The Law Of Some Of The Resources Of The State Organization Of The Family-Run Pensions

Original Language Title: Laki eräiden valtion varoista suoritettavien perhe-eläkkeiden järjestelystä

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In accordance with the decision of Parliament provided for in section 1 of the some of the State funds: the permanent family-pensions, which has been granted or will be granted prior to 1 January 1967, after the body of a person, will be held from July 1, 1974, or later from the date a pension within the meaning of this Act.
Family pension referred to in subparagraph (1) above, as it was paid or to be paid in December, 1971, it is said in the law of the old peruseläkkeeksi, and according to this law, organised at the survivor's pension to a new peruseläkkeeksi. Edunjättäjällä for the purposes of this Act any person who, after the death of the survivor's pension which will be carried out and the beneficiary, to whom the survivor's pension will be carried out.

in accordance with article 2 of this law will be held, subject to the provisions of paragraph 2, the old Basic, which had been in the service of the people of the State of the school system, let's by or on behalf of, or after your doctor has been granted or will be granted for a widow or child Let's.
This is not, however, take place in accordance with the laws of a widow, which is not the State Pension Act (774/68) the recipient referred to in paragraph 3, and 18 years of age to the old minimum pension granted to a child unable to him.
If the old minimum pension shall be paid to the persons referred to in paragraph 1, the beneficiary of the party other than the beneficiary, the amount of the pension or such to him about the future of is determined by the way it would have been determined in accordance with the laws of the organisation without this. The amount of the new basic pension both for each part of the calculation of the future and will be taken into account only the beneficiaries referred to in subparagraph (1).

the number of the new paragraph 3 of article 2 of the basic pension both for one of the persons referred to in paragraph 1, the beneficiary is 30% of the salary that let's the old basic pension was or would have been determined by the 31 December 1971. If the said beneficiaries of the two, the new basic pension is 40% of their salary, and it will be added to the beneficiary for each of the third and in addition to the 5% of the salary. The new basic pension may, however, be no more than 66% of their salary.
If the number of beneficiaries of the changes, the distribution of beneficiaries of the new basic pension both for the quantity and the change in the beginning of the calendar month following that in which the Middle will be reviewed.

section 4 of the amount of the new basic pension both for checking the revision of certain State pensions by the law (555/72) is provided.
In accordance with paragraph 3 of the new basic pension both for quantity is equal to the Ministry of Social Affairs and health for the year 1971, the date set by the wage index number 216.

section 5 of the New peruseläkkeestä is otherwise valid, what the old peruseläkkeestä is provided.

section 6 of the regulation on the application of the provisions of this law, if necessary, to provide more accurate.

section 7 of the State Treasury in accordance with this law, the family takes care of the organisation of the pensions.