The Law Of Freedom Of Association And-Grants

Original Language Title: Laki kuntien yhdistymiskorvauksista ja -avustuksista

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The speaker of Parliament, in accordance with article 1 of the decision provides that When the municipal Division, is carried out by connecting the municipality to another is amended as follows: an extended the conditions laid down in this Act to the State funds for compensation or assistance to a change in the balance of off-road vehicles to prevent further jaotuksen or restrict.

§ 2 in case of using the base form due to the result of the expenditure of the State, the municipality shall not be extended to some of the grants, which it would have been carried out to the connected, or makes them smaller, or that will be extended to carry out expenditure which it would not have been paid, the combined of an extended run for the year, which the amendment shall enter into force on the jaotuksen, and two the following year, or, if extended in the years before 1959, the city has established the next year, the four freedom of Association for compensation by the State.

Article 3 of the freedom of association provided for by calculating the amount of the compensation for the first year, the amount of the expenditure referred to in article 2 and State grants for the year preceding the year of the entry into force of the amendment would be jaotuksen, if at the time would have been combined with, taking into account, which in this case extended the bearing capacity of the class should be assessed to have had, as compared to what those costs and Government subsidies, as the year were municipalities in total.
Capital expenditure will be taken into account in the calculation of the level of the actual expenditure rather than the five years prior to the jaotuksen as the entry into force of the amendment are, on average, been for a year.
The amount of the compensation is to be performed at the end of the first year of Association and (2) the amount calculated for the manituin way, plus the first 10% and after that, if it is more than 10, 000 mark, to the nearest full 10, 000 mark. Article 4 (13.12.1974/911), the following amount of compensation for the freedom of Association is, when expanded is the township or town, the year 1959, established following the second year 67% and 33% in the third year at the end of the first year. The case of the extended before 1959, founded the city in the amount of the compensation, the right of Association is a second year 80%, 60%, the third year fourth year fifth year 40% and 20% at the end of the first year.
If in the year of jaotuksen, I extended to you for the change to take effect, will be held in the grounds of the school system (467/68) provided the poor lack, deducted from the amount of compensation is carried out at the end of the first year, the freedom of association when expanded is the township or city, half of the 1959 after what passes for the amount, according to the statement referred to in paragraph 3 of the law contained in the elementary school (247/57) of the expenditure on education. The second and third year of the said expenditure shall be deducted in full. If the poor lack the will be held in the second year shall be deducted from the school year of the amount of expenditure as a percentage of the action run half and a third for the year. If the poor lack the will be held in the third year, shall be deducted from the contribution of half the school action expenditure in the year. When extended is set up in the years before 1959, the city, the same criteria also made reductions in the fourth and fifth year.
Freedom of Association for compensation is not made, provided that the amount for the year will remain below the 10,000 mark.

section 5 (13.12.1974/911) When combining the municipalities other than the one of the reasons mentioned in section 2 as a result of changes to the municipal government financial resources and in need of the services of the municipal government and kunnallisverorasituksessa tyydyttämis, that they make it difficult for the municipal government and the organisation of the economy within the framework of the appropriate extended-, an extended run to the year, which the amendment will enter into force, and the jaotuksen of the four years following the year of the assets of the State of freedom of Association.
Freedom of association the grant can also be run, which makes the freedom of Association for compensation, in addition to this.

section 6 of the freedom of Association, the amount of subsidy to be provided at the end of the first year at the discretion of the grant consists of the need-and proper considerations in support of the reunification, taking into account the adequate to the very survival of the municipalities referred to in section 5 shall be borne by the difficulties.
Reflections on the financial position and the need to pay attention to the taxpayers of the tax burden, as well as the link between differences in these municipalities, the unification of the extra expenditure of the transition and the counterweight in the resulting savings, as well as any other matter affecting the course of the procedure.

the amount of the subsidy is article 7 of the freedom of Association from the third year from 80% to 60%, 40% and the fourth year fifth year 20% at the end of the first year. (13.12.1974/911)
Article 4 provided for freedom of Association, freedom of Association applies the compensation for assistance.

section 8, for the assessment of the tax for the first year of the jaotuksen-Øre prices since the entry into force of the change of the former region and specifically extended to the municipality for the area that is attached to, as it is provided for, shall be counted against the freedom of association or the amount of the grant indicated in the year be carried out in the region for the benefit of taxpayers, the tax would be calculated on the price of higher otherwise öre. It's part of what we call the number, which in this case, perhaps for the benefit of taxpayers, will be distributed over the regions, chapter in relation to the tax äyrien of the regions.
When jaotuksen change applies to three or more, shall apply to the provision of paragraph 1, in such a way that the freedom of association or the amount of the grant shall be read to the first-run of the area for the benefit of taxpayers, the tax rate would be the highest, as well as the öre after this and it was in favour of taxable persons in the region, the price would be the next highest tax-Øre, and accordingly. (13.12.1974/911)
Subject to the freedom of Association for compensation or assistance has been granted before the tax rates, but the fact is-Øre under article 11(2), shall apply to the paid advance payment in advance, what has been said above in this article of Association compensation and assistance. (13.12.1974/911), section 9, of the above is provided for the merging of another, shall apply notwithstanding the fact that at the same time, one of the first area attached to the other. In the event that the proportion who are residing in the territory of one of the members of the Committee to the second target population jaotuksen the day before the year of the entry into force of the amendment, according to the spirit of the script has been provided for at least one-fifth, to connect the region to the other, also apply to the connecting of the another. (13.12.1974/911)
When two or more of the territories to set up a new base in such a way that at least one of these towns at the same time, stops, shall apply by analogy in respect of the above is provided. In this case, is considered as the second, to which the municipality are combined, the municipalities, where the new headquarters of the is or, apparently, is going to be.

section 10 of the freedom of Association and grant, grant and its size at the end of the first year to confirm on the application to the Ministry of Interior. The application shall be made within three months after the end of the said year. It shall be accompanied by a statement by the Ministry, and it shall be submitted to the County Government, which will be in addition to its opinion, send it to the Ministry of Justice. Ministry of Justice, on application by the Association, or the acquisition of organisations, to present the opinion.
Freedom of Association, the amount of compensation according to paragraph 2 of article 4 of the reduction of the role of the Ministry of Interior to decide.

Article 11 of the freedom of Association and the grant will be paid within one month after the end of the first year compensation or the amount of the grant has been established, and in the following years, by the end of June of the year concerned.
Run at the end of the first year of association with the compensation for an advance on the grant is to be paid, and is not, however, before section 10 of the said application has been made. Article 12 (13.12.1974/911) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the decision on the imposition of the magnitude of the Association Award and the or section 4 of the Act on the conclusion of the said reduction does not have the appeal of the appeal be repealed, altered or dismantled except when it is established that the compensation, which has been refused, must be carried out, or that it will be at least 10% higher or lower than why it has been confirmed.
The Ministry's decision to grant the subsidy and the imposition of the magnitude of the Association shall not be subject to appeal. (13.12.1974/911), section 12 (a) (13.12.1974/911) the freedom of Association of expenses and allowance does not apply to what the State and the municipalities and in Henegouwen-grants (35/73) provided for in the law, with the exception of the provisions of section 28-30.
The municipality, which is not applied to the freedom of Association for compensation or grant, therefore, that the Association applies to the smaller part than one fourth part of the population, are entitled to freedom of Association to be eligible for any compensation or assistance, if the conditions are otherwise exists.

for details on the implementation of the provisions of article 13 of this law shall be adopted, where necessary, regulation.

section 14 of the

This law shall apply to municipalities, of which the amendment will enter into force at the earliest one year, the municipal jaotuksen in 1973, and no later than the beginning of the year in 1977.
For the purposes of this law shall not be applied in the school section of law 81, as amended by the Act of 5 January 1967 (11/67).

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: 13.12.1974/911: