The Law Of Ylikuormamaksusta

Original Language Title: Laki ylikuormamaksusta

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In accordance with the decision of Parliament provides for the scope of the article, the carriage of goods: 1 transport vehicle or trailer referred to in moottorikäyttöisessä of the road traffic Act (262/81) or an equivalent of the åland islands within the meaning of the law in the way provided for by the law of this State to pay ylikuormamaksu. (22.7.1991/1068)
This law shall not apply to any other tractor than road transport and a tractor trailer at the time, in the case of a motor vehicle tax Act (722/66) in the course of a transport operation referred to in article 17 (a). (answer/170)
Ylikuormamaksu only provides a ylikuormasta, a traffic controller finds immediately during transport.
(L) motor vehicle tax 722/1966 on undone AjoneuvoveroL:lla 1287/2003.

section 2 of the person liable for payment of that Ylikuormamaksu provides for its transport, the owner of the vehicle used for the transport of the time is. If the overload is the combination, to be borne by the owner of the ylikuormamaksu provides the towing vehicle. If the vehicle is the second in the Standing Committee on management, however, the holder of the payment is due.
The person liable may be prescribed according to the information in the register, subject to vehicle registration data displayed as invalid. (answer/170)
Ylikuormamaksu provides shuttle mission giver, if his record in its declared or otherwise the load is the weight or volume of the invalid data has led to the creation of the load.

section 3 does not provide for payment of the liberation of the Ylikuormamaksua, where a levy payer may refer to the probability that the vehicle overload in the transportation of the driver in use had been tampered with.

section 4 (answer/170) provides for the payment of the vehicle or combination of vehicles by Ylikuormamaksu maximum laden mass, or the permissible mass on the axle or bogie in excess of the mass to the extent that is exceeded by more than 5% of the permitted total mass, or more than 10% of the maximum mass of the axle or bogie.
In respect of the vehicle combination provides for payment, either a combination of excess or a combination of vehicles the permissible laden mass of the kokonaismassojen the total number of exceedances, whichever is greater.
If the axle or bogie of the masses to be taken into account, the total number of exceedances is greater than the total mass to be taken into account for the calculation of the said amounts, on the basis of the ylikuormamaksu States.
When the transport is allowed to shine, particularly on the basis of the authorisation, the road generally masses larger masses, the mass on the axle or bogie provides for ylikuormamaksu, or the mass of the entire crossing, which marked the mass corresponding to the mass exceeds authorization.

section 5 (with effect/970), the amount of the fee for each Ylikuormamaksu in accordance with article 4, is a calculated excess amounts from a full 100-10. For every 2 000 pounds of excess, however, is the payment of EUR 30 per 100 and 4 000 in excess of EUR 40 per 100 kg.

Article 6 of the Declaration of the overload, the States are weighing the axis and the total mass of the masses or bogie. Overload may be on the basis of the volume of the load mass of the calculating, bills of lading or otherwise in a reliable manner. (answer/170) 2 L:lla 6.1.1989/1 is repealed.
Traffic controller can provide a vehicle to be transported, the place of the flat-rate for the weigh-in, where the vehicle reasonably suspected of the transportable overload. The order shall not give rise to undue expense or a waste of time. (6.1.1989/1), paragraph 7, of the continuation of the internal transport Manager is banned from continuing, the ban on the carriage, but despite a payment order given to the Declaration and, may be, at the discretion of the prescriber as well as impose a new ylikuormamaksun ylikuormamaksu.

section 8 (7.8.2015/915) the imposition of a Levy on the matter will be dealt with in the Ylikuormamaksun imposed by the police in the establishment, in the territory of which the overload has been found.
The payment order of the Police Department's chief police officer of the institution or his or her designee.
Ylikuormamaksu may be in individual cases, the possibility or removed, if the transportation is caused by taking account of the conditions of the anteeksiannettavasta huomaamattomuudesta or any other unauthorised, for a special reason.
L:lla 915/2015 modified section 8 shall enter into force on the 1.1.2016. The existing wording of article 8 of the imposition of a fee for the number of Ylikuormamaksun: the Chief of police in the district, where the overload has been found (the payment order).
The cooperation of the police of the police district or the district by-laws may provide for the payment of the order can be a police officer in the district instead of the master gives the other police officer. (answer/170)
Ylikuormamaksu may be in individual cases, the possibility or the transport is the result of the delete, if, in the circumstances, to both of the anteeksiannettavasta huomaamattomuudesta or, for a special reason.

section 9 (7.8.2015/915) Ylikuormasta notification when a Transport Manager is found, the ylikuormamaksu, which may be provided in writing, he shall immediately notify the Police Department ylikuormamaksun. The driver of the vehicle is at the same time, provide a copy of the notification.
L:lla 915/2015 amended section 9 shall enter into force on the 1.1.2016. The previous wording: article 9 of the Ylikuormasta notification when a traffic controller is found, the ylikuormamaksu, which may be provided in writing, he shall immediately inform the relevant police district ylikuormamaksun. The driver of the vehicle is at the same time, provide a copy of the notification.

section 10 of the Foreign vehicle maastavientikielto vehicle registered Abroad, where it is not ylikuormamaksu, ylikuormasta shall be permitted to export to the country before the ylikuormamaksun. Payment määrääjä may, however, allow for the payment of vehicle export, when ylikuormamaksun is set to be approved.
When the traffic controller in the case referred to in subparagraph (1), the vehicle is found, the vehicle is under his control to be transferred to the nearest police or customs authority to the one on the scene, until ylikuormamaksu has been paid. If the driver refuses to transfer vehicle, is a supervisor ensure. If necessary, get the police or customs authority having the characteristics of a vehicle.
in answer to the refutation of the L:lla/170.

Article 11 of the Declaration of the Customs Office of destination, If the Customs Office of destination it is found that the ground in the inbound vehicle overload, which according to the law, should be imposed on the ylikuormamaksu, the entry must be prevented, until the overload has been removed from the vehicle.
When leaving the country for the Customs Office in the place it is found on the vehicle at an overload, the Customs Office is run according to article 9 and 10 of the traffic controller.

Article 12 of the consultation of the person liable for the following cases, that is in Finland and whose whereabouts are known, in writing, prior to the issuing of a payment order shall be given an opportunity to provide explanations within a time limit which shall not be shorter than two weeks.

the time limit for payment of the Ylikuormamaksu is to be paid to section 13 in six months from the adoption of the payment order.
Subject to ylikuormamaksua, within the period provided for in paragraph 1 shall be paid, the fee for the tax increase and delay the payment laiminlyöneeltä to highlight (1556/95) on the basis of the criteria laid down in the calculated delay interest rate. (answer/170) (answer/170) the responsibility of the representative of the community, a shareholder of the company and the foreign man and a limited partnership, the liability of the company is responsible for the company's payment of its debt, as provided for in the ylikuormamaksun of carrying out on its own.
A person who does not live in Finland, as well as the expatriate community, and the Foundation to pay for carrying out a specific ylikuormamaksun is the representative of the responsible for the here. The police Chief of the district on the basis of the number of this article, the responsible jointly and severally liable with the person liable ylikuormamaksusta ylikuormamaksun. Responsible for compliance with the hearing before the imposition of the charge in this case, article 12.

section 15 (7.8.2015/915) appeal and the implementation of the Ylikuormamaksun decision may be appealed by appealing to the Administrative Court as administrative act (586/1996). The administrative court decision may be appealed only if the Supreme Administrative Court grants leave to appeal.
Charging ulosottotoimin shall apply with respect to the implementation of the law on taxes and charges (706/2007).
L:lla 915/2015 amended section 15 shall enter into force on the 1.1.2016. The previous wording: article 15 of the appeal and the implementation of the Ylikuormamaksun decision is being appealed by appealing to the County Court under the Administrative Appeals Act (154/50) is provided. (10.3.1989/255)
The payment order shall be implemented in accordance with the judgment or decision without what the law on taxes and charges ulosottotoimin (367/61) is provided.
(L) administrative appeals 154/50 is repealed HallintolainkäyttöL:lla 586/1996. L taxes and charges ulosottotoimin 367/1961 has been revoked on the implementation of the 706/L:lla taxes and fees in 2007.

section 16 of the Shuttle mission, the liability of the originator

Ylikuormamaksun means: the operator has the right to receive payment of the whole or part of the back to the shuttle mission, if this measure has led to the fact that the overload is transported.

section 17 of the driver's liability for the driver of the vehicle may be required in whole or in part to replace the ylikuormamaksu, the community only if the driver intentionally contrary to the instructions of the person liable has brought them to the overload or deviated from the route, which would have had to carry the load. The agreement, to be compared with an official rule or any other Ordinance, to extend the driver's liability shall be null and void.

the carriage provided for in article 18 of the criminal penalties, the penalty for the road traffic Act.
The economic benefits generated by the transport of, does not condemn the confiscation, if in respect of the same Act provides for the ylikuormamaksu.

Article 19 detailed rules and regulations (in answer to the/170) more detailed provisions on the implementation of this law shall be imposed by regulation.
The Police Board may lay down more detailed provisions and instructions in this law and in accordance with the provisions adopted pursuant to the police for carrying out the duties of the. (26 June 2009/515) date of entry into force of This Act under section 20 shall enter into force on 1 April 1982. THEY 20/81, LiV. bet 3/81, suvk. bet 203/81 acts entry into force and application in time: 6.1.1989/1: this law shall enter into force on 1 April 1989. Article 6: abolition of, however, will enter into force on 1 January 1990.
THEY are 185/88, LiV. Mrs. 6/88, svk. Mrs. 195/88 10.3.1989/255: this law shall enter into force on 1 November 1989.
THEY 65/88, Another lvk. Mrs. 12/88, svk. Mrs. 157/88 22.7.1991/1068: this law shall enter into force on 1 September 1991.
THEY 12/91, LiV. Mrs. in answer to the 1/91/170: this law shall enter into force on 1 April 1996. It shall apply to ylikuormamaksuun, which provides, on the basis of law, established after the entry into force.
THEY 198/95, Kouba 1/96, EV 12/96 with effect/970: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2002.
Before the entry into force of the law can be used to take the measures needed to implement the law.
THEY'RE 103/2001 LaVM 19/2001, 26 June 2009/119/2001 EV 515: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2010.
THEY'RE 58/2009, HaVM 7/2009, EV 7.8.2015/915/2009:86 of this law shall enter into force on the 1 January 2016.
On appeal before the entry into force of this law shall apply to the Management Board on the date of entry into force of this law, the provisions in force.
THEY'RE 230/26/2014 2014, LaVM, EV 319/2014