The Law Space Saving And Restoring Of The Pilots On The Return Of Space Objects

Original Language Title: Laki avaruuslentäjien pelastamisesta ja palauttamisesta sekä avaruusesineiden palauttamisesta

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament, provides for: 1 section (23.12.1976/107) Space saving and restoring of pilots, as well as in outer space on the return of the objects sent to the (space), as well as space for private pilots and the costs of space objects and the damage is in force, the provisions of this law.

section 2 of the space ship's crew was the victim of an accident or in an emergency, or that it is carried out the forced or involuntary Bill or that the space object or its part of the territory of Finland or the otherwise lands on the high seas, has a duty to report promptly to the nearest police, border patrol and military authority as well as to provide, if necessary, a person who belongs to the crew of the space ship and rescue assistance this equipment or apparatus He put themselves or anyone else in danger can bring.

§ 3 When someone finds an object, which can be suspected to have come from the space object, it is about the discovery without delay, notify the nearest police, border patrol and military authority. The object may not be removed or moved without authorisation, unless it is a very weighty reasons.
The object is referred to in subparagraph (1), if required, be handed over to the authority. Space object does not apply to, what's lost and found (778/88) is provided for the discovery. (26.8.1988/781), section 4 of the costs arising from the private section 2 and 3 of this notice of conclusion of the contract or grant referred to in measure or an object recovered, retention, disposition, or recovery, will be replaced by the resources of the State.
The same is valid for the replacement of an injury, with a space object or its launch, or part thereof, or a person belonging to the crew of the space ship, space flight related tasks in carrying out the cause of this property, or to the private or resulting from the measures referred to in subparagraph (1). If the amount of the damage and the other, in the circumstances, there is a special reason to be compensation to settle. (23.12.1976/107) 5 section which violates the provisions of this law or adopted pursuant thereto, to be sentenced to a fine, unless, under the law not to condemn him for the rest of the severe punishment.

more detailed provisions on the implementation of article 6 of this law and shall be adopted for the application of the regulation.

The change of the date of entry into force of the acts and application: 23.12.1976/107 (1977): this law shall enter into force on 1 February 1977.

26.8.1988/781: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1989.
THEY'RE 29/88, lvk. Mrs. 6/88, svk. Mrs. 48/88