Regulation Of Certain State-Owned Areas Of The Soidensuojelualueista

Original Language Title: Asetus eräistä valtion omistamille alueille perustetuista soidensuojelualueista

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Presentation by the Minister of agriculture and forestry provides for 23 February 1923 on the Nature Conservancy (71/23) the first subparagraph of article 2, as well as the formation of the soidensuojelualueiksi of certain State-owned regions, 2 October 1981 (676/81) under section 2 and section 5 on the basis of § 1 of the formation of the soidensuojelualueiksi of certain State-owned regions, 2 October 1981 (676/81), as referred to in soidensuojelualueilla shall be prohibited: 1) to the drainage and soil;
2.) buildings, roads, and the construction of the equipment;
the beating of the peat lands of 3);
4) wild vertebrate animals the killing, capture and hätyyttäminen hereinafter referred to as laid down in the exceptions; as well as 5) other measures, which is likely to alter the balance of the Marsh in the organic water.
Ministry of agriculture and forestry, may prohibit the catching of specimens of the species and the spineless animals laid down in the killing, as well as herbaceous plant species provided for individuals picking and the collection of soidensuojelualueella.

section 2, in addition to what is provided for in article 1, are Lake bog – Ritassaarensuon, Huidankeitaan – Rynkäkeitaan, deer haven, the worm on the Neva embankment, Harjaisnevan – Pilkoonnevan, city is located in the Isonevan, Säippäsuon-Tolkansuon soidensuojelualueilla all cervids in the stone as well as the measures of the swamp forest of trees in the forest of pine cones and seed collection and processing of parts of plants, except for the low admission prohibited.
Other than those mentioned in subparagraph (1) the countries of the soidensuojelualueiden mineral metsätaloudellinen management is carried out in section 4 of the treatment and use in accordance with the plan. Management and operation of the plan, without prejudice to the provisions of article 1 may be to allow the use or management of the region the necessary road construction soidensuojelualueelle.

section 3 of the Soidensuojelualueella is without prejudice to the provisions of article 1 of the allowed: 1) for buildings, equipment, and construction and maintenance of the paths, which are necessary for the public to take an active interest in research activities and will need to be, natural;
2) hunting soidensuojelualueilla, which are located in the hunting law (290/62) under section 3 of the municipalities referred to in paragraph 2 and any other soidensuojelualueilla, as a rule, more specifically the order;
3) fishing;
4) scientific or educational purposes, as well as the killing of animals and the capture of mineral samples in a minor with the permission of the Government to turn the forest;
due to the excessive increase of 5) or otherwise damaging the plant or animal species reduction with the permission of the Ministry of agriculture and forestry;
6) measures, which are necessary in order to restore the development of organic farming in the region;
the measures in the area of roads, as well as 7) electric and telephone lines kunnossapitämiseksi;
8) the equipment and installations to the reservation's also possible to try;
9) reindeer herding and measures; as well as 10) the measures necessary for the protection of the environment in the region and the forest fire; (29.6.1983/600) 11) measures, which are necessary for fire control, civil protection, cross-border surveillance and control of the Kingdom, as well as mapping and surveying work; (29.6.1983/600) 12) measures, which are necessary for the Telegraph, telephone, or radio broadcasting or for the purpose of research or geological exploration, provided that it is received from the Ministry of agriculture and forestry; as well as (29.6.1983/600) 13) other measures that are necessary for the use of the appropriate treatment or soidensuojelualueen and Ministry of agriculture and forestry is adopted. (29.6.1983/600)
Martimoaavan – soidensuojelualueen – Penikoiden in the high seas from closure in the Snow is not an obstacle to Kivaloiden area of the camping and recreational activities for the construction of the necessary and the entry into force of this regulation in the territory of the existing buildings and structures maintenance. The sanctuary is not an obstacle for the Myllylänahon area of gravel, if this is done in a manner acceptable to the Board of forestry. (11.10.1985/802)
Notwithstanding the provisions of article 1, is located in Hyvinkää in Lake bog-Ritassaarensuon soidensuojelualueelle to build a new 400 kV power line in the immediate window for the current 400 kV power line 220 kV power line and extract as well as Pomarkun, Isonevan soidensuojelualueelle a new 400 + 110 kV power line current 220 kV transmission line 110 kV power line and extract. Power lines shall be constructed, maintained and operated, in such a way that the measures compromise the soidensuojelualueiden of natural water, vegetation and bird life. (27.9.2012/531)

MetsästysL MetsästysL:lla 615/1993 is repealed.

Article 4 of the Soidensuojelualueen treatment and, if necessary, to be drawn up for the use of the management and operation of the plan. Management and operation of the plan to strengthen the Ministry of agriculture and forestry.

the provisions of article 5, which according to some measures, however, are not the basis for a broader, soidensuojelualueilla are allowed the right of anyone in like what otherwise is concerned.
The provisions of the Soidensuojelualueita the closure after the limits of the right of the delivery has been completed.

section 6 of the control of the Board and management of Soidensuojelualueet forest.

more detailed provisions on the implementation of this regulation, article 7 and shall, if necessary, the application of the Ministry of agriculture and forestry. Help soidensuojelualueiden the supply of cross-border authority to give the Government.

Article 8 This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 1982.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: 29.6.1983/600: This Regulation shall enter into force on 6 July 1983.

11.10.1985/802: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 November 1985.

27.9.2012/531: This Regulation shall enter into force on 15 October 2012.