Setting Kaupunginviskaaleista

Original Language Title: Asetus kaupunginviskaaleista

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Presentation by the Minister of Justice provided for in the law of 23 April 1976 kaupunginviskaaleista (352/76) in accordance with article 6: On the role of the section 1 of the viskaalin On viskaalin is regulated by the Chancellor of Justice. Lääninsyyttäjästä on viskaalin the Manager is in place, what it is specifically.

section 2 of the public prosecutor for the city of viskaalin will be: 1) Decides to prosecute his jurisdiction in the case and to ensure the prosecution of driving;
2) to decide and take care of applying for the change or when it is to the rest of the authority, may issue, without delay and without prejudice to the authority of the arbitration;
3) take care of the public prosecutor on the basis of an order issued by the tehtävistäasianomaisen authorities separately;
4 the owner of the ajamissa) to control the public interest in prosecution in criminal cases and in cases where the official Prosecutor is to be consulted; as well as.
5) to perform the other functions conferred on him by the law or regulation, or otherwise.

In addition, section 3 of the Town viskaalin: 1) while driving the prosecution on the basis of different order, inform as soon as the decision of the Court of Justice of the indictment to the issuing authority;
2), send to the Court to transfer the case, when another court documents in its possession, without any further delay in the latter to the Prosecutor's Office and the Court shall notify at the same time, whether or not the accused in custody; as well as 3) when applying for a change in the Supreme Court or in response to a change in the application, as well as in making a complaint to the Supreme Court, or when applying for the dismantling of the sentenced or justification provide the documents to the Chancellor. (19.1.1979/46) section 4 of the preliminary inquiry judge may request the police to provide the city or for more studies on the issue, which is his to deal with. You can also carry out investigations on the Assistant judge.

On viskaalin the Agency (4) (a) section (11.1.1991/22) On viskaalin by a decision of the Office to the Chancellor of Justice to share titles.
On viskaalin the number of the Agency's Department managers are the Chancellor of Justice for the first on a motion by the viskaalin on these assistant judges are judges.
The first number of the Assistant judge of the city on viskaalien the placement of titles.

section 5 On viskaalin the Agency's master shall be responsible for: 1) as well as the operation of the agency manages and develops to monitor and control syyttäjäntoiminnan;
2) to ensure that staff receive the necessary advice and guidance to the Office;
3) supplies of the indictment division issues on viskaalien according to the rules of procedure or otherwise, as it is prescribed, as well as to take care of the distribution of the work otherwise at the Office;
4) to solve them on matters relating to the termination of the viskaalin Agency, which does not belong to another public authority;
5 under the public prosecutor's Office) to monitor the activities of the public prosecutor, provided for in the rules of procedure, if it is not specified on viskaalin; as well as 6) to ensure that the Office is considered as diaaria, the name of the book and other separately specified, or otherwise needed on file cards and lists, as well as that of the Agency, there's issues to be dealt with and the staff notices, statements, presentations, reports and other information will be given in a proper manner.

(5) (a) section (11.1.1991/22) On viskaalin at the Agency, which is divided into compartments, Department Manager of belong to the Department under section 5 of the functions referred to in paragraphs 1 to 3 in the rules of procedure. The rules of procedure may provide for department heads to run other tasks based on the Manager role.

Eligibility criteria and the appointment of 6 section (24.2.1984/198) as a condition of eligibility for the post, and action is required of the city viskaalin a Bachelor's degree in law, as well as familiarity with the public prosecutor, a judge or a lawyer in the Prosecutor's Office, the administrative tasks or adequate for the experience. As a condition of eligibility for the Department of the Secretary of the action required a university degree, diploma or high school diploma as well as the practical experience of the merkonomin achieved a good familiarity with the work of the Agency's Office. As a condition of eligibility for other activities required for the kind of skill, and the ability to manage the operation.

section 7 On an order and shall be appointed by the viskaalin and the temporary on a person accepted to give the Chancellor of Justice. The rest of the city viskaalin the Agency's authority, or a contract in relation to the person who is the holder of the action and shall be appointed by the head of the agency or to the city of viskaalin.
On viskaalin post, part-time and further on the Secretary of the Department of viskaalin, as well as the Office of the Secretary of the public and fill in or after clearing of the action.
The first on viskaalin as well as the rest of the city as head of the Agency's work on viskaalin viskaalin public lääninsyyttäjä, the rest of the Government to declare the search on viskaalin the Agency's Manager. (18.12.1992/1438)

The official freedom, section 8 of the public management and virkaero leave granted for a period not exceeding three months per calendar year as head of the Office of the city to the viskaalin on viskaalille lääninsyyttäjä and the other on viskaaleille, the first city judge. This longer post in the freedom granted to the Chancellor of Justice. (18.12.1992/1438)
Staff of the Office for the rest of the members referred to in paragraph 1, to grant the freedom of the head of the Office of the official viskaalin of the city.

section 9 of the Public management of the civil service during the holidays, as well as freedom and the public is open to decide the same authority, which grants civil servants. (18.12.1992/1438)
The management authorities of the first viskaalin of the city during the holidays or in the rules of procedure of the temporary order may be contrary to what is provided for in subparagraph (1).
The first kaupunginviskaalilla has the right to impose on the Assistant judge in the event of their own, in addition to a temporary office in the second city of viskaalin for the post.
The annual leave of the official freedom of the city of viskaalin, and temporary employees must be notified without delay to the Legal Chancellor.

section 10 of the difference in the Office or by the authority which issued it or to the fulfilment of the action belongs to.

Miscellaneous provisions article 11 of the Ancillary criteria of the Ministry of Justice confirmed on viskaalin premium, after consulting the Legal Chancellor.

section 12 On the Assistant judge shall not, without the permission of the Chancellor of Justice to receive other paid posts.
On the Assistant judge shall not act as agent or as an Assistant to suspect without the permission of the Attorney General in a particular case. He is also not allowed to work as an Assistant to the owner's agent, or, if it can be in conflict with his official duties.
The help in the Court with the city, the Assistant judge works as a Prosecutor, he shall not be entitled to the premium.

section 13 On viskaalin should be available for the public as it is laid down in the rules of procedure. -Times must inform the public of the Agency's bulletin board.

section 14 of the civil servants accused of a criminal offence before the Court of the city of viskaalia.

section 15 If the city judge or on viskaalin the Agency's official is guilty of misconduct or negligence, which is not its quality, that he would be on the Court that is to blame, or demonstrated inappropriate behavior, may, after consultation with the appointing authority, the person concerned, disciplinary action to punish him with a warning or a fine, or by separating him from their duties for a period not exceeding three months.
Viraltapanosta disciplinary action, as well as the arrest of official duties is provided separately.

the decision referred to in article 16 of this regulation, which applies to the appointment of an official, or the difference between an official has been sentenced to disciplinary measures warning may not be appealing to the appeal.

section 17 of the Chancellor of Justice to strengthen the Agency's rules of procedure, the city of viskaalin.

section 18 of This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 April 1978.
This regulation will be repealed on 12 December 1957, the Statute of the Council of State, the Chancellor of Justice (416/57), section 12 and 13 of the Decree of 10 may 1927, which contains the Statute of the city viskaalien (130/30), subsequently amended.

The change of the date of entry into force of the acts and application: 19.1.1979/46:24.2.1984/198: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 March 1984.

11.1.1991/22: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 February 1991.

18.12.1992/1438: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 December 1993.