The Law Concerning Certain Arrangements In The Field Of Water

Original Language Title: Laki eräistä vesitilusjärjestelyistä

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament, which is made in the order in the manner set out in article 67, provided for in article 1 of The General provisions, Mikkeli, Kuopio, central Finland, North Karelia and the county municipalities, with farms or villages of water areas or other facilities, or water ' pick-up ' is located in the villages of maatilusten, can be used to achieve the appropriate division of the conditions to run water and vesijättöjen reallocation, as this is required by law.

section 2 (13.12.2013/928) national land survey to find out the areas in which consolidation is necessary. On the basis of a report by the national land survey of Finland, as well as the amount of the shipment of the delivery area to run consolidation. At the same t arrangement into region, to the extent that it is appropriate for the implementation of the arrangement.

section 3 (to 12 April 1995/568) reallocation is performed, the reallocation is, subject to this Act, including, where appropriate, subject to the full force of what kiinteistönmuodostamislaissa (554/95) provides for the Division of the common area.

section 4 (to 12 April 1995/568) in accordance with the laws of the land settlement in the delivery may be carried out in accordance with the kiinteistönmuodostamislain. In addition, the shipment may be carried out according to the lunastamisia of the systems as this is required by law.

section 5 of the Above in order to achieve the aim referred to in article 1 may be carried out, even though the party antaisikaan the land exchange. (to 12 April 1995/568)
Land exchange may include water, in addition to the low value of the regions and the islands of vesijättöjen and other low value maatiluksia, if it is necessary for appropriate disposal systems.

The formation of a separate status for the section 6 of the water of the lag jättönä is considered for the purposes of this law as a separate water before 1 March 1903 water by adding which result from the water with abandon, in respect of which the ownership of the right of a party to present a study on the calculation, based on the.
A separate accretion to be attached to its owner already forming part of the State, if the water in the context of the status of the submission may be appropriate to use the said.
Independent status to a separate accretion are formed only in the event that its use alone is the size and location of the water, on behalf of the appropriate lodging.

Redemption of common premises or in one of the section 7 If the status of the private water area is located in the village of vesioikeudellisesti in the case of the premises of the maatilusten, the second gets the water area of the claim passes the village, or, when it is appropriate for the use of water in the region, called the common premises. The status of the private water area can, however, be left in place, if it has been kept in its survival.
If the status of common premises or for the submission of a private water is located in the village of vesioikeudellisesti in the case of the second maatilusten of the premises or on the basis of paragraph 1, if the water is low and does not deliver on meaningful to be able to use the amount of water to farms of or jointly with the region, to be areas which claims to the maatilusten they are.

7 (a) of section (5 November 1993/931) if the water in the villages after a visit to the border between the village of spaces, which is not part of the maakaaren and the limit of the water and the water of the region according to the law on the Division of water area, are constantly crossing since the start of the shareholders ' way fished another village in the manner set out by common water catchment area, which can be such a water area of farms in the village claimed or a proportion of water area, where the village of spaces are fished, if it is important for the use of the status of the , as provided for in paragraph 2 and 3.
If only the water area-the village of omistamattoman in the manner set out in the catchment area, fished, the redemption of such water area of the premises of the village common, whose owners claim. The proportion of the land area of the spaces will receive the honored such work in relation to the premises, unless the owners agree otherwise. (22.11.1996/877)
If the water area of the omistamattoman village in the manner set out in the catchment area are fished in conjunction with a village of the facilities, which the water falls, redeemed for those first-mentioned the village farms, whose owners claim are calling for, the contributions of what passes for the water in the area. The amount of the amount of the contribution for each area provides in such a way that it allows for the normal home the need for fishing.

section 8 Unless a separate article 6 of water with abandon, in the cases referred to in the attached to its owner already forming part of the State, or the status of the connection is created as an independent, is the redemption of the State respectively, in effect, article 7 is provided.
By way of derogation from the above, it can be referred to in this Act the water with abandon and water claims the water to the land arrangements for community building (370/58) is the area without a special permit to your squeeze or if the municipality has received the authorization referred to in the area of construction law. The status of a municipality, unless redeemed area shall be established in the region have been carried out kiinteistönmuodostamislain (554/95) in the General area referred to in article 45. (22.11.1996/877)
If the owner of the already attached to the submission of a separate water forming part of the State, or to connect the status of an independent or if you connect to the status, under paragraph 2 may be referred to in section 7 (2) of the water with abandon and water claim such a State.
In connection with the redemption of the water catchment area or who gets to claim the value of small islands and other small maatiluksia value, when it is necessary for an appropriate investment systems.
Independent status is not under this Act may be claimed.

the area referred to in article 9 of this law of rent, the holder of the non-use or right to use any measures laid down by this law, shall retain his entitlement to the incident site owner change.
If the territory referred to in subparagraph (1) is an apartment building in the under section 8 of the redeemed, is the holder of the area the conditions laid down in article 10, the right to redeem the area in connection with the consolidation of water itself. To carry out the requirement shall be the delivery of goods to be entered in the shipment of men at or within the time limit.

section 10 of article 9, the right of redemption is subject to the condition referred to in that: 1) the Redeemer is a Finnish citizen;
2) the claimant owns wholly or mainly used for the construction of a residential building, housing the pysyväisluontoiseen is started before 1970;
3) the claimant is a habitual resident of the region; and that 4) area, alone or in combination with the rest of the area consists of the Redeemer of the building, with a surface area of at least two thousand square meters.
Specific reasons can be redeemed for an area that includes the pienemmänkin referred to in paragraph 4 of the building.
If there is a valid layout or the use of other provisions, is that, as far as possible, be taken into account. (indicated/148)
If the drawing up of a formula referred to in paragraph 3 or in the adoption of the provisions referred to in the provisions of, or change the formula or is pending, there is a redemption to perform in such a way that it does not interfere with the drafting or enactment, or the formula for their implementation.

section 11 (to 12 April 1995/568) in accordance with the laws of the land, or when you run a delivery on behalf of the authorities of the redemption of the men set up a boat valkamia, piers and other needs for the necessary easements, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 14 of the kiinteistönmuodostamislain or submit a sufficient number of areas these needs continue to be.

Article 12 of the reclaimed water in different villages in the areas are limited to At each other, the border between them, as determined by the 23 July 1902, the provisions of the law on the border, with the water and the distribution of water in the region is provided for in the paragraph 1.

section 13 (to 12 April 1995/568) to the village village in the former common water cashed in on the area attached to the water in the area. If the village already has a common water, get all the spaces of the village area of land areas, the share of the honored in proportion to the water. The common premises under section 7 of the honored water area is the share of land areas in relation to holdings.

section 14 (to 12 April 1995/568) section 14 is repealed L:lla to 12 April 1995/568.

section 15 If lunastettavalla in buildings, structures and equipment, whose redemption is not necessary for the use of, or the parties in the region to fit their redemption, is the owner of the property to be exported out of within two years of delivery of the final result, that it is deemed to be the owner of the area since new.
If the loss of the property referred to in subparagraph (1) free of charge, there is a special reason and unreasonable, however, should be compensated.

section 16 of the executors must be drawn up to carry out the plan. The plan shall indicate the regions referred to in shall be redeemed, as well as the facilities and areas of which the area is assigned, as well as a common area for those involved and share in the future as well as the percentage of holdings numbers. The plan must also be reflected under section 9 of the reclaimed areas, as well as to the legitimate interest of the redemption. (to 12 April 1995/568)

Paying off the costs of the plan must be submitted to the parties. If the delivery is carried out in addition to the redemption of the reallocation to other 4 the measures referred to in subparagraph (1) of section, is at the same time, to present a plan for these.

section 17 of the Lunastetusta of the area shall be carried out in full. If the area is 9 the right referred to in the article, there is a compensation matched it. To the extent that this is the redemption of the under article 8, with regard to the criteria for compensation, where applicable, has a point, to be followed, what specific rights and redemption of immovable property (603/77) is provided.
That is the right of the shareholders, the redemption price of a common area, as well as the obligation to pay the purchase price of the common area of the shareholders, when the area is connected to a scratch area is determined by the same criteria as the share of the common area of the farm is.

section 18 (5 November 1993/931) Redeemed property is estimated at tiloittain in the shipment. The amounts of claims and payments to the State to offset the redemption prices to the extent that they cover each other and then provides each holding either the claim or the amount of the redemption price to be paid by the final.
If the common shareholders in the form of water or water of the lag yhteisaluelaissa (758/89), organised a shareholder referred to apply to such consolidation in the region, what the status of a partner, unless under a municipality require redemption processing tiloittain.
The common area at the request of the shareholder Executive engineer can, without prescription to treat yhteisaluelain, section 10 of the functions referred to in paragraph 2, if the organisation of the administration of the common area, it is appropriate to obtain the payment of the purchase price or the purchase price of the deal brokered by the State for the recovery.

section 19 (5 November 1993/931) Delivery shall commence when the redemption price is carried out through the State of the real estate register. If the parties agree to the payment of the redemption price of the shipment without State mediation, kiinteistönmuodostamislaissa, shall apply to the payment of compensation. (to 12 April 1995/568)
If the status of the owner, the operator or the State through organized a common area to be eligible for any redemption price to be paid to the shareholders the name and address of the creditor is settled, the spirit of the legislation on the shipment document, tax list, or any other reliable custom, on the basis of a document and there is no reason to assume no one else has to be a better right to the redemption price, the national land survey of Finland to pay the redemption price on the basis of the shipment documents. (13.12.2013/928)
Other than in the cases referred to in paragraph 2 the payment of the redemption price by the State must be applied for The measurement of the institution within 10 years from the delivery of the real estate registration. The application shall be accompanied by the statement referred to in paragraph 2 that the applicant or, in the event that the status of the recovery of man is the redemption of part of the question, which owned the redemption price is 18, according to the article. If the strike price of the requested above within the time limit, the said right shall be lost. (13.12.2013/928)
The redemption price shall be paid for the lodging of a separate water, the owner of the shipment is marked on the water of the lag or the person to whom this right has moved.

section 20 of the real estate on behalf of the State, which has carried out the redemption price is to be calculated on the purchase price as a deposit for the payment of interest and the State, as provided for in Chapter 20 of the maakaaren. If the State has carried out the strike on behalf of the shareholders, the price of a common area of Justice, shall apply to the yhteisaluelain 27. (30.12.1996/1281) is repealed by L:lla 30.12.1996/1281.

The redemption price for the payment run for the State of the time, use the start of the run, the collection of payments, the obligation to carry out the capital as well as the amount of minor recovery at one time provided for in the regulation. To be imposed for five years for an extended period.

section 21 (5 November 1993/931) if the State paid the purchase price to the owner of the premises or the same redemption exceed fifty marks, no payment to the price charged.
If the status of the owner, the operator or the State through to the final purchase price paid to the shareholders or to the same owner in respect of the final redemption amount of the premises does not exceed fifty marks, it will not be paid.

section 22 When the area is redeemed or the common area of the premises, there is no need to apply for this kind of obligated to obtain the State of the law, but already granted in the roll call, it is considered, therefore, on an enlarged State.
When applying the law according to the law, and their contractors to replace the State-this is the delivery table kirjanote the original title deeds.
When applying the law, all the rage in the cases referred to in paragraph 2 does not comply with article 16 of the law, what stamp duty is provided.

Miscellaneous provisions article 23 (5 November 1993/931) Lands will take over at the delivery shall commence when the land registry or cadastre.

section 24 T arrangement included the measures referred to in article 4 shall be declared lopetetuiksi at the same time and will be given a common complaint.

the appeal is, mutatis mutandis, to section 25 of the points valid, what kiinteistönmuodostamislaissa provides for appeals to the real estate supply. During the delivery, however, the only solution may be to apply for a separate appeal, which has rejected the demand for the right to be a party to the shipment, an obstacle to the suspension of the requirement for the delivery reminder, the requirement of the submission of the delivery or at that. In addition, the delivery of longer be contested separately in connection with the delivery of the complete solution, which relates to the border after a visit to the site or its rejection of the claim, if the Chief Engineer of the opinion between the delivery of the appeal you to appropriate. (to 12 April 1995/568)
The NLS and the decision referred to in article 2 may not be appealed. (13.12.2013/928) on the implementation of article 26 of the cost of this law is carried out by the State.

More detailed provisions on the implementation of article 27 of this law shall be imposed by regulation.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: 5 November 1993/931: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1994.
This law shall also apply to the preliminary ruling in the proceedings pending at the time of entry into force of the laws of the reallocation of water supply, with the end of the meeting has not been held before the entry into force of the law. Article 19 of the law shall also apply, mutatis mutandis, also apply to the supply, with the final meeting has been held, but the payment of the redemption price by the State has not yet been fully implemented. This law superseded the 4 section shall apply to the shipment, which is informed prior to the entry into force of this law.
70/93, MmVM 14/93 to 12 April 1995/568: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1997.
THEY 227/94, 22.11.1996 MmVM 45/94/877: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1997.
If at the date of entry into force of the laws of the draft have already been made in the delivery of a decision as referred to in section (2) of the shares of the base, the share of the shipment of the operative event, what's that, upon the entry into force of this law is provided for.
THEY'RE 113/1996, MmVM 11/1996, EV 149/1996 30.12.1996/1281: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1997.
Before the entry into force of this law which has arisen in the statutory lien is valid, the entry into force of the law on what the contribution of maakaaren (541/95) 14.
THEY are 215/1996, LaVM 21/1996, EV 244/1996:/148: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2000.
THEY YmVM 101/1998, 6/1998, EV 248/1998 13.12.2013/928: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2014.
THEY'RE 68/7/2013, 2013, MmVM EV 102/13

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