The Regulation On Mutual Legal Assistance In The Adoption Of Information Documents In Civil Matters

Original Language Title: Asetus keskinäisestä oikeusavusta annettaessa tiedoksi asiakirjoja yksityisoikeudellisissa asioissa

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This regulation has been repealed L:lla 10.4.2015/426, that is valid for the 1.10.2015.

Presentation by the Minister of Justice provided for in article 1: the scope of this Regulation shall apply to the authority of the foreign authority at the request of Finland the notification document in civil matter, as well as the Finnish authority on presentation of a request for such a measure, unless the requesting foreign authority, or has been otherwise agreed with the host State.
The central legal aid service delivery in the Nordic countries is valid, what it is agreed or laid down.

Article 2 of the Hague, for service in Finland of 15 November 1965 on the service of judicial and extra-judicial documents in civil or commercial matters abroad, of the Convention (Treaty Series 51/69) within the meaning of article 2 of the central authority and the authority referred to in article 9 in Finland is the Ministry of Justice, which allows a State party authority.
When the transmitting Agency is the authority of the State referred to in paragraph 1, take the request with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, subject to the requesting State not otherwise agreed.

section 3 of its response, if the service is contrary to public policy in Finland.

4. At the request of the article must be shown in the document issued by the authority, the necessary information of the parties, the recipient's address as well as to the quality of the document.
The request shall be accompanied by the ambiguous to the document.

section 5 of the Ministry of supply in the request, received a request for the service of the documents referred to in the Government of the province in which the service is to be effected.

section 6 of the Government If the County finds that the service is to be effected in another county, the County Government sent documents to the competent and shall forthwith inform the request pay the Ministry of Justice.
When the notification cannot be delivered because of the barrier, which is not temporary, the County Government to restore the documents to the Ministry of Justice.

section 7 of the document to be served: 1) in such a way as the notification of a document is required by law; or follow a special procedure referred to in the request), unless this is contrary to the laws of Finland.

section 8 if the information to be given document has been drawn up in a language other than Finnish or Swedish, it is to be connected by a certified translation in one of those languages. However, this notwithstanding the provisions of the document can be served, if the document has to be served, agrees to take it or it is controlled by the language in which the document or the translation has been drawn up.

section 9 of the provincial Government shall notify the document merkittyine on the tiedoksiantotodistuksineen requested the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry shall draw up a certificate of the foreign authority for showing when and how the document is served. If service is provided in section 7, as referred to in paragraph 1, shall be made on the certificate of entry.

Article 10 When a document has not been served or comply with the formalities concerning the service of the Ministry of the requested procedure is to inform inform the foreign authority of the request.

Article 11 of the Foreign authority to request the service costs incurred will be paid by the State.

Article 12 where a writ for service abroad, or an invitation to arrive at the Court of Justice has to be served abroad, the Court of justice a request for notification of the foreign makes the authority for the purpose of the requirement is taken care of. The rest of the document, if required, a notice regarding the request to make the provincial government.

13 at the request of the article must be shown in the document issued by the authority, the necessary information of the parties, the purpose of the notification of the recipient's address, what might you want to a specific procedure, the current communication. Document to be served shall be accompanied by two copies of the request.
When the service is to be effected under section 2 of the State party to the Convention referred to in subparagraph (1), the request shall be drawn up on a form corresponding to the form annexed to the Convention.

section 14 if the service is to be effected in the case referred to in article 13, in a Contracting State, of a transmitting Agency, together with the documentation to be sent to the Ministry of Justice, appointed by the Member State concerned in accordance with the Convention, through the central authority of the exporting country.
Other than that referred to in subsection 1, the State, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will be sent to the authority in the documents, unless otherwise agreed or provided.

Article 15 entry into force This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 June 1982.
This regulation repeals the Finnish and foreign authorities, notification of the mutual assistance documents, in some cases, the regulation of 8 June 1923 (175/23).

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