The Law On The Protection Of Certain Underwater Cables

Original Language Title: Laki eräiden vedenalaisten johtojen suojelemisesta

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament, provides for: 1 section (26 November 2004/1071) underwater under the territorial waters of Finland, for the purposes of this law, the economic zone or the high seas from the Mediterranean to the calculated cable or pipeline.
The Finnish territorial waters outside this law applies only to a vessel flying the flag of Finland, the Finnish people and Finnish community.

2 section (21.4.1995/597) which intentionally or recklessly shutting off underwater or damage it, must be condemned, as provided by law, unless a more severe penalty in the rest of the work, shall be sentenced for breach of the management of the water.

section 3 If the calculation of the construction of the underwater cable or get in shape in the implementation of the management, be it in the first place without harming the other management owner, even if the injury and it is not possible to judge the owner to pay the penalty, shall be obliged to repair the damaged caused by the necessary management cost management.

section 4 If the ship, in order to avoid damage to the water management has been sacrificed on the anchor or network or any other fishing equipment, let the owner of the obligation to compensate for damage caused by the management.
As a condition for access to the compensation is that the master of the vessel, if possible, immediately after the incident to establish whether to write about it in the log-book, if there is one, or the minutes of a short report to be drawn up separately, and the ship's crew and validated, as well as his/her signature, the twenty-four hours of the arrival of the vessel at the first port and, in any case, as soon as possible after the arrival of the sea as provided by law, this makes the sea with an explanation. If the explanation is made in Finland, will be the Court in question, without delay, notify it to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, who in the first place may alert the owner of the home country of Finland, of the management of the water of the Embassy or consular authority.

Article 5 of this law shall enter into force on 18 March 1965, and for the protection of certain underwater cables shall be repealed on 16 December 1938 Act (395/38).

The change of the date of entry into force and application of legal acts: law of 21.4.1995/597: this shall enter into force on 1 September 1995.
THEY'RE 94/93, SuVM LaVM 22/94, 10/26/94/1071: this law shall enter into force on 1 February 2005.
THEY'RE 53/2004, UaVM 12/2004, EV 126/2004