Setting The State Of The Post-Merit Badge

Original Language Title: Asetus valtion virka-ansiomerkistä

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The Prime Minister's presentation: section 1 (15.8.1988/732) from a State official Medal is given in recognition of long-term service of the Office of tests carried out for the benefit of the State.

section 2 of the official badge to give the President of the Republic.

section 3 of the official badge of an oval oak leaf wreath in a gold-plated metal buckle with a width of 33 mm and a height of 30 mm and in the Center is the Roman numerals number thirty.
The lion's share of Finland Knight of the Cross medal ribbon shall be charged the composed phrase solmukkeelle attached to the left side of the chest, pinned medals on the left side of the Ribbon, or above them. (11.4.1969/229)
Medal follow the title deed, which shall be entered in the badge, the full name of the beneficiary's capacity as well as the date and place of birth. Holding the sign article 8 of the said work and verify it, the Chairman of the Secretary of State.

section 4 (15.8.1988/732) Requires an official badge is, that the person concerned is or has been a full-time to be regarded as a permanent official and that he has had at least 30 years in government service.
In Exchange for the purposes of subparagraph (1), shall be read by the Head Office of the sex in a viewable, in service to the State of a service, but also on the length of time for which the person concerned has, during the State of war in the service of war as well as his dissolution of the wage olemansa the time. Such return shall be counted under the same conditions, the social insurance institution of the Bank of Finland and of the transaction carried out.

section 5 (4.9.1998/664) If the conditions of employment in the same calendar year or for a continuous period of six months in different years was interrupted for an extended period of time, is stopped in time be deducted from seniority.
What has been said in the first paragraph, however, is not to be applied to the time when the person in question has been on annual leave, maternity or parental/family leave, and when the suspension is due to the injuries received in the shipment, authorities suspended the exercise of a public task or illness, caused by the fact that a person has been detained through no fault of their own, or be blocked, the performance of the duties of his Office or.

section 6 (15.8.1988/732) official, that a court decision or disciplinary action has been deposed, loses the right to read in order to obtain the official badge of the conditions of employment of time and again by the predecessor.
What is provided for in the paragraph 1 shall accordingly apply, if an officer is convicted of a criminal code, instead of the prescribed penalty, viraltapanon.

Article 7 of the decision of the Court of Justice, or In which the disciplinary action has been imposed for the offence or misconduct of civil servants other than those referred to in article 6 of the penalty, it is calculating the time for service of the official badge of the time to reduce crime, or according to the nature of the error not more than five years.
What is laid down in paragraph 1, can be used at the discretion of the analogy also applicable when an official is sentenced for the rest of the offense. (16.7.1990/665) section 8 (11.4.1969/231) Seniority-order of merit, will be given on the application. The presentation of the adoption of the official badge, however, may also make it a government agency or institution with which the person concerned or of serving or recently has been served.
Applications and presentations for the purpose of the inspection and the opinions of the State Council, the official order of merit with five representatives of the President of the Republic and an equal number of alternate members. One Member and one alternate member, who did not take part in other than the defense of claims of persons employed by the institution, shall be at least of the Colonel's officer. The other members of the Act provides for one Chairman and one Vice-Chairman.
The Secretary of the Committee itself.

section 9 (15.8.1988/732) of receipt of the official badge of the application shall be submitted before the 1 September the Agency referred to in section 8 or the facility. The agency or body shall, before 1 October of the following days for the application files and the name of the applicants, in addition to its opinion on the statements, as well as any performance of the adoption of the official badge of the State Commission on the official medal. After verification of the applications and presentations at the State Commission on the official Medal, forward it to the your own opinion by the Ministry of finance in addition to November 25, to be presented to the President of the Republic. (26 June 2009/474)
The Ministry of finance to keep a list of the official badge of the State.

section 10 of the official order of merit and the title of the book will be provided free of charge.

section 11 any person who after he has received the official badge has been sentenced to a penalty or guilty of a decision-making process, which is mentioned in article 6, to the President of the Republic to declare to lose.

section 12, which has been a long-term civil and military service for having the honour to mark on 29 December 1944, laid down in Regulation (Regulation (EC) No 1049/44) of honor, does not indicate the State referred to in the official medal.

The change of the date of entry into force of the acts and application: 15.8.1988/11.4.1969/229:732: This Regulation shall enter into force on 17 August 1988.
The calculation of the period of service referred to in article 4, shall be counted for the period prior to January 1, 1988, that the lasting return also päätoimeksi or päätoimisesa, as well as any other additional action as the holder of a comparable civil service of the official relationship between the State and the civil servants employed by the Bank, whether on the basis of the ratio of the postal served time. Such return shall be read also as a member of the District Court or the magistrate's or the city's administrative court, carried out to the extent that it is not the State of the service, to a maximum of 10 years.

16.7.1990/665: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 August 1990.

4.9.1998/664: This Regulation shall enter into force on 15 September 1998.

26 June 2009/474: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 August 2009.