The Law On The Establishment Of Air Science

Original Language Title: Laki ilmatieteen laitoksesta

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament, provides for: 1 section (19 December 2008/957), the Finnish Meteorological Institute is subject to the service of the Ministry of transport and communications and Research Institute, whose mission is to: 1) produce weather services and the services of the country's public security, physical ocean transport, industry and citizens ' needs;
2) have and maintain a reliable information on the State of the atmosphere and oceans and to the physical and chemical composition, as well as their impact on different parts of the Finnish society and at international level; as well as 3) to make and promote ilmatieteellistä research, physical research, polaarialueiden of the sea and near-by research, and other research related to the field.
In carrying out the tasks referred to in paragraph 1 above, the Bureau of meteorology, in particular: 1 the risk of instability because of the weather and the sea) warns the physical appearance of the space changes;
2) is responsible for the atmosphere of the forecasts for airborne noxious substances and related warnings in cases where it does not belong to the rest of the tasks of the authority;
3) to produce the best in services, in particular in order to safeguard the aviation weather services, national defence and the armed forces of other activities;
4) is responsible for the weather and ocean data, as well as for the maintenance of the flow and delivery of emergency and ajelehtimis forecasts, and sea rescue operation;
5) supports the activities of the other authorities in the case of natural disasters;
6) to develop and maintain a new measurement and model methods sääpalveluiden and maritime services, as well as the use of scientific research;
7) to produce to order an industry specialist services;
8) participates in the international cooperation for their tasks, to produce observational data for international use, as well as to represent Finland in the field of international organisations.

section 2 section 2 of the (18.12.1987/1081), has been repealed L:lla 18.12.1987/1081.

section 3 of the meteorological institution has the right to charge the supply of reports, studies, and at the request of the statements, as well as other charges for the services of some of the actions of the authorities and the criteria for the payment of the official suoritettavain of 17 October 1942 (806/42) in accordance with the overall criteria laid down in the regulation, according to the elaborate sets.

section 4 of the Finnish Meteorological Institute is eligible to receive donations for its activities.

more detailed provisions on the implementation of article 5 of this law and shall be adopted for the application of the regulation.

section 6 of This Act shall enter into force on 1 January 1968, and the institution of the ilmatieteelliselle Centre in terms of payments shall be repealed on 1 July 1965, the Act (395/65).
In this Act, the said posts and functions can be set up prior to the entry into force of the law.
Upon the entry into force of this Act are transferred to the Meteorological Centre officials, or the holder of the order, in accordance with the laid down in him of the action lasting a suitable post Meteorological Institute, or, if he is not that way, be transferred to the above post, placed on the dissolution of the salary. The regulation can be in this Act, the said posts and act within the limits of the statement of revenue and expenditure to set up a meteorological institutions in such a way that the existing posts and to act, their actual pay your vähentymättä, only the name is changed in the law mentioned for ushers, or action, in which case the former holder of a Government or public authority, as amended or to move to the name. If the name of the official or Office, as well as that of their duties on behalf of the staff, is responsible for more moves to the latter or upon the entry into force of this law, the holder of the operation of this Act or of the said responsible for the action.
The measures referred to in paragraph 2 of the posts can be filled before the entry into force of this law. Also be used prior to the entry into force of this law meets the Finnish Meteorological Institute, as well as to take other measures in this additional act to initiate the implementation of the law enters into force.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: 18.12.1987/1081:184/8/87, 87, Kouba SuVM 19 December 2008/150/95 9: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2009.
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the necessary steps in the implementation of the law.
THEY'RE 17/121/2008, Kouba, 2008, EV 177/2008