Regulation On The Indication Of Water Transport Routes

Original Language Title: Asetus vesikulkuväylien merkitsemisestä

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The presentation of the Minister for industry and trade: article 1 of this Regulation shall apply to the sea or in freshwater and marine habitats, as well as other similar labelling of transport routes and the safeguarding of water transport.
In order to guide and protect the water transport, using, where appropriate, as referred to in article 2 of the marine safety equipment. (8.3.1991/513) (3) has been revoked A 8.3.1991/513.

section 2 of the marine safety equipment are fixed or floating.
Fixed security devices are electronic positioning drives and devices, radar signs, lighthouses, and sector loistot, bus signs, signs, kummelit and other characteristics of the water signs, light signals, as well as other equipment for those that should be compared to fixed. (8.3.1991/513)
Floating safety devices are the buoys, marker buoys, and capes.

the Government of the section 3 of the maritime issue the necessary regulations or instructions: 1) the labelling and for having made us aware of transport corridors;
2) shipping label security equipment and other equipment used for the transport routes of the appointments, the importance of the structure, as well as the color and the light; (8.3.1991/513) 3) the construction of the maritime security devices, amending and removing and setting, when they are in operation; as well as 4), Sander, or its more than of wire, cable and other similar installations.

section 4 of the public transport buses to transport water to the necessary security equipment on behalf of the maritime administration of the State, unless otherwise provided.

section 5: other than the maritime administration is not allowed to build or install a device and does not maintain a maritime security without permission. The permit must be applied for shipping from the Government, which is to consider the appropriateness of the security device, as well as the construction, and kunnossapitoehdot.
The beneficiary of the authorization referred to in paragraph 1 may not be deleted on the basis of a licence or improved maritime security imposed on the device without the consent of the Board, unless the shipping shipping Government has not for the purposes of granting the permit, or by the way.
If the non-liberalised as referred to in sub-section 1, the safety device is incomplete or misleading is the maritime authority called upon the time limit to correct the ylläpitovelvollista device. If the repair request, despite the neglected, the maritime authorities to carry out the repair at the expense of the ylläpitovelvollisen.

section 6 of the fairway or in the proximity of the rest of the water transport in the region are not allowed to set the kind of ad-or a light or other light device that resembles the appearance of a maritime security device or which otherwise can cause hazard to shipping.

section 7 of the major security changes to shipping equipment shipping Government announce the publication '' notices to Mariners ". In urgent cases, you can also notify the Maritime Board of the public broadcasting system and coastal radio stations.

section 8 (8.3.1991/513) If someone might notice that one of the shipping safety device does not work in the manner indicated in the invitation, or, that some such device has been lost, damaged, moved, or is for any other reason as deceptive, he shall so inform the nearest pilot station, as required, to the Government of the maritime district, shipping or to the rest of the maritime authority.

section 9 If the transport bus or other transport by water area and sunk the ship, ship or part of the goods are dangerous or detrimental to shipping or veneilylle, is the owner of the vessel or the vessel, or by the management of the trade was, as soon as possible to remove sunken objects. The person concerned shall, where appropriate, to be the site of an appropriate sign of temporary warning sign for seafarers, as well as report the incident immediately to the nearest pilot station, as required, to the Government of the maritime district, shipping or to the rest of the maritime authority. (8.3.1991/513)
The obligation to compensate for damage arising from the failure of the measure referred to in paragraph 1, is in force, what are the damages Act (412/74) is provided. Maritime administrations are at the expense of the legitimate laiminlyöjän to take the necessary measures to prevent the risk of, or remove the obstacle.

section 10 which violates the provisions of this regulation or the provisions adopted pursuant thereto, is to be condemned, if the work is not in the rest of a heavier penalty provided for by law, shall be sentenced to a violation of the water the fairway marking.
A ship, boat, gear, or any other floating security device, is to be condemned, even though the Act would not be a aiheutettukaan device, to switch to or damage, endangering the functioning of the device will be fined for maritime security.

Article 11 of the Cost incurred in the maintanence based on which the maritime administrations and the third paragraph of article 5 of the 9 in accordance with the provisions of the article are taken, shall be charged to 1697/79 in the order in which the taxes and fees levied on ulosottotoimin is provided.

pursuant to article 12 of this regulation and the provisions adopted for their implementation to monitor the maritime border guard, police, military and customs authorities-,.

section 13 (8.3.1991/513) more detailed rules for the application of this Regulation shall, if necessary, the Ministry of transport and communications.

section 14 of This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 1980.
This regulation repeals the maritime security of the equipment, the regulation on 25 February 1961 (125/61), as amended. The regulation on maritime security devices article 4 and 5, of the section 4 as amended on 30 December 1963, and on 16 March 1979, by means of regulations (658/63 and 308/79), are in effect to the end of the 1980s, and inland waters of the sea areas of the year to the end of the year in 1981.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: 19.12.1980/992:8.3.1991/513: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 April 1991.