The State Council Decision On Additional Journalists On Pensions.

Original Language Title: Valtioneuvoston päätös ylimääräisistä sanomalehtimieseläkkeistä.

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The State Council is the presentation of the Ministry of Education decided to: section 1 of the journalists in the form of an additional pension shall be granted to the State budget within the limits of the amount of money for that purpose as provided for in this decision.

section 2 of the pension shall be granted under the message lehtimiehelle, which is a Finnish citizen, in recognition of his meritorious activity was.
When considering the granting of a pension shall take into account the applicant's financial position, as well as his income potential.
A pension is not granted for 60 or so years younger without the need for any reason to any person.

section 3 (12.3.1992/226), 66% of the pension the pension is granted at the beginning of the year in the Office of the State (A) the pay grade of the basic salary, and (II) the high cost of the five-of-service increment provided for in the group.

section 4 of the Pension granted to the Ministry of education.
The pension shall be granted on application by the Ministry of education, which must be made out on a form corresponding to the formula established by the.
Pension application shall be accompanied by: 1) the applicant's birth certificate;
2 the activities of the applicant) as a journalist;
3 the applicant for other pensions);
4 the applicant's income and assets);
5) a medical certificate in the application, the applicant's State of health when he refers to a disease or injury, wrong; and the rest of the Act, the Ministry of education to be necessary 6).

section 5 of the law on social pensions (12.3.1992/226), applications will be processed once a year. The granting of pensions each year, applications must be submitted by the end of February, the Ministry of education. The opinion of the Ministry of education to acquire the vendor applications.
The Editor Board of the Ministry of education, which sets the term of three years, a President and seven other members of the individual with its making and its members. The members of the Board of the Ministry of education, two represent the four Finnish NGO meeting of the Federal-journalistförbund lehtimiesten, one of the General editors Association-NGO and one of the General editors of the periodicals Chefredaktörernas economic association NGO. The Ministry of education shall appoint the Chairman of the Board. The Vice-President of the Board shall elect from among its members.

the granting of a pension shall be granted under section 6 of the payable no earlier than the beginning of the year.
The amount of time to perform the State pension Office as permanent pension is provided. The pension is carried out for the entire month, during which the event giving rise to the pension in the event of discontinuance has occurred.
The recipient of a pension shall lose its entitlement to a pension, which has not been brought within three years of its date of maturity.

section 7 If the circumstances are substantially changed after the submission of the application or of the pension has been reported or concealed any fact that is relevant to the granting of a pension, the Ministry of education may take the matter afresh, and to modify or cancel a previous decision.

the more specific provisions of section 8 of the application of this decision shall, where appropriate, the Ministry of education.
When there are special reasons for this, the Ministry of education may grant an additional pension, notwithstanding the provisions of this decision.

The change of the date of entry into force of the acts and application: 1.3.1983/21826: This decision shall enter into force on 1 March 1983.

12.3.1992/226: This decision shall enter into force on 17 March 1992.