Car Mortgage Law

Original Language Title: Autokiinnityslaki

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament, provides for: 1 section (7.1.1977/5) under this law to guarantee the fulfilment of the wagering may be attached to a written undertaking by the Security Bureau to keep the register of transport: (22 December 2009/1338) 1) truck and bus;
2) truck-car to be towed by an approved trailer; as well as 3), erikoisauto, tractor, power tool and motor-driven device.
What is provided for in the car, below also applies to other items in the mortgage referred to in subparagraph (1).

section 2 of the attachment to the confirming of the same undertaking shall not be more than the car as collateral.
The car, which is marked in the registry or can be used to indicate and a trailer, which is marked by the trailer to the registry or can be used to indicate not to pledge cash as security.

section 3 of the attachment to be able to search for the owner of the car or the fact that the undertaking is fulfilled. The application shall be made in writing and must be accompanied by a commitment to the book, on the basis of which the mortgage will be asked, as well as, unless the consent of the mortgage agreement have not entered in the register.
Mounting the handles the traffic safety agency. (22 December 2009/1338)
The attachment shall be fixed by it to the registry.

section 4 of the Mortgage may not be confirmed unless the person who has given consent, not a car registered as the owner of the car.
A mortgage does not lay down in the car, which is a property of the trader, whose property has been set or retrieved in the business of a mortgage. A mortgage may not fix the car, which is the notification or belongs to the estate. The ban on the other hand, fixed mortgage is ineffective. (24.8.1984/635) laid down in article 5 of this law on the basis of a mortgage lien on the car and it produces a tarpeistoon, as well as compensation, the owner is entitled to receive as a result of the car accident insurance or otherwise.
This pledge has the same priority as cash collateral. As with the car as security for their claims, held rights to arrest, it is, however, a right in the first place to get a performance saatavastaan. (30.12.1992/1583) 3 24.8.1984/635 L:lla is repealed.

section 6 of the mortgage is valid for 10 years from the date on which it was established.
The mortgage is to be reformed within ten years from the date on which it is established, at the risk of the mortgage would otherwise lapse. When a mortgage is requested for renewal, traffic turvallisuusvirastolle must be displayed in the original commitment. (22 December 2009/1338)
If a book is lost, is to be followed, what is set out in the reform of the mortgage on immovable property in such a case.

section 7 if the commitment to guarantee a fixed mortgage is in effect, has become a car owner, he can calculate the mortgage commitment issued by the right effect.

section 8 (22 December 2009/1338) who wants the mortgage in whole or in part of the kuoletettavaksi as a result of that commitment has been fulfilled or otherwise ceased to be valid, or that the applicant is otherwise entitled to impose a commitment is required to supply the original commitment to the Transport turvallisuusvirastolle, which you can amortize the mortgage by the amortization of the registry.

If you wish to change the order of priority of mortgages, section 9 of the action to be taken, where appropriate, the points so as a mortgage kuolettamisesta is provided.

section 10 If the mortgage holder after the car has moved on to a new owner without the consent of the person giving the undertaking, is either in whole or in part made to amortize the mortgage or given it to lapse or to allow a deterioration of its priority, rather than the content of the undertaking, as a result, be out of the car to get a commitment, not a claim which is not responsible for, nor the owner of the car, which has taken over the ownership of the debt but handed it over after their car to another.

section 11 If a pinned the condition of the car is getting worse so that the mortgage holder, the holder of the guarantee will be reduced considerably, it is entitled to receive payment of the mortgage saamisestaan, even though it is not yet due.

section 12 (22 December 2009/1338) matters relating to the attachment of shall, without delay, to be Chairman, and shall be submitted in the order in which they are received by the Traffic turvallisuusvirastolle, and every thing must be dealt with at the end of the day of arrival.
In the event of turvallisuusvirastolle will be delivered to another of the same car has been confirmed as a registered, applications shall be dealt with and resolved as if they had been submitted at the same time.

section 13 of the Attachment points shall be drawn up, indicating the name of the applicant, as well as the handling of the day, in short, what has been made.
An extract from the Protocol will not be given to the applicant, if he has not requested it.

Article 14, the date of the commitment shall be entered in the register, whose commitment is, and to whom, and at what quantity it is given, as well as the amount of interest.
The register and the commitment to the strengthening of the book is also a significant mortgage, renewal, cancellation and change the order of priority.

section 15 (30.12.2013/1156) If the registered vehicle will be meted out, sequestration or seizure or if the owner of the property is transferred in bankruptcy, is it, as well as from the date on which the garnishment or seizure or attachment has been submitted or the bankruptcy started, make an entry in the registry.
Foreclosures and the seizure, seizure of the bailiffs of the vendor or the administrator should, without delay, send the information mentioned in paragraph 1, the labelling of transport turvallisuusvirastolle.
In the event of turvallisuusvirastolle sets out the evidence that the garnishment, attachment, seizure or bankruptcy have been cancelled, lapsed or otherwise ceased to be, is also entered in the register.

section 16 (22 December 2009/1338) Cars, which have been established against which the mortgage or a mortgage application is submitted to the traffic turvallisuusvirastolle, may be removed from the register as long as the mortgage is in effect.

section 17 (22 December 2009/1338) by the burden of transport security certificates, if applicable, is where to apply, what are the real estate of the burden and the mortgage register is provided.

section 18 (22 December 2009/1338) when the car is sold to ulosottotoimin, an auction is the burden prior to the auction to acquire a car licence to transport turvallisuusvirastolta, and shall inform the holder of the mortgage on the auction, whose place of residence is known.
If the undertaking which has been granted, the holder of the collateral mortgage commitment or a transfer has been the victim of another person, may be a commitment by its holder for the purpose of Transport turvallisuusvirastolle, that commitment to have in his possession, if he, in cases where the information is prescribed for the mortgage holder, wants to get the information.

section 19 (22 December 2009/1338) change in the Traffic Safety Agency concluded in the case referred to in the law of the case is retrieved from appealing to the Court of appeal of Helsinki.
Dissent shall inform the Transport turvallisuusvirastolle the eight-day and the appeal to the same authority within thirty days of the adoption of the decision, including, at the risk of the otherwise inadmissible. The Agency shall, without delay, submit to the Court of appeal of the book, as well as a Protocol and other relevant documents to their own opinion.

section 20 of the decision of the Court of appeal may not be appealed unless the Supreme Court under section 30 of Chapter 3 of the code of the appeal, grant the authorization pursuant to paragraph 2.
His is the Court of appeal as soon as possible, send a copy of the Traffic turvallisuusvirastolle and, at the same time, be returned to the relevant books. (22 December 2009/1338)
In the Court of appeal to deal with the matters listed in article is a matter of urgency.

section 21 of the Displeasure of driving, as well as the notification of a complaint, the complaint through a given solution is recorded in the register.
By means of a label has the same effect as if the Traffic Safety Agency would be immediately on the basis of the notification or the request made to it. (22 December 2009/1338), section 22, If otherwise provided for in this law, the impact of the mortgage decision otherwise similarly valid, what attachment to the vessel.

2 L:lla of 8 June 2006/472 is repealed.

for details on the implementation of the provisions of this law article 23 gives the Ministry of Justice.

Article 24 of this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1973 and attaching it to the bus is hereby repealed on 24 November 1950 the law of (574/50).

The change of the date of entry into force of the acts and application: 7.1.1977/5: this law shall enter into force on 1 February 1977.

24.8.1984/635: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1986.
THEY'RE 190/83, lvk. Mrs. 3/84, svk. Mrs. 59/84 30.12.1992/1583: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1993.
The previous law shall continue to apply to those claims for which the property is were confiscated before the entry into force of this law, as well as to claims which the creditor has the right to demand the payment of fixed assets, by the way, if ulosmitatusta is born and the property were confiscated from the rest of the debt is before the entry into force of this law.
THEY LaVM 13 181/92/92, 20 February 2004/130:

This law shall enter into force on 1 September 2004.
THEY LaVM 6/26/2003, 2003/113/2003 of 8 June 2006, EV 472: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2007.
THEY LaVM 5/13/2005, 2006, EV 40/2006 22 December 2009/1338: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2010.
Before the entry into force of the law can be taken in the implementation of the law.
THEY'RE 208/2009, Kouba 23/2009 EV 30.12.2013/203/2009 1156: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2014.
THEY LaVM 17/14/2013, 2013, EV 203/2013