Setting Elokuvanäytännöistä

Original Language Title: Asetus elokuvanäytännöistä

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs to deal with matters falling within the competence of the Minister for the public provides for the specific presentation of the entertainment events of 9 August 1968 laying down the law (492/68) under article 15: section 1 of the Elokuvanäytännöllä for the purposes of this regulation, for which the duration of a movie-there is no other program like music, film, and the film's reporting of the sounds.

section 2 of the Movie on the night stand is public, if it is given in advance by the määräämättömille people.
For the purposes of the institution or in the community in a closed elokuvanäytännöllä, such as the armed forces, a training institution, or a member of the Association to a circle or other group of people was organised by the näytäntöä.
The provisions of this Regulation shall apply to public näytäntöä. If you closed the night stand will be given highly flammable film, however, it is to be followed, what provides in article 5 to 10.

for the purposes of paragraph 3 of the film are difficult to a fervent acetate and comparable film and easily syttyvällä the film celluloid film.

section 4 on the night stand in the place where the film desk to develop harmful gases, must have a separate computer room. Engine room and the film plane will be powerful enough to exhaust. The exhaust air duct, and other ventilation devices must meet, as well as with regard to the placement of the structures of the Finnish order of the construction of the General requirements expressed in the collection. Otherwise, the engine will be built, that the aforementioned gases do not reach from there.
The engine room floor limit will be equal to the amount of at least 225 cm2 to the outside air leading to supply air outlet or air intake must be ensured by other means.

section 5 of the highly flammable film are to be limited to engine room that meets the Finnish order of the collection on the basis of the construction of the osastointivaatimukset laid down the fire load. You must always fill in the engine-room, however, for at least (A) 120-class Department.
Referred to in subsection 1, the projection of the engine room and Keyhole openings may not be as great as the presentation of the image. The openings must be covered by a metal frame inside and savunpitävästi, by means of at least 5 mm in the case of wire thicknesses, which is through the engine room on the side of the intervention force of at least 5 mm and will certainly move, the touch of flame close to the metal shutters.
The engine room of the shafts and ventilation, as well as the equipment is to be used, what is provided for in section 4. In the engine room shall be (B) IlI (E) Group of the extinguisher.

section 6 of the engine room floor area must be in the same plane with at least 8 m2 and height of at least 2.5 m. If the engine room will be placed in more than one film for each other, is to set aside at least 2 m2 more space. If the engine room will be placed in other devices, is the surface area to be accordingly higher.
If the building has a water and sewage pipes in the engine room, will be the WORK and the chance to bathe.
Näytännön is the holding of a sitting in the engine room is prohibited.

section 7 of the Screening location gets stored for up to 250 kg of hard-to-lit film or up to 50 kg flammable film. Highly flammable film must be placed in a storage box, with each reel is a close self closing lid equipped with a niche. Films may not be retained for public use areas.

section 8 of the film, which is presented in easily flammable film must be fitted with a fire cartridges, which during a presentation is to be kept closed.

section 9 of the movie theater, the owner or the holder shall, together with the elokuvakoneenhoitajan ensure that in a movie theater is presented in easily flammable film only disabled within the meaning of section 5 of the information.
Highly flammable film must not submit for presentation to a location other than a night stand in a place where it is provided for in article 5 of the engine-room.

section 10 of the Film machine as Manager may only be 18 years old person.

Article 11 the granting of authorisation and the adoption of public film shows is, mutatis mutandis, in effect, what the granting of authorisation and marketing of public recreational opportunities are provided on the night stand, except that permission is granted to the film theatres for the time being and tour the area of months at a time in the same näytäntöihin the police. If I qualify for the tour on the night stand of the same police district is pysyväisluontoista, is granted permission on the night stand for the time being.

Article 12 the provisions of this Regulation shall also apply before the entry into force of the regulation adopted under the movie theaters. They do not, however, need to carry out structural changes required by this regulation.

section 13 which violates the provisions of this regulation, subject to the Act must be condemned, not elsewhere provided for more severe punishment for violations of the provisions of the regulation, no more than one hundred elokuvanäytännöistä on the day of payment of the fine or, if the circumstances are very aggravating, for up to three months in prison.

section 14 of the Ministry of the Interior may, for a special reason, grant exemptions from the provisions of this regulation.
More detailed rules for the application of this Regulation shall, if necessary, the Ministry of Interior.

Article 15 this Regulation shall enter into force on 1 December 1978.
This regulation repeals Council regulation elokuvanäytännöistä of the Council of 18 September 1964 (473/64), as amended subsequently. The tasks that the rest of the Board is provided for in the State of filmiteknillisen to run, after the entry into force of this Regulation shall be the relevant building Board.