Security Storage Law

Original Language Title: Turvavarastolaki

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The speaker of Parliament, in accordance with article 1 of the decision provides that Security, stocks may be established, in order to ensure the livelihood of the population, and to set up and maintain production in order to maintain the operation of essential raw materials, supplies, and products for foreign trade problems, as this is required by law.
Safety stocks can be set up and operate an energy crisis readiness for the implementation of the international obligations of Finland. (5981/1685) section 2 of the Security at the warehouse means any movement of goods to the warehouse, the company (turvavarastoija) based on an agreement to maintain the business, in addition to the necessary inventory.

Article 3 of the Council of State confirms the turvavarastoitavat raw materials, accessories and products by item.
The Security Center makes a security contract with the fundamental turvavarastoijan of the warehouse for storage. A turvavarastoija agrees to set up an agreed in the contract and the quality of raw materials, food or product inventory and maintain it. Article 4 (18.12.1992/1432) Security, storage contracts shall be concluded for a period of at least three and not more than ten years. The agreement in force, may continue to be used for at least two years at a time.

section 5 of the Security establishment of stocks and on interest rate loans in order to maintain a valid, what the interest rate for certain credit institutions assets loans (1015/77) is provided for in or under it.
Expenditure incurred in relation to the interest of the security of the storage aid shall be paid to the security of the State non-budgetary funds of the Fund. Article 6 (18.12.1992/1392) to the establishment of Security for the loan of the inventory should be the business of a mortgage or other security turvaavampi. (30.5.1986/407)
The establishment of the amount of the loan, shall be responsible for the security of the capital stock, the interest rate and other loan payments to be repaid under the terms of Chapter 10 of the trade cycle, in accordance with article 8.

section 7 (18.12.1992/1392), within the limits of the budget of the State may be established in accordance with the exceptionally large turvavarastoijalle the subject of cost recovery. The grant shall be made annually by an turvavarastoijalle Security Center security will by a storage contract shall take place in a way.
Expenditure incurred in relation to the storage of the grant shall be paid to the security of the storage of the State non-budgetary funds of the Fund the service back up.

section 8 When raw materials, supplies or adequate intake of the product is unable to prevent the interruption of production or substantially decrease, and turvavarastoijan without having to resort to the use of the goods in the warehouse, the turvavarastoija may not be used in the purchase of the goods of the safety stock production with the permission of the Ministry of trade and industry. Turvavarastoijan will need to supplement the amount of the security provided for in the Security Department of the inventory within a period to be determined by the storage.
The Department of trade and industry may delay the delivery of an exceptional rise in the price of, or any other reason for the "deemed export" benefits under the special temporary authorization, turvavarastoijalle, up to a maximum of four months, use security.
When issuing an authorisation to use the security warehouse Department of trade and industry shall provide for the use of other terms of the stock.

section 8 (a) (5981/1685), the Ministry of trade and industry of Finland medical disaster preparedness can be energy international for the implementation of their obligations under the agreement to grant the authorisation to dispose of security turvavarastoijalle stock of raw materials and products. The Ministry is at the same time, provide for the amounts to be transmitted, as well as the time within which safety stock is replenished.

section 9 of this Act, or who uses the inventory, contrary to the security of the storage contract shall be obliged to pay back to the State of the storage of the grant received. Back to the level of the grant to be paid from the date of introduction of the Union is an annual percentage rate of interest rates referred to in subsection 3 of section 4 of the interest rate. (3 March 1995/307)
The Security Center can be left in the return referred to in paragraph 1, in whole or in part, without the inventory of this law or, if the security of the storage contract was contrary to the use of the combined aid deriving from huomaamattomuudesta, or if the recovery turvavarastoijan the imposition of a low, otherwise it would be unfair. (18.12.1992/1392), section 10 (18.12.1992/1392) Turvavarastoija is required to provide security to the Centre of this law, as well as the monitoring of compliance with the provisions adopted on the basis of relevant information.
The Security Center by the people are entitled to carry out inspections on the premises of the security of the magnitude of the inventory turvavarastoijan.

section 11 (21 May 1999/623), section 11, is repealed on 21 May 1999 L:lla/623.

section 12 Turvavarastoija a storage contract may cancel the security between the term of the contract, if the storekeeper will move to another sector, or if the storekeeper with the changes in the methods of production or the reasons the two no longer have to store stuff in production.
If the amount of the subsidy or the storage turvavarastoijalle the amount of the subsidy to be the life of the agreement is to be reduced, there is a turvavarastoijalla the right to rescind the contract within three months of the date when the change is given in turvavarastoijalle.
The Security Center can decrypt the security of the storage contract between domestic production of the goods stored in the term of the contract or any other supply of the active reason to compare to it. (18.12.1992/1392)
If the turvavarastoija is intentionally used in breach of the security of the storage contract with stored goods, the Security Agency has the right to cancel the contract within three months of the discovery of the violation. (18.12.1992/1392) on the implementation of the provisions of article 13 of this law shall be adopted, where the need for further regulation.

Article 14 of this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1983.
This law shall also apply to established before the entry into force of this law, for which the interest rate on the credit is granted for certain credit institutions interest on loans resources on the basis of the law, if the Department of trade and industry and the storekeeper shall so agree. THEY 171/82 74/82, vvvk., suvk. bet bet. 182/82 acts entry into force and application in time: 30.5.1986/407: this law shall enter into force on 1 July 1986.
THEY 10/86, vvvk. bet. 14/86, svk. Mrs. 36/86-5981/1685: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1992.
THEY'RE 44/91, tvk. Mrs. 18.12.1992/9/91 1392: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1993.
THEY'RE 105/92, 32/92 of 3 March 1995/307 TaVM: this law shall enter into force on 1 May 1995.
Back for the Union for the period prior to the entry into force of this law shall be governed by this law to the payer of interest rate in force at the time of entry into force. This law, however, can be applied to the payment of the grant, if it leads to the result in terms of going back to the velvollisen than the previous law.
THEY'RE 292/94, of 21 May 1999, 58/94/623 TaVM: this law shall enter into force on 1 December 1999.
THEY'RE 30/1998 31/1998, EV, HaVM 303/1998