Regulation To The Establishment

Original Language Title: Asetus pakkolaitoksesta

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Presentation by the Minister of Justice provides for the isolation of dangerous repeat offenders of the law of 9 July 1953 (317/53) in accordance with article 10, section 1 of the Compulsory body is special: the body or institution of the Department, the Department of Justice is appointed for that purpose.
To the Department is the Department of Justice senior management and subject to supervision. The Director of the institution of the local administrative and management are covered. (26 July 2001/675) To plant a half-open file, open and closed.

section 3 (26 July 2001/675) To plant isolated is initially regarded as puoliavoimessa.
The Director shall be transferred to the isolated from the open section as soon as this can be expected to adapt to the conditions of the transfer of the open Division and the risk of establishment and marketing of security not to be expected. The sandbox is not subject to the puoliavoimessa title within a year to the Director of the establishment moved to an open prison, shall be submitted to the Department of Justice is a matter of arbitration. After this, the transfer of title to such an isolated prison in the open court for a maximum period of six months, except where he already has not been moved there.
If you back up the marketing of an isolated institution so requests, or if for any other reason, in order to adapt to the open title he or a proposal from the Director of the prison, the right to be able to move him from the open section puoliavoimeen section. In case of urgency, the Board of Directors may decide on the transfer of subject matter, but it shall, without delay, be referred to the prison law. Transfer back to an open section must comply with the provisions of paragraph 2.

section 4 (26 July 2001/675) body isolated from the other departments of the policy or the conditions of the proposal of the Director of the prison law sopeutumattoman set in a closed compartment. In case of urgency, the Board of Directors may decide on the transfer of the closed section, but it shall, without delay, shall be submitted to the case referred to the prison law.
In a closed compartment isolated shall not be longer than the ground referred to in subparagraph (1) is necessary. The Director of the Department to decide on the transfer of puoliavoimeen or in the open. However, the issue is periodically subject to a period not exceeding three months, the Prison Court, unless the sandbox already have been moved to the closed section.

§ 5 If the sandboxed Parole revoked, the Prison Court must decide which Department he will be placed. This is followed by the transfer of appropriations from one title to another to comply with section 3 (2) and (3), as well as the provisions of article 4. However, article I, section 3, for the first, though, must be made within six months of the arrival of the sandbox to the facility.

section 6 of the Puoliavoimessa or open the isolated, must be placed in the live in the yksinäis-or yhteishuoneeseen, as far as possible, in accordance with his own desire. Unless the Director for special reasons decides otherwise, such isolated gets to do their job and spend free time together with other isolated.

section 7: Open the doors of the offices for the Department of housing and can be unlocked. The isolated in such a title can be seen at work, inside and outside the institution under the supervision of the air surveillance is necessary. In an open sandbox title shall use their own clothes, if they are in good condition, and if it can not be assumed to be the obvious karkaamis. If the plant is given clothing, it must be different from your standard prison clothing. Anyway, the freedom of the open title should be limited only in so far as the establishment of marketing security and maintaining law and order.

section 8 must be located in a closed compartment of the isolated residence in yksinäishuoneeseen. With the permission of the Director, he is allowed to do its work and, if there are special reasons to spend free time together with other isolated.

section 9 the Director may give an opportunity to participate in the isolated and which, outside the plant, if it is possible without endangering the public order and security and the necessary controls are arranged.

section 10 (13.6.1975/449) as an actual working time is sandboxed to work on behalf of the State or their own work. In his spare time, be insulated to make free-time job.

section 11 (13.6.1975/449) Isolated the work shall be paid in accordance with the criteria and the use of money designated for the prisoners the same as punishment.

section 12 (26 July 2001/675) section 12 is repealed A 26 July 2001/675.

section 13 (13.6.1975/449), the Ministry of Justice confirmed to the body of the Statute, which lays down more detailed provisions on the rights and obligations of the isolated.
To the facility and there or to the plant and the parole päästettyyn is applied, what the penalties on the implementation of articles 2 and 3 in the chapter is provided.

section 14 of This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 August 1971. It forced the plant Decree of 21 June 1954 (278/54), as amended.
Even before the entry into force of this regulation for the implementation of the necessary measures can be taken.
Article I, section 3 of the regulation and of the time limits referred to in article 5 for the first time shall be calculated from the date of entry into force of the regulation.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: 13.6.1975/449: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 July 1975.

26 July 2001/675: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 August 2001.