The Contribution Of The Entry Into Force Of The Law Of Inheritance

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament, provides for: section 1 of the New heritage cycle shall enter into force on 1 January 1966. As of: 1734 year the law of the inheritance cycle;
the contribution of the entry into force of the marriage act of 13 June 1929 in section 6 of the Act, as it is the origin of aviollisesta origin of the law of 12 December 1957 (409/57) came into force;
out of wedlock births by 27 July 1922 (173/22) section 5;
the payment of the debt in the event of death, as well as the transfer of the legacy of the regulation of 9 November 1868;
the rule of the abolition of the inheritance law of 22 December 1931 (360/31) 1, para 2;
so, too, other provisions, to the extent that they are inconsistent with the new inheritance.

§ 2 When law or regulation has been made to the law, which has become a new inheritance provision, it is this, rather than applied.

section 3, Before the entry into force of the new inheritance from a deceased person left-over heritage and his testamenttiinsa and kuolinpesäänsä is more law is applicable, if not otherwise provided for below.

section 4 What's new legacy provides for the imposition of an executor, disinheritance instruments and is to be followed, even if the death occurred before the entry into force of the new inheritance. Similarly, the provisions of this law shall be observed including those relating to the measures for the protection of the order of the actions referred to in erityisjälkisäädöksen and referred to in the provision. If the executor or pesänjakaja is specified, the new inheritance provisions of chapter 18-24, to be applied.

the contribution of the entry into force of the section 5 of the law on marriage What section 6 of the Act provides for certain before the entry into force of the law of marriage, the filiation of children's legal status, is still in place on the right and the right of such children's heritage also charge such a child.

section 6 of the law of succession to the deceased person oversees the State Office.
If the legacy of the new inheritance, in accordance with the second paragraph of article 2 of Chapter 5 is to be for the deceased to the nearby or, it is necessary to make an application to the Treasury within one year of the deceased's death. Later was the application may, however, be taken into account, if it arrives at the Treasury before the decision on the transfer of property to or pysyttämisestä the State has done. The State Treasury is in Chapter 5, section 2 of the inheritance cycle: in the cases referred to in paragraph 4 be transferred to the case to the Ministry of finance. (26.3.1993/283)
What is provided for in paragraph 2 shall also apply to the property, which has been released into the State of åland åland (1144/91) pursuant to article 63. (5.12.1991/1402) must state, At heritage, with care of the nest is, inform the Court. When such a declaration is made, or otherwise to the attention of the right, it is a matter of the right will indicate the inheritance to the Treasury and provide for its application the office holder to determine nest.
The State Treasury will ensure that the monitoring trustee to properly carry out their duties. If he is considered to be of his inappropriate, vapauttakoon the right to him.
The administration ends, as soon as this can be done, the Treasury sent to peru in the book and, at the same time, shall be submitted to the State Treasury, whether and in what way the estate property to be changed into cash, or whether it be handed over to bankruptcy or how the property otherwise.

section 8 (17.8.1990/701) if the estate, which the trust under section 68 of the law, the trustee to manage, is the heir, or in any way since they failed to right to the entry into force of the will, or for any other reason, the victim of a State, it is the man, if he will not give up its role of "scoreboard" system, to apply article 7 toimitsijasta.

HolhousL 34/1898 L:lla 442/1999 is repealed. (L) by the 442/1999, section 10 of the nanny State.

Article 9 Article 9 (19.8.1994/734) is repealed by L:lla 19.8.1994/734.

section 10 of the new inheritance Chapter 9, section 2 of the Act provides for the event of the death of the testator, the will, which has not yet been born and which was conceived, is, unless special circumstances apply, respectively, to gifts, or any other right of action, that the Protocol annexed to the Act of deciding is not yet born or begotten.

Article 11 of the Testament, which should be subject to the provisions of the new inheritance, but which has not been made, as provided for in the said cycle then, however, it is valid if it is made in accordance with the provisions of the will, at the time of making the shape of the force.

Article 12 if the death occurred after the entry into force of the new inheritance and if the deceased was married, as well as the spouses property relations were determined before 1 January 1930, under the law in force in respect of the following provisions of the succession is: 1) in Chapter 6, section 1 of the New inheritance: a reduction in the provision of an advance shall be subject to the advance that has been given to the common property.
the shareholders of the estate of the deceased spouse 2) dominate the common property and the deceased's private property, so the surviving spouse on private property during the marriage, if it were not for this vallittavana.
3) Out of bankruptcy or disinheritance instruments be given carte blanche to include the whole of the estate property of the spouses, if the spouse's right to separation of property. Pesänselvittäjäksi shall provide for the surviving spouse, unless the specific reasons for the response.
4) agreement, which the new inheritance Chapter 12 section 19, paragraph 2, is not valid, unless the surviving spouse the accept.
5) Peru's assets and liabilities of the spouses. The new inheritance, Chapter 20, section 4, subsection 3, of the provision for the labelling of the advance into must also be applied in advance, which is given to the common property.
6) what the new inheritance chapter 21, it is said, must be applied to the spouses ' assets and liabilities of the estate. If, within the time allowed by the law of the spouses in assets will be handed over to be administered in a bankruptcy or disinheritance instruments, however, the surviving spouse has a debt liability in the event of bankruptcy, what is in force before 1 January 1930 in existing law. The property apart from the admission of bankruptcy is also to comply with the law in force before that date.
7) surviving spouse shall receive from him the future of property osituksessa of the front of an indivisible from the nest, and then naimaosansa.
8) agreement on joint management of the estate is the absence of agreement to the contrary, be understood as referring to the whole of the estate property of the spouses.

This law shall enter into force on 1 January 1966.

The change of the date of entry into force of the acts and application: 13.1.1978/20: this law shall enter into force on 1 March 1978.

17.8.1990/701: this law shall enter into force on 1 November 1990.
THEY'RE 1/90, lvk. Mrs. 5/90, svk. Mrs. 39/90 5.12.1991/1402: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1992.
If the charge is dead before the entry into force of this law, shall, however, be subject to the previous law.
THEY'RE 49/91, lvk. Mrs. 26.3.1993/4/91 283: this law shall enter into force on 1 April 1993.
This law shall also apply where the charge is dead before the entry into force of this law. If the charge is dead before 1 January 1992, however, shall apply to the provisions in force.
THEY LaVM 378/92, 3/93, 19.8.1994/734: this law shall enter into force on 1 September 1994.
THEY'RE 21/12/94 94, LaVM

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