Regulation Of Public Transport In The Audit Fee

Original Language Title: Asetus joukkoliikenteen tarkastusmaksusta

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Presentation by the Minister of Justice provides for the inspection of public transport cost 19 January 1979 and corrected by amending the law of 11 May 1979 (469/96) pursuant to article 14, section 1 of the Inspection fee for collection of the right: the application shall be accompanied by a statement: 1) traffic, traffic, traffic routes or railway elements, which the audit fee is intended to be recovered;
2) means of transport and their estimated daily volume;
the prices of tickets, the carrier 3) the uses and possibilities of the firearm;
information to the public inspection of the payment system 4);
the determination and payment of any amounts due to the 5) examination of the forms used for layouts; as well as the impact of the transition from the system in force 6) inspection fee status of personnel of the carrier's money.
The Ministry of transport and communications may, where appropriate, require the applicant to submit the granting of the right of other fee collection with active ingredient.

section 2 of the inspection fee shall be fixed completely markoin five jaolliseksi.

section 3 of the ticket shall be accepted as the holder of the public authorities, which shall be deemed to be the relevant traffic control, as well as a knowledge of the rules and regulations governing the inspection activities, as well as the conditions for the inspection to be done objectively and reliably, anyway.
The police district chief will solve the issue of the adoption of the examination ticket inspector in charge of the legitimate request of the community. The application shall be accompanied by: 1 the personal data of the person appointed), the relationship between education and the civil service;
2) with a report on the powers of the transport, which is intended to be in force; and 3) to be attached to the appropriate two passport photos.
Police officer shall be given the other information it requests, which are necessary for the adoption or the Inspector of his powers, in order to resolve the issue of the withdrawal. The end of the relationship, the inspector must inform the police official in the district.

section 4 of the Police in the district, the master shall keep a list of the adoption and the withdrawal of the powers of the Auditor on the decisions taken in this.
In section 3, and is 1 for the head of police in the district, is also to be applied to the rest of the police official to whom a rule in the police district has been transferred to the control of public transport cost on the tasks mentioned in article 6 of the law.

the provision of section 5 of the Inspector of the inspection, the inspector must be affixed to the passport photo. The personal data in the passport must be mentioned in the inspection, the Inspector, his powers and the powers of the transport, which are in force.
In carrying out the inspection, the Inspector is to be done, if necessary, submit to the verification of his passport.

section 6 of the Passengers, who pay him the stipulated fee as soon as the receipt. The receipt must be accompanied by a demonstration of how the passenger is required to bring the matter to an Inspector of the complaint to the County Court.
In a written order, the passenger will carry out the verification fee is mentioned in the passenger's personal information, the reason for the imposition of the fee, as well as the amount of the fee and the time and route of transport, or rataosa, in which the fee is imposed. In addition, the order must notify the post office giro account to which payment is to be made, as well as a number of days, the day of the performance is the latest to be made. Order shall state that the non-compliance with the performance of the inspection fee can be charged by means of execution without judgment or decision. Order shall be accompanied by an indication as referred to in sub-section 1, and tilillepanokortti for carrying out the inspection fee.

a measure of the complaint dealing with section 7 of the auditor of the County Court may appeal the review concerned, to request an explanation from the carrier and from Government.

section 8 If the County the right to appeal, remove the inspection fee, a copy of the judgment shall be sent to the public body concerned, the payment for the return.

section 9 (return/906) rail transport and public transport, of the operate in conjunction with which has been granted the right to charge the amount of the payment of inspection fees approved by the rail administration, the Centre for travel tickets. This is the control centre for the control of the operations, the Finnish Rail Administration. Finnish Rail Administration will give the auditor the audit on your Passport. The provisions of this regulation provides for the adoption of the Passport inspection, the inspector or the withdrawal of his powers, as well as the date at which the inspection was completed, applies, mutatis mutandis, to the Inspector approved by the Finnish Rail Administration Centre.

section 10 of the public body shall inform the inspection fee system to the public enough by means of transport and transport routes as well as some other places for public viewing reports for obtaining tickets and stamping methods and inspection fee.
The Ministry of transport and communications may establish rules for the application of the system of payment to inform the inspection.

Article 11 of Ministry of transport schema in the application of this regulation, the necessary forms as well as to give general guidelines on the implementation of the regulation.

Article 12 this Regulation shall enter into force on 1 June 1979.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: return/906: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 July 1995.

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