Setting The Suspension Of Pregnancy

Original Language Title: Asetus raskauden keskeyttämisestä

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Presentation by the Minister of Social Affairs and health, provides for the suspension of the pregnancy, the law of 24 March 1970 (239/70) under section 6, paragraph 1, and article 15: section 1: (3508/92/11) for permission to suspend the pregnancy is a woman herself, mental illness, mental deficiency, or unless he häiriytyneen the soul's activities not to be unable to submit a valid request, apply for either consult your doctor or health care the right to asylum.
The application and the associated medical opinion shall be drawn up on a form corresponding to the model laid down. (on 5 June 2008,/394) section 2 (19.4.2001/348), section 2, is repealed A 19.4.2001/348.

section 3 (on 5 June 2008,/394) Permit must be applied for the legal security of health care centre with our own hands the signed application.
The application shall be accompanied by: 1) where applicable, the opinion of the child's illness and genetic medicine specialist of probability, if the basis for the suspension of pregnancy, abortion (239/1970), section 5, paragraph 1;
based on the opinion of the medical research, or 2), if there is a question on the suspension of the law on section 6 of the pregnancy of the cases referred to in paragraph 3, the earlier statements made by the applicant of a negative solution to the doctors, and the decision; and 3) a statement on any other solution.

section 4 (19.4.2001/348) Unless the application is not connected to the Declaration referred to in paragraph 3, is health care a right, if necessary, require the applicant for asylum centre, within the period laid down in it.
If the application is not connected to the expected child's father's written opinion, is health care right to Security Center, if it considers it to be appropriate, the adoption of its opinion, for this opportunity to be set aside for this.

section 5 (3508/92/11) if the health care legal security Center says that in some parts of the country not long distances, the doctor or hospital in Pula, or any other reason deemed sufficient lausunnonantajalääkäreitä or drop-out hospitals, it shall provide that these may be, until it otherwise, apply directly to the suspension of the authorisation of the pregnancy.
Health care the right to the security of the Centre shall maintain and publish on a regular basis to approve the suspension of the hospitals as well as the file in accordance with paragraph 1, immediate reassignment. Health care the right to security and to the Governments, the suspension shall be notified to the Centre of the county hospitals and health centres of the pregnancy on article 8 of the law referred to in paragraph 1, that the right to Security Center is separately ordered to act lausunnonantajalääkäreinä, as well as the doctors, for which legal protection is that right removed. (on 5 June 2008,/394) section 6 section 6 of the Act on the pregnancy, the suspension of the authorization referred to in paragraph 1 of the decision and the decision referred to in paragraph 2 shall be drawn up on forms set out.
Article 3 of the aforementioned law of: (1) in the case referred to in the the applicant shall present the relevant certificate issued by the public prosecutor or the police authority that the offence is prosecuted, or that it has been notified by the prosecution to be put in, or the police, the police investigation based on a written report, pursuant to which the events of the crime must be kept clear.

section 7 of the Lausunnonantajalääkärin is to provide for the suspension of the suspension of the law of the requesting of pregnancy 4 referred to in subparagraph (1) of section.
Before a woman, for which you have run the abortion, gets out of the hospital by a doctor of the hospital, has given birth control advice.

section 8 (19.4.2001/348) section 8 is repealed A 19.4.2001/348.

section 9 (on 5 June 2008,/394) the suspension of a hospital or other health care facility shall, within one month of the pregnancy of the suspension be sent to social services and health care research and Development Centre in the notification of the measure undertaken. The information can also be provided by means of an electronic data transfer method.
The preservation of documents concerning the suspension of pregnancy is the preservation of the documents in force, what the patient the status and rights of the patient (785/1992) and the social and health care, the law on the electronic processing of customer data (159/2007), as well as under them.

section 10 (19.4.2001/348) of the health care law on the suspension of the law on asylum centre is in the pregnancy section 15 of the provisions referred to in paragraph 2, on the basis of the complaints, as well as complaints and notifications ensure that provide advice plays-and suorittajalääkärit are trying to comply with the fair and consistent policy, as well as in the event of a specific reasons, refuse the adoption of the opinion of a doctor the right to abortion issues or withdraw him by the adoption of the Act of lausunnonantajalääkärinä or the hospital, or, if necessary, to disciplinary or criminal proceedings.

section 11 (19.4.2001/348), section 11, is repealed A 19.4.2001/348.

section 12 (3508/92/11) the Ministry of Social Affairs and health to lead and supervise the General birth control guidance on awareness-raising activities for pregnancy prevention and, in particular, illegal suspensions suspensions as a measure to reduce pregnancy and, in particular, the fact that the public is provided through the publications and other information activities about the prevention of pregnancy.

Thus, on 5 June 2008, is repealed/394.

section 13 of This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 June 1970.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: 15.2.1991/321: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 March 1991.

3508/92/11: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 December 1992.
The Government's Social Affairs and health, in force at the entry into force of this regulation, pursuant to the provisions of the regulations and guidelines, as well as of the entry into force, shall continue to apply until the formulas adopted by the Ministry of Social Affairs and health to quash them.

on 5 December 1996/1008: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 1997.

19.4.2001/348: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 May 2001.

on 5 June 2008,/394: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2009.