The Law On The Flag Of Finland

Original Language Title: Laki Suomen lipusta

Read the untranslated law here:

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In accordance with the decision of the Board of the section of the Finnish flag is provided for: 1 on a white background with Blue Cross. The flag is either the national flag or state flag.

section 2 of the national flag is suorakaiteinen and its proportions are: 1) the height of the unit of measure 11 and 18;
2 the width of an arm on a 3 unit of measure) of the cross;
as well as the height of 4, 3) fields tangonpuoleisten fields with a length of 5, and the length of the outer fields 10 unit of measure.

section 3 of the State flag is suorakaiteinen or kolmikielekkeinen. It is a cross of the sakarain building in the square to coat of arms of Finland. The square has a yellow border that is 1/40 of the width of the cross.
Suorakaiteisen state flag proportions are the same as for kansallislipun.
Kielekkeinen state flag is one unit longer than the rectangular state flag in such a way that the outer fields 6 and tabs on the length of the unit of measure. The Middle shelf is isosceles, the position of the cross to the jaw. The outer edges of the outer tabs do not form the angle of the top or bottom of the ticket.

section 4: everyone has the right to fly the flag kansallislipulla.
The Finnish nationality of ship identification is subject to section 5 of the national flag. Pleasure vessel may, however, use confirmed erikoislippua kansallislipun location according to the regulation, as it specifically provides for it.

section 5: rectangular state flag used by the Parliament, the ministries, the ministries of Central Government agencies and subject to comparable agencies and institutions, the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court, the Court of appeal rights, the regional State administrative agencies, economic development, transport and the environment, the Finnish diplomatic missions abroad and the number of consular officials, or other representations of the Consul, the Bank of Finland, led by the social insurance institution, the Academy of Finland, the public universities, the border guard, as well as the State. (22 December 2009/1380)
The regulation can be adjusted, which other than those mentioned in subparagraph (1) of the State agencies, institutions and authorities are using the rectangular state flag. The police the right to use the number of the State flag, however, rectangular interior.
The flag of the State of the armed forces of the tabs used by the staffs, a number of departments, agencies and ships.
The President of the Republic, the State flag, which uses tabs tangonpuoleisessa yläkentässä on a blue-and-yellow freedom.

section 6: Other than in the cases referred to in this Act, the Finnish flag is not allowed to invest in any additional patterns.
The Defense Minister and armed forces Commander, as well as the command of the fleet in accordance with the method of the command of the tickets as a flag war-vessels may, however, use the edge of the State flag, which the President of the Republic of tangonpuoleisessa by the yläkentässä is a special pattern.

section 7 of the Finnish flag colors provide more detailed provisions of the State Council.

section 8 Of the Finnish flag, or to use it publicly is corrupting the slight or tampered with to take as a general inspection of the Finnish flag set, must condemn the desecration of the flag of Finland to a fine. (21.4.1995/588)
Who unlawfully use the flag of the President of the Republic, or to change the State flag, or the use of a Finnish flag, which, contrary to the provisions of article 6 have been placed for more patterns, or the marketing of a Finnish flag on the flag, which comes in, or in the form of clearly differs from the provisions adopted pursuant to this Act or in accordance with the provisions of the flag, and is to be condemned for infringement of the provisions adopted in the Finnish flag to a fine.

the implementation of this law, the provisions of section 9 for details on the application of the Finnish flag is given and the liputuksesta.

section 10 of this law shall enter into force on 1 June 1978. It cancels the Finnish flag law of 29 May 1918.
Before the entry into force of this law, introduced by the Association or the flag of the rest of the community, which is contrary to article 6 of the additional designs, however, will be used until the end of 1980.

The change of the date of entry into force and application of legal acts: law of 21.4.1995/588: this shall enter into force on 1 September 1995.
THEY LaVM 22/93, 94/94, 22 December 2009 SuVM 10/94/1380: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2010.
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the measures needed to implement the law.
THEY 161/2009, HaVM 18/2009, EV 205/2009