The Law Of Handling Drunk

Original Language Title: Laki päihtyneiden käsittelystä

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament, provides for: 1 section (7.4.1995/502) means a person who has been arrested by the police due to the intoxication law (872/11), Chapter 2, section 2, for the purpose of subsection (1), is to be treated and cared for, as this is required by law. (July 22, 2011/897)
In addition to the provisions of this law shall apply to the treatment of the police service to the State of an intoxicated person's intoxication on the treatment of persons held by the police, taking into account the law (8/2006). (as at 29 September 2006/848) (as at 29 September 2006/848), section 1 (1) for a person who does not pose a risk to the safety of other people, your conduct is so intoxicated by the police provide the station or other place of treatment, subject to the päihtyneestä be able to take care of in any other way.
Violently behaving or violent known intoxicated and inebriated, that for no other reason, in particular, be sent to persons referred to in subparagraph (1), and so on to the station or to the place of treatment, shall be taken by the police.
If the State of health of the subject in an intoxicated state, he shall be notified without delay by the hospital for treatment or to take the rest of his farm to demand action.

3 section (as at 29 September 2006/848) Intoxicated may be detained for the situation where store, if he has his degree of intoxication and the maintenance of health, as well as taking into account the need for order and security. Säilöönottamisesta and so on to the station and the rest of the Board will decide on the person responsible for the functioning of the place and how the State of the police service of the police.

section 4 onto the grid shall leave, as soon as I believe that the need to have ceased to exist, but not later than 12 hours after the apprehension. (7.4.1995/502)
The person, which is at 20 by not allowed in the container, without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph 1 may be kept in custody until the next morning, however, no more than 8, if the dwelling or shelter because of a lack of or for any other reason, is a special issue.

(3) repealed by L:lla 7.4.1995/502.

Säilössäpitämisestä survival at the station and in a clinical setting to decide on the person responsible for the operation of the service, and police of the State of the relevant police man. (as at 29 September 2006/848) section 5 of the Säilössäpidon is päihtynyttä, as far as possible, be monitored. He has, as far as possible, be given his intoxication rate and State of health requires care and other treatment.

section 6 of the Intoxicated shall be obliged to submit to a medical research and treatment, which is considered to be due to his intoxication rate and State of health.

section 7 of the Säilöönotetulle is to provide advice and guidance, as well as information about intoxicating substances to addicts the possibilities offered by the service and the treatment, depending on the circumstances, it is appropriate as it is his and necessary.

section 8 Säilöönotetulta is säilössäpidon for take off all the objects which he might hurt himself or others, and the rest of the property, that the absence is deemed necessary. Poisotettu property must be kept carefully and given back to him or her if he should ever get in the store, subject to the procedure laid down in the said property explicitly.

in the rest of the section 9 of the law provides for the detention of the effects of intoxication, as well as of the obligations and measures by the authorities of those in detention, it is similarly applicable to the säilössäpitoon of this law.

the establishment and maintenance of the Survival section 10 of the stations provided for separately. Even before the trial for the purpose of survival drives can be set up and operated by the State or assisted in their creation and maintenance, within the limits of the statement of revenue and expenditure of the State.
The facilities used for the survival of the Government positions in the audit and is subject to Police approval. (26 June 2009/501) for the purpose referred to in section 11 of the detainees are and so the station, the intoxication of a detained is obliged for the management to carry out the regulation represents the payment. For a fee, regard shall be had to the cost of the treatment and the necessary work. If the fee is not paid within one month of the end of the säilössäpidon, can be used to recover from the person concerned in the order in which the taxes and fees levied on ulosottotoimin is provided.
The fee referred to in subparagraph (1) above is to be recovered from the person concerned, within three years of the end of the säilössäpidon, that the right to receive payment is lost.

More detailed provisions on the implementation of article 12 of this law, shall be established by regulation.

section 13 of this law shall enter into force on 1 October 1973.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: 7.4.1995/502: this law shall enter into force on 1 October 1995.
THEY'RE 57/94, 20/94 HaVM on 29 September 2006/848: this law shall enter into force on 1 October 2006.
THEY'RE 90/2005 14/2006, EV, HaVM 94/2006, 26 June 2009/501: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2010.
THEY'RE 58/2009, HaVM 7/2009, on July 22, 2011/897/2009 EV 86: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2014.
THEY'RE 224/2010, HaVM 42/2010, EV 371/2010