Setting The Control Board

Original Language Title: Asetus tarkastuslautakunnasta

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The Minister for Social Affairs presentation of 4 July 1963 on health insurance (364/63) on the basis of article 54 (3): section 1 of the review of the appeal body within the sosiaalivakuutusasioissa it works.
In addition to what is provided for in subparagraph (1), the Audit Committee shall be responsible for: 1) do it considers necessary for the development of the legislation on their presentations;
2) to ensure that the Board of inspectors of the main solutions in the appropriate way will be published; as well as 3) to draw up statistics on the basis of the Audit Board to accumulate.

section 2 of the full-time President of the Audit Board shall, at least two of the Vice-Chairmen, as well as the number of members necessary for a lawyer, a doctor and a knowledge of the circumstances of the insured members representing the members. (15.9.1995/1121)
The President, the Vice-President and the lawyer's will be entitled to a Bachelor's degree in science or equivalent degree, as well as the earlier legal Chairman and a Deputy Chairman in addition to the functions of a judge familiar with the.
The doctor must be a member of one of the health professionals (559/94) the right referred to in paragraph 2, to exercise the profession of general practitioner independently licensed professional. (15.9.1995/1121)
The Inspection Panel members shall be twenty-five years of age or older.

3 section (1 July 1988/617) Board is the President, rapporteurs and other officials. (28.11.1994/10)
The Audit Committee may also contract staff. (28.11.1994/10)
The other members of the Board as the Chairman and the members of the criteria for the reimbursement of costs to strengthen the Ministry of Social Affairs and health.

section 4 of the Board of inspectors by the Rapporteur of the Board that acts as Secretary. The rapporteur shall have the right to seek legal advice with a Bachelor's degree in science or an equivalent degree from a previous run.
The Board of audit shall be appointed by the Board of the inspection by the rapporteurs. Other officials are appointed by the Board of inspectors, as well as for employment on the staff to the President. (28.11.1994/10) section 5 (28.11.1994/10) section 5 is repealed by A 28.11.1994/1044.

6 section (1 July 1988/617) in the case of the granting of the freedom of civil servants, which the official is in the condition in the contract on the basis of conditions to be right, or the post, or the freedom of the rest of the civil service, which lasts for a maximum of one year, to the President of the freedom granted to the Ministry of Social Affairs and health. For more than a year, the President of the Council of State of freedom granted to civil servants. The State Council may, where appropriate, shall be appointed by the President, rather than a fixed-term or temporary member. (28.11.1994/10)
The State Council may, if necessary, request the President of the virkaatoimittavan, or instead of a temporary member of the Member.
The Board of inspectors the freedom to decide on the official post by the President.

the control panel works on article 7 of the Appeals Chambers spread out over.
The President of the Chamber shall consist of, at least one lawyer and a member of two members representing the knowledge of the circumstances of the insured. (15.9.1995/1121)
The Chamber shall not be valid unless the President of the Chamber, and three other of its members is present. In dealing with the issue, the issue, the resolution essentially depends on the medical condition of the Member will be one of them to be a doctor. (1 July 1988/617)
The Board of inspectors so that the Chambers shall decide on the Panel.
If the examination of the Board of ratkaistavalla there is a principle for the application of the laws of the other in those cases of a similar nature, or if the solution of the Chamber should deviate from the previous case-law, the Chamber shall be transferred to the matter of the Board's session. The Chairman of the Board is also the power to order the case be referred to the plenary session.
The Audit Committee will determine in which order the President or Vice-Presidents shall act as each other's substitution of the President or Vice-President is disqualified or prevented from acting as Chairman of the Board in plenary session or to a Chamber.

section 8 (at/380) section 8 is repealed A at/380.

section 9 of the Audit Board Member who has not previously made the judge's oath, before taking up his duties to take an oath that the Inspection Panel.

the Chairman of the Audit Board shall meet, section 10 or, in his absence, by the Vice-President at the invitation of the latter.
The Board Chamber shall meet at the invitation of the Director, President of the Chamber.
If the Board Member who is unable to appear at the meeting, he shall, in good time to the Board.

section 11 (28.11.1994/10) is repealed by A 28.11.1994/1044.

section 12 before the date of the meeting will be the lawyer's or one of its other members, which is in conformity with article 2 (2), to check your documents. If the resolution of the dispute on the issue, will also be essentially depends on the medical practitioner's or one of its other members, which is in accordance with the third paragraph of article 2 of the eligibility, prior to the meeting, to inspect the documents.
If the application of the laws of the ratkaistavalla there is a principle in terms of other similar cases, is all the members of the Board, sufficient time should be allowed for checking documents prior to the meeting.
Displayed to the user if other than the inspection mentioned in paragraph 1 the Member wants to become familiar with the documents prior to the meeting, is for him to be reserved an opportunity to do so.

section 13 of the deliberations of the plenary and of the Board of the Chamber of a meeting shall take place in such a way that the rapporteur, on the basis of a written memorandum to explain the facts in the case. The note should include the rapporteur's proposal for the solution.
Once the issue has been negotiated, will check the Member and his behind every order indicated by the President of the present members to comment on the matter. In the case of medical expertise on the issue, the doctor's, however, is his first.

section 14 (at/380) section 14 is repealed A at/380.

Article 15 of the introduction to the list, which will be reflected in the meeting time, the appellant or applicant or, when there are several on the list in the first place, the name of the document and the list of the subscribed number, as well as those referred to in section 13 of the notes is in due time before the meeting forward to the members.

section 16 of the Audit Committee and the meeting of the Rapporteur of the Chamber to keep the minutes. It is important to: 1) the date of the meeting, as well as the start and end time of the meeting;
2) attend members;
the issues dealt with at the meeting, 3) short entry of the decisions taken and of the votes; as well as 4) esteellisyydet and other necessary particulars.
Decision shall be drawn up in the minutes.

Article 17 of the Protocol, signed by the President or Vice President, and be certified by the rapporteur.
Sign up to the decision of the Board of control.
The Audit Committee requested the opinion signed by the President and the rapporteur.

section 18 the rapporteur shall draw up immediately after the meeting of the relevant shipping documents. A copy of the decision will be archived in the Audit Committee, one will be sent to the party concerned on the appellant or applicant and one of the first instance ratkaisseelle. If the application of the laws of the ratkaistulla there is a principle in terms of other similar cases, is one of the song's decision to send for the social insurance institution of Finland.
The Board of inspectors is, if this is the case, the meaning of the health insurance act returned to the file back to the coffers of the health insurance office or työpalkka out there. The social insurance law in the matters referred to in the file will be returned to the social insurance institution.

section 19 of the Cases is usually to be dealt with in the order in which they are received, however, so that the removal of the decision refer to the applications to be dealt with as a matter of urgency.

section 20 of the Chairman of the Board of inspectors and the other members are charged with official misconduct in the Helsinki Court of appeal.

section 21 of the Administrative Affairs of the inspection Board, the President and the Vice-Presidents of the Board as a Secretary in a presentation by the rapporteur.
The President will be: 1) respond to the Review Board for the proper management of tasks and joutuisasta;
2 the application of the principles of Justice and law) to control the consistency of the interpretation of the Board of inspection solutions;
3 the holder of the authorisation of the transaction) to decide to work on during the post outside the apartment; as well as 4), after consulting the Vice-Chairpersons provide Board presentation-and the rest of the working method and to establish the number and the rapporteur on the work to be handled Affairs on a weekly basis, as well as to ensure that the work is divided into different sections in the middle.

the Secretary of the Audit Board of section 22 of the Act the rapporteur shall: 1) take care of the President of the Board, according to the instructions laid down by the Administration;
2. the Permanent Secretary of the Board) shall be assisted by the work of supervision;

3) paragraph repealed by A 1 July 1988/617.

4) to take care of the drawing up of statistics;
5) prepare a proposal for a budget covering expenditure and the annual report; as well as 6) show the article 21 of the above-mentioned things and take care of the shipping and other documents resulting from the compilation.

Article 23-23-24 section 24 is repealed by A 28.11.1994/1044.

section 25 (at/380), the Board has the right to obtain the assistance of the authorities.

section 26 of the Audit to the Board of documents can be sent to the Board by mail or by courier to deliver there.

This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 September 1964. Before it can be used to take action that is necessary to start the operation of the Control Board, upon the entry into force of this regulation.

The change of the date of entry into force of the acts and application: 1 July 1988/617: This Regulation shall enter into force on 6 July 1988, however, in such a way that the regulation shall apply with effect from 1 July 1988. Article 5 of this regulation, the name of the book referred to in paragraph 3, to keep the Ministry of Social Affairs and health with effect from 1 November 1988, the Secretary of the Board of the date of the inspection section 22 duty to name in the accounts as specified in point 3 and ends.
Section 5 of the regulation: Notwithstanding the provisions of the eligibility criteria set out in subsection (1) of the entry into force of this regulation, the person is still eligible for the Board of inspectors of the same name by the post.
When filling the posts, with the closing date prior to 1 July 1988, at the end of the application period in force shall apply to the eligibility criteria.

28.11.1994/10: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 December 1994.

15.9.1995/11: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 October 1995.
Before the entry into force of this Regulation may be to take the measures needed to implement it.

at/380: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 April 1999.

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