Outdoor Recreation Law

Original Language Title: Ulkoilulaki

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In accordance with the decision of Parliament: Chapter 1, section 1, If a public Outdoor Recreation trails for the operation of the it is important to make decisions and there is no getting around the property through Cental Association for recreational sports and considerable harm to the property is handed over for use in the outdoor area of the route.
It is considered as the liitännäisalueena of outdoor recreation route the route as a rest and rejuvenation for the necessary areas.
What is provided for in paragraph 1, shall apply mutatis mutandis to the transfer of the region from the land for use as a place of rest and recreation in the waters of the users.
The provisions of this law provides for the property in the land register in an unmarked, shall also apply to land in the area.

section 2 of the outdoor activities for the establishment of the route must be drawn up and lay down, and keep the spot for outdoor recreation route plan the route of delivery.
Outdoor activities to keep the route, which includes a route reservation and maintenance, is the thing. Can believe in to fit the last task for the community. (30.12.1996/1270)
The State of the country, which is of importance, depending on the General can be set up in outdoor activities. This type of outdoor activities to keep the route is subject to the consent of the flag State of the State, not otherwise provided for shipment of the outdoor route.

section 3 of the route plan shall be drawn up by the outdoor activities and there is plans for the route and those referred to in article 1 (2) of the liitännäisalueet so that they can be on the basis of the plan, where appropriate, to mark the terrain. The plan must also state the property, through the territory of which the route should go.
Outdoor activities in the route plan shall contain, where outdoor activities related to travel along the route.

3. (a) section (28.6.1993/618) outdoor recreation route must be designed in such a way that its conclusion and the living conditions of the of game animals the use of corruption pose a significant or major disruption in the game.

4 section (22 December 2009/1572) outdoor activities on the itinerary to confirm it for economic development, transport and the Environment Agency, the territory of which the trail route, or most of it is. Before the plan is for those with the right or benefit plan applies to the adoption of the plan of the reminders, be given an opportunity.
For the purposes of subparagraph (1) to keep the plan for inspection by the public during the 14 days. Reminders of the plan is for economic development, transport and the Environment Agency in this task, and forward to the relevant municipal authority not later than 30 days after the end of the term of the plan for inspection by the public. The plan remains to be seen how the arrangements for setting as well as reminders and time is the expense in an announcement in the order in which the notifications may be notified to the local authority. In addition, it is, if it hankaluudetta can happen, plan to be seen separately inform the owners of the country and the initiation of the reindeer management area to the local paliskunnalle, the territory of which the route should go.
The Commission tenders submitted shall be of the reminder letters along with his statement, transport and the Environment Agency.

§ 5 When outdoor activities itinerary has been confirmed by final judgment of which the application for the order, is the outdoor route of delivery in writing within one year of the institution once the decision has become final. The application shall be accompanied by the outdoor itinerary. (13.12.2013/921)
The cost of the delivery is the outdoor route in outdoor route controller to be carried out.

section 6 (July 22, 2011/919) outdoor recreation route delivery delivery men, shall apply to private roads Act (358/1962) tietoimituksen in accordance with the delivery men.

section 7 of the Outdoor route in the shipment shall provide outdoor activities on the basis of the plan and, if necessary, the route of the demonstration area, to draw up the boundaries of the area, according to the map, and selitelmä, as well as significant in so far as is considered necessary, the route of transport and cross-terrain. In the fixed assets will be owned by the municipality, unless otherwise provided in the shipment, the shipment is to the role of the route or any other device of the gate in the fence to get away with it.
Outdoor route in the shipment shall provide the compensation.
If outdoor activities on the use of the route that goes up substantially higher than the outdoor route on the basis of the information available in the shipment must be assessed, can be ordered to be paid for the shipment of the new outdoor route. You can also apply for an order in the delivery area of the owner of the land. In the event of delivery, the cost can be partially or fully provide for the delivery to be borne by the owner of the area. (13.12.2013/921) section 8 of the land use right of disposition of the outdoor activities, as well as for any damage or harm to the route, which is caused by the owner or holder of the region or local paliskunnalle on the marketing and use of outdoor route, shall be carried out. On granting a reimbursement or a temporary.
How to perform compensation and otherwise, mutatis mutandis, in effect, what the private roads on 15 June 1962, of the compensation referred to in the Act.

section 9 After outdoor activities, has been the route of delivery and compensation to the owner or holder has been carried out in the country, an officer is entitled to take a route in the route area. Over at the minute for incoming area, if necessary, be obtained to remove trees and shrubs, as well as other outdoor activities in the natural obstacles to hinder the maintenance of the route.
Where appropriate, to the detriment of the task by the keeper and the outdoor route and the route of the fence in a maintained port, portal, or any other device, that the route does not interfere, as reflected in the use of the property.

the provisions of article 10 of the staff can provide instructions on how to use the route, and outdoor recreation.

section 11 (22 December 2009/1572) outdoor activities on the transfer of the route is, mutatis mutandis, in effect, what outdoor activities on the conclusion of the route. Transfer to the owner to make a presentation to the person concerned. The transfer of the opposition to the land owner may issue for economic development, transport and the Environment Agency.

section 12 (22 December 2009/1572) If all or part of the conditions of the outdoor route is changed, no longer necessary for the operation of the General outdoor activities, can economic development, transport and the Environment Agency on behalf of the State or country, or any other special reason, the owner of the application to close the outdoor route or part of it.
Outdoor activities or part of the route of entry, without compensation to the owner of the lakkautetuksi switches to route part of area management.
For economic development, transport and the Environment Agency is the closure of the route to inform the land registry officer in outdoor life, which is to ensure that the abolition of the necessary entries for the outdoor route in the land register.

section 13 (indicated/152) When outdoor recreation route is taken from the maankäyttöja the building Act (132/1999), the parties have agreed to the formula, or the area referred to in the disposition of the trail route, the route may be adopted in accordance with the delivery to keep what outdoor activities in this chapter, although the outdoor route plan has been done.

section 14 (22 December 2009/1572), transport and the environment agency may order the area of outdoor activities to take care of the second route plan for how to strengthen it, how to, outdoor recreation route delivery and outdoor activities on the route, where the person concerned has consented to. The distribution of the costs and expenses resulting from the route in the middle of the body, transport and the environment, unless otherwise agreed by the municipalities are not agreed upon.

section 15 (July 22, 2011/919) If this law does not apply to outdoor activities and to the provision, subject to the route, in accordance with the law on what private you tietoimituksesta.
Chapter 2 section 16 of the State's spectacular areas of the State to the country in which it is to be noted the importance of outdoor activities, the public can be found hiking area. Such an area is forestry, hunting and fishing, as well as the use of land and water area in the rest of the outdoor activity needs to be organised so that adequately taken into account. The reindeer management area is the special attention to be drawn to the fact that the reindeer husbandry in pursuit of substantially hindered.
When within the territory referred to in subparagraph (1) or otherwise, it is an area, other than the State in which it is necessary to provide a comprehensive or otherwise in order to achieve an appropriate area, the area may be included in the planned European youth in the area.

section 17 of the establishment of the criteria for the use of the area and to decide the Council of State. The State Council decision includes permission to claim referred to in subsection 2 of section 16 of the region or the reduction of the license in accordance with the law of 14 July, 1898 the General need for fixed asset expropriation (27/1898).
More detailed provisions on the order of a rule in the area use. If the vehicle movement may cause inconvenience or disturbance to the outdoor life, may be the use of vehicles, prohibit or limit order rule. However, a provision in the rule order no vaikeutettako in the place of permanent residence of the resident population.
The order of the rule to give it authority, which controlled the area is.

L 27/1898 was repealed L:lla of complying with the specific rights and redemption of immovable property, 603/1977.

Chapter 3 (22 December 1994/1343)

Camp sites in section 18 (22 December 1994/1343) Camp in the area, for the purposes of this law, the territory in which the assignments are based on a temporary basis and in General for leisure, camping, tent, travel trailer, or travel in a vehicle and which is of a total duration of at least 25 camping cabins or tents, travel trailer or travel vehicle reserved seat. The area, which is at least 10 camping cabins, however, it is always in the campsite.
The provisions of this law, the more similar the campgrounds to stay in the area, within the meaning of that, not more than one food or small group of buildings referred to in a total of more than 40 beds.

section 19 (22 December 1994/1343) the campsite must be so placed and constructed and it has to be managed so that its usage: 1) cause no harm or danger to human health;
2) harm to the environment;
3) not cause environmental pollution or littering;
4) reduce significantly environmental comfort;
5) create a road safety hazard; and 6) violates any other way these dispensing to the public interest.
The camping area is positioned in such a way that it does not interfere with the implementation of the construction law, referred to in the formulas.
In addition to the camping area is to be used, what are the health risks of fire and the prevention of henkilöturvallisuudesta as well as separately, and provides for.
The Ministry of the environment shall, if necessary, more detailed provisions on the camp site and laying down minimum standards for the temporary campsite.

under section 20 (22 December 1994/1343) the establishment and operation of the campsite an essential change no later than three months before the start of the operation or modification of the task of the written notification of the location of the region, the official appointed by the authority, which may not, however, act as the municipal government (the campsite).
The notification shall contain the necessary information on the location of the parish and the area of the campsite, as well as the nature and extent of the operation.

section 21 (22 December 1994/1343) campsite pitches may give notice to the controller after consultation with the provisions that are necessary to this law and it in order to comply with the provisions adopted on the basis of. If the creation of the consequences set out in paragraph 19 of the regulations of the camp cannot be prevented, a regional authority may prohibit the intended activity at that location.

section 22 (22 December 1994/1343) of the Act is repealed by L:lla 21.8.2015/1091, which shall enter into force on the 1.1.2017. The previous wording is: keeper of the camp site can be set to control the order and the security of camp vigilante patrols, and in its immediate vicinity. The camp site to the location of the local police may, where appropriate, the provisions of the police officers as officer of the camp site. Stewards of the eligibility criteria, training, powers and responsibilities provided for in the Act on järjestyksenvalvojista (530/1999).

The campsite the campsite staff officer and, in the areas covered by the order or is the campsite the campsite because of the purpose of the right to prohibit the use of the campsite the candidates must Access to the area and, if necessary, remove the person from the area.

section 23 (22 December 1994/1343) Camping area of this law and the provisions adopted in the implementation and compliance with the provisions of the monitors of the campsite.
Camping in the authority and the designated authority shall be entitled to inspect the camp area and to get the information necessary for the supervision of the district.

section 24 (22 December 1994/1343) campsite pitches may give the officer a note if 1) campsite does not meet the requirements laid down in article 19;
2 the notification provided for in article 20) of the reservation is neglected or camping area is not in accordance with the provisions of the Declaration, or as a result of;
3) camp site by the way is used to treat or the provisions adopted pursuant to this Act or in contravention of the provisions; or 4) camping area occurs.
If the defects are not corrected, despite a reminder, or if they are to be submitted after the harvest and repeated, the campsite on the closure of the authority may decide to camp in the region for a limited period of time. The decision to close the campsite for a specified period can be put in the location right away.

section 25 (22 December 1994/1343), which is supposed to be no more than a 14-day period to accommodate tents or up to this time there in the travel trailers or travel on vehicles more than 100 people, is a temporary campsite. The temporary camping area shall apply the provisions of article 19 and 24.
The camp area of the authority may prohibit the marketing of the region and gives a temporary camp to the other provisions of this law and which are necessary for the implementation of the provisions adopted in the implementation of a temporary camp in the area, subject to the adoption of the provisions fall within the competence of another authority.

Article 26 (on 5 December 1996/1019) County Council can give the campsite the right to delegate authority, still subordinate to the holder of the public authorities. The powers of the holder of the fact, however, cannot be transferred to the public authorities, which include the use of an administrative requirement.
The holder of the public authorities, which in the hands of the tasks under paragraph 1, shall apply to the authority of the campsite and the appeal of its decisions.

section 27 (22 December 1994/1343) section 27 is repealed L:lla of 22 December 1994/1343.
Chapter 4 miscellaneous provisions article 28 (22 December 1994/1343) section 28 was repealed after the L:lla/1343.

section 29 (22 December 2009/1572), transport and the Environment Agency's decision on the outdoor route plan for the closure of the route must be julkipanon or outdoor activities. The party concerned shall be deemed to have been made at the time of the decision, when it is issued.

section 30 (22 December 1994/1343) which is run by the camping area to the provisions adopted in this Act or in contravention of the provisions of, or is to be condemned to a fine for infringement of the provisions relating to the campsite, unless a more severe penalty for the rest of the Act.
In the same way, we must condemn it, which keeps the temporary camp sites, contrary to the prohibition of the authority.

section 30 (a) (22 December 1994/1343) pursuant to Chapter 3 of the camping area authority in the event of an appeal against a decision by appealing to the provincial court, within 30 days of the date of notification of the decision. The appeal of the Administrative Appeals Act (154/50).

section 30 (b) (22 December 1994/1343), the police are obliged to provide assistance of this law and to the provisions adopted pursuant thereto, and to ensure implementation of these provisions.

section 31 of This Act does not apply to the province of åland.

more detailed provisions on the implementation of article 32 of this law shall be adopted, where necessary, regulation.

32 (a) of section (22 December 2009/1572), section 32 (a) repealed by L:lla on 22 December 2009/1572.

Article 33 of this law shall enter into force on 1 August 1973.
If the area at the time of entry into force of this law, which is used for travel and outdoor activities for purpose, is going to be used for the purposes of section 18 of the camping area, there is a section of the application for the marketing of the said license within one year of the entry into force of this law.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: 15.3.1985/255: this law shall enter into force on 1 April 1985.
THEY'RE 84/84, l-tvk. Mrs. 19/84, svk. Mrs. 1/85 28.6.1993/6: this law shall enter into force on 1 August 1993.
THEY'RE 300/92, of 22 December 1994/1343 MmVM 7/93: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1995.
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the measures needed to implement the law.
At the time of entry into force of this law, the operation of the sites, to which this law applies, shall be notified to the authority within one year of the campsite after the entry into force of this law. The authorisation granted under the previous Act to keep the campsite shall be valid until the above message was, however, a maximum of one year after the entry into force of this law.
If the establishment of a camp site and a marketing authorization application upon the entry into force of this law, County Government, the County shall transfer it to the campsite authority as a notification.
THEY YmVM 130/94, 10/94, in the event of/69: this law shall enter into force on 1 March 1995.
THEY 241/94 on 5 December 1996, YmVM 14/94/1019: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1997.
THEY'RE 212/1996, YmVM 7/1996, EV 169/1996 30.12.1996/1270: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1997.
THEY 223/26/1996, 1996, HaVM EV: 240/1996/152: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2000.
THEY YmVM 101/1998, 6/1998, EV 248/1998 of 22 April 1999/534: this law shall enter into force on 1 September 1999.
THEY are 148/1998, HaVM 33/1998, 22 December 2009/1998/1572 EV 301: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2010.
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the measures needed to implement the law.
THEY 161/2009, HaVM 18/2009, EV 205/2009 July 22, 2011/919: this law shall enter into force on 1 October 2011.
THEY are 265/2009 28/2010 MmVM, EV 307/2010 13.12.2013/921:

This law shall enter into force on 1 January 2014.
THEY'RE 68/7/2013, 2013, MmVM EV 102/13 21.8.2015/1091: this law shall enter into force on the 1 January 2017.
THEY'RE 22/2014, 2014, EV HaVM 57/351/2014

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