The Law On Labor Disputes Mediation

Original Language Title: Laki työriitojen sovittelusta

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In accordance with the decision of Parliament: Chapter 1, American philanthropist, the mediator and the Conciliation Board (May 29, 2009/354) section 1 (May 29, 2009/354) in order to promote the functioning of the labour market and the labour dispute mediation for is valtakunnansovittelijan. In addition, you can order the necessary amount on the sideline of the mediators. Valtakunnansovittelijan valtakunnansovittelijan of his deputies, appointment and eligibility criteria for the imposition of terms and conditions for the imposition of the conciliators shall be appointed as conciliator, the mandate provides for the State conciliator (s) by means of a Council regulation.
You can set the conciliation provided for conciliation. The Conciliation Commission provided for in the Council of State and its assistance in the form of a regulation.

section 2 (23 December 1987/1198), section 2, is repealed by the L:lla of 23 December 1987/1198.

section 3 (May 29, 2009/354) Valtakunnansovittelijalla is the Office of the Ministry of employment and the economy. The Office shall be headed by a State mediator. Valtakunnansovittelijan the appointment of the staff of the Office and taking the Government by means of a Council regulation.
Valtakunnansovittelijan: 1) in cooperation with the social partners, to further the efforts of employers and workers and their organisations, as well as the relationship between the officials;
2) at the request of the parties, as Chairman of the collective bargaining Act, and the official alternative to the negotiations or agreements provide for the mediator to act as Chairman;
3) take care of the labour dispute mediation Act, all over the country and, where appropriate, provide for the mediator to perform the role of conciliation provided for either in an independent capacity or in a valtakunnansovittelijan as an Assistant;
4. the Council of State) by other tasks.

section 4 (May 29, 2009/354) section 4 is repealed by L:lla may 29, 2009/354.

section 5 (May 29, 2009/354) the mediator must deal with the tasks in accordance with article 3 of the caretaker to him.

section 6 of the mediator's disqualification is valid, what the judge's disqualification is provided.
Chapter 2, paragraph 7, of the stoppage in the implementation (May 29, 2009/354) of the work to implement the expansion of a Solstice or not because of the labour dispute, unless, no later than two weeks prior to that have been submitted to the valtakunnansovittelijan Office and to the other party notice in writing, with the reasons for the proposed extension of the work stoppage or the extent of the moment, start and has been mentioned. The notifier may only with the consent of the other party to pass the proposed extension of the Finnish paper industry, or the later point in time or to limit its been somewhat defused as the notice said.

section 8 if the result of the labour dispute in the extension of the proposed work stoppage or it shall be deemed, by reason of its scale or being involved in the activities of society in relation to the quality of or substantially detrimental to the public interest, the Ministry of employment and the economy can be a mediator or mediation by the Conciliation Committee on the motion for the ban in order to reserve sufficient time for the taking of the work or of the extension of the Solstice or the execution of up to 14 days for the start of the time indicated in the Finnish paper industry. In the case of the conditions of employment of the officials of the Ministry of labour dispute conciliation, the conciliator or the presentation can be specific reasons for the ban in addition to the efforts of up to 7 days. The ban is to be given to the parties to the dispute, not later than three days prior to the start time of the intended efforts or, in the latter case, prior to the expiry of the ban. (May 29, 2009/354)
Parties shall not without the permission of the other party not to be derisory, the work to implement the extension of the Solstice, or later than three days after the end of the period of prohibition. Finnish paper industry starting point must always be reported with the referee and the other party no later than three days prior to the expiry of the ban.
Chapter 3, section 9, of the Conciliation Act (May 29, 2009/354) upon receipt of the notification provided for by article 7 of the valtakunnansovittelijan or by the mediator must, without delay, to take the appropriate measures to promote the settlement to the dispute. At other times, when the labour dispute has come to the attention of the valtakunnansovittelijan, which endangers the American philanthropist in Viljandi, can take the appropriate measures.

section 10 of the mediator must, when he deems it to be appropriate, or when the parties request, be invited to the parties to the negotiations. The talks mediator works as Chairman and the quantity, in what way and in what order the dispute has to be dealt with.
Parties saapukoon the mediator to impose a negotiated or send thee help from the representative, as well as give information considered necessary by the referee for this. The dispute may set a condition that the information provided without his permission not to others free of charge.
Before the start of negotiations or the mediator may submit for consideration by the parties to the dispute, for the duration, is the start of the proposed efforts should be postponed pending the outcome of the conciliation has been found out.

Article 11 of the Mediation the mediator must be thoroughly explained in his post, after taking the dispute and its criticism essentially facts, as well as the requirements of the parties to the dispute, to try to get the parties to the dispute and limiting them to the precise terms to define as soon as possible and strive to lead the parties to an agreement, mainly on the basis of their own on the basis of the proposals and formulating their tenders, which the mediator must propose such concessions and handicapping, what relevance and proper seem to require.

in the context of article 12 of the mediator to the mediation process on its own initiative, be heard by experts, or any other information necessary for persons; and it is them being considered by the mediator a reasonable compensation for the resources of the State to be carried out, if they so request.
The costs of mediation to the parties to the dispute, let him suffer these yourself.

section 13 Unless the mediator receives an agreed työriitaa negotiations and not otherwise, he may submit to the parties a written conciliation proposal and exhorts these in a short time he has determined to accept a settlement proposal to let the end of the mediation. before the suspension without the consent of the saatettako or of a mediator into the public domain.
Unless otherwise agreed by the parties to accept the proposal for conducting this hypocritical, reconciliation, mediation by the mediator or whether or not it is suspended.
If the mediator is of the opinion that there are no conditions for the presentation of the proposal to the amicable settlement referred to in subparagraph (1), he may suspend the mediation.

section 14 if the reconciliation, let us take note of the terms of the mediator.

section 15 (May 29, 2009/354) in the event that the parties are the labour dispute in the mediation or a solution for the set of particular institutions, the Parties shall inform the Office of the valtakunnansovittelijan. Such a dispute should not be adjusted unless the institution have unsuccessfully dealt with the matter or fact, cannot lead to the conclusion that it's going to take on a task or work.
Chapter 4 miscellaneous provisions article 16 of this law (17.12.1993/1179) does not apply in the case of a collective agreement or in the case of civil servants, which belongs to the presiding judge of the processed or that according to the agreement, is the men's resolve. Upon receipt of a report on the nature of the dispute, the mediator shall inform the parties sanotunlaisesta.

section 17 (May 29, 2009/354) that violates section 7 or 8, or as provided for in article 8 in accordance with the first subparagraph of article ban, is to be condemned to a fine for breaking the law on labor disputes mediation.
The Prosecutor shall not be prosecuted for infringement of the prohibition laid down in article 7, if the owner of a report of a crime the prosecution to be. (2011/477) section 18 (8.9.1989/799), the mediator must not be tampered with free trade or trade secret, that he is in his Office, or the Office has been informed, and this, which to him is article I, section 10 of the said condition of notification.
The penalty for public officials and the violation of professional secrecy, provided for in the employee of the Penal Code, chapter 40, section 5.

section 19 authorities are obliged, where appropriate, to give the referee his assistance he requested in order to carry out the tasks provided for in this Act.

under section 20 (May 29, 2009/354) to the mediator, as well as the Chairman of the Conciliation Board and a member of the commissions and reconciliation arising from the other costs are to be paid from State funds to the Ministry of employment and the economy in accordance with the criteria laid down by the premium.
The adoption of the conciliator (s) and expeditions is not subject to fees.

section 21 (May 29, 2009/354) section 21 is repealed by L:lla may 29, 2009/354.

section 22 of This Act shall enter into force on 1 October 1962, and because of the labour dispute mediation Act, is repealed on 12 July 1946 Act (570/46).

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: 6.11.1970/668: this law shall enter into force on 1 December 1970.
Before the entry into force of the law can be used to take measures to establish the actions and posts, and to your satisfaction.

23.2.1979/245: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1980.

30.5.1980/405:6.6.1986/425: this law shall enter into force on 1 July 1986.
THEY 248/85, 6/86 sosvk. bet, bet 43/86 of 23 December 1987 BAC./1198: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1988.
THEY 178/87, 26/87, sosvk. Mrs svk. Mrs 147/87 13.1.1989/32:

This law shall enter into force on 1 June 1989.
THEY'RE 100/88, plvk. bet. 6/88, svk. Mrs. 159/88 8.9.1989/799: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1990.
THEY'RE 58/88, lvk. Mrs. 7/89, svk. Mrs. 84/89 17.12.1993/1179: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1994.
THEY 255/93, 29 May 2009/21/93 HaVM 354: this law shall enter into force on 15 June 2009.
Before the entry into force of this law this law piirisovittelijan for the purposes of personnel assigned to piirisovittelijat will continue to the end of his term of Office as mediators.
THEY 19/2009, TyVM 2/2009 29/2009, 2011, EV/477: this law shall enter into force on 17 May 2011.
THEY LaVM 34/286/2010, 2010, EV 311/2010