The Council Of State Decision On The Yleismääräyksiksi Of The Receipt Of The Donation And Use Of The Resources And The Will Of The State Offices And Institutions.

Original Language Title: Valtioneuvoston päätös yleismääräyksiksi lahjoitus- ja testamenttivarojen vastaanottamisesta ja käytöstä valtion virastoissa ja laitoksissa.

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This decision has been repealed by the A/1786.

The State Council is today in introducing the valmistavasti of the Council of State, the Cabinet Finance Committee, after the present, decided to give State agencies and bodies with the donation receipt and use of the resources and the will in accordance with the General provisions of the annex below. These general provisions the effect from 1 February 1974.

General provisions of the receipt of the donation and the use of State funds and a testament to the offices and institutions.

Scope of application.

section 1 of the Government agencies and institutions as well as of the statement of revenue and expenditure of the funds from outside is a donation-and a testament to the funds, which are hereinafter referred to as the receiving and use of resources, said the donation to comply with these provisions, unless otherwise provided by law or regulation, or the Council of State in respect of a donation or bequest decided otherwise.

To receive a donation of funds.

§ 2 the receipt of funds for the Donation, if article 4 2, the agency concerned, the body or the Fund.

section 3 of the Donation funds the recipient shall ensure that a donation or in the format as provided for in the will is made.

section 4 of the Donation and the receipt of the funds shall be subject to: 1) that the money is available for such purposes, which are part of the host agency, institution, or the scope of the Mission of the Fund;
2) that an endowment sufficient in combination with other available resources with the purpose of your donation;
3 the date of receipt of the donation of funds or management) does not result in additional costs to the State, to a significant extent;
4) that the donation does not contain such a mandate, the results of the work carried out by the donation of the assets of which are either exclusively or mainly by contributor;
the implementation of the 5) can be treated without prejudice to the actual work of the civil servants; as well as 6) that the deed of gift or a will does not contain any conditions that cannot be considered a State of acceptable.
If the Department or agency, the Fund does not, have the right to receive a donation of funds, but a donation to the receipt of funds, however, is to keep its inappropriate, is the question of the date of receipt of the donation funds to undercut the authority of the Ministry of Justice for a ruling. Before the Ministry of finance, the Ministry will refer the matter to the money-asiainkäsittelyyn.

section 5 of the Donation of the receipt of the funds to the recipient's resources shall draw up a document setting out the terms of the donation, and it may be related, in the absence of such a document for the donor or testator, on behalf of the estate be shared with the recipient.
A donation to the recipient of the funds is obliged to provide for the control and notification of legacy code, as provided for in the will.

A donation of funds.

section 6 of the Endowment is to use the gift book or testament designated purpose.
If the donation funds cannot be used for the actual purpose or when funds left over for its designated purpose, what is needed, and not a gift or a specific provision, in all those cases, the will is the remaining endowment funds to be repaid.
When it is not possible to donate funds, the Endowment is to be used, if the donations and bequests, gift of the book or Testament, for a purpose, which is considered to be mainly responsible for the donation of the original intent.

section 7 of the payment for the care and conservation of resources, as well as a donation of the movement is valid, what gives rise to the State of the resources is. If the donation of funds or transfer of funds to the State specified by the specified, these funds can, however, invest in bank deposits, bonds or other securities.

A number of provisions.

section 8, it is for the State Audit Office audited the donation and use of resources. The Agency, institution or Fund may, if there is a specific reason, to require in addition a Special Inspector to perform this task.

Article 9 of These general provisions do not apply to the University of Helsinki in donor funds.

on the application of article 10 of the more detailed guidance on these yleismääräysten shall, if necessary, the Ministry of finance.