's representative as referred to in sub-section (1) of the lastenvalvojan.
When the lastenvalvoja run in support of establishing paternity action against one of the men on the lastenvalvoja at the same time to increase the child support is required for the strengthening of the action, unless the child's representative has indicated its opposition to the complaint.

Article 19 of the framework of social welfare for a business entity can be arranged at the social welfare staff specialisation and other necessary training.
Subject to the authorities of the Social Affairs Committee of the holder shall be obliged to participate in the provision of education in the municipality and ' sections of the training activities referred to in article 52 of the Organizer in the contract between the more detail or otherwise.

19 (a) in the section (sitting on 13 March 1992/222) and the University may agree on the designation of the organisation involved in vocational education of social work sosiaalikeskuksen opetussosiaalikeskukseksi.
In addition to the tasks the tasks of the involvement of social welfare Opetussosiaalikeskuksen of social work professional education. In addition, the development of social services to serve the opetussosiaalikeskuksen tasks may include research and development, as well as the social work professional, graduate or continuing education.
Opetussosiaalikeskukseksi appointment is subject to the condition that the agreement referred to in paragraph 1 and the University show the necessary resources for carrying out the tasks referred to above.

section 20 of the State from the rest of the activities of the social welfare service or notification is required prior to the commencement and termination of the sosiaalilautakunnalle, as well as the substantial modification of its action mainly takes place in the area.
The Declaration referred to in paragraph 1 shall be provided by the Social Affairs Committee of a County Government.

section 21 (3508/92/11) Social-and health-related research and Development Center is to monitor the research, experimentation and development, as well as ensure a nationally significant results.

(L) social and health research and Development Centre in 1073/1992 is repealed by L:lla for the health and well-being of the institution 668/2008.

section 22 (15.2.1991/328) for more detailed guidance on the application of this Regulation shall, if necessary, the Ministry of Social Affairs and health.

pursuant to article 23 of This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 1984.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: 15.2.1991/328: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 March 1991.

sitting on 13 March 1992/222:

This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 April 1992.

8.5.1992/419: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 July 1992.
Before the entry into force of this Regulation may be to take the measures needed to implement it.

lodged on 21 August 1992/803: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 1993.
Before the entry into force of this Regulation may be to take the measures needed to implement it.

3508/92/11: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 December 1992.

2.4.1993/320:30.12.1997, p/1413: this law shall enter into force on 1 March 1998.
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the measures needed to implement it.
THEY 217/1997, Shub 33/1997, EV 233/1997

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