The Law Of Some Of The Yhteisomistussuhteista

Original Language Title: Laki eräistä yhteisomistussuhteista

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The speaker of Parliament, in accordance with article 1 of the decision provides that where two or more people jointly own property, movable object or an object in the common law, shall be observed.
The provisions of this Act, if applicable, is where the proportion of the shares, the certificate, based on the obligaatioon or another security right is vested jointly in two or more.
Of the spouses and the undivided estate as well as the company's shareholders, as well as the legal relations between the joint between the mine and the laivanisännistöyhtiöstä and the investment of the Fund is to be used, what is specifically provided for. Without prejudice to the provisions of this law will also have to comply with what the company's shareholders other than the legal nature of the link between a regulated by law is to be considered agreed between the shareholders and what other legislation is laid down in the common omaisuudestä separately. (8.5.1987/485) of each share must be regarded as an object of who owns the share of the common. The proportions are the same, unless otherwise provided by the show.
The common object and its rights and obligations are determined by the return on the share of their assessed contributions. When the object has been disposed of for a consideration or changed, a corresponding part of his share for each yhteisomistajalle of the price of the transfer or Exchange, for an object which has been received.

section 3 of the joint owners shall have the right, without consulting the other yhteisomistajia to dispose of its stake and anyway about to impose, as well as the use of a common object in such a way that his actions do not infringe on the rights and interests of the other joint owners equivalent.

section 4 of the Act or measure, which applies to the object as a whole, let ryhdyttäkö, if not all of the yhteisomistajat to refuse or the right in law, hereinafter referred to as though all cases permits you to do so. When a measure is necessary for the conservation of the object, or use the normal and not tolerate delay, however the absence of resistance or stand in the second yhteisomistajaa the share to.
In matters other than those referred to in subparagraph (1) is one of the joint holders fulfils the power to take action on the issue of a common object, even if the consent of the other joint owners, the trial has been received. However, Haastakoon other yhteisomistajat fact to be interviewed. What way will be overcome, let it be for the common good, and it is up to the value of the benefit received by each of the yhteisomistaja required to take part in the trial costs incurred.

section 5 of the administration of the common object, or it is necessary for the maintenance of the property section, with a deposit, or the establishment of a right of way or any other kind of action, which may have a material effect on the consent of all joint owners, the share rights, and the measure has been received, the request may be entitled to the share, if the only reasons for not weighing in accordance with the terms of the measure, give permission to do so. Before the proceedings are joint owners be given an opportunity to express its opinion on the matter.

section 6 of the joint owners shall have the power to apply to the Court for the imposition of a trustee to manage the administration of the common object and its owners for the common good. The right comes before the proceedings book for joint owners, who do not have the opportunity to join in, to rule on the application for an opinion. If the Court considers to be valid reasons to grant the application, for heaven's sake stick or trustee for the time being the said task to carry out.
When the application is found out, that the yhteisomistajat agree on the setting up of so doing and the trustee of the person referred to in subsection 1 shall be in the land of tuomarikin.

section 7: the right to be able to confirm that the trustee instructions, which, depending on the circumstances in each case, it is considered necessary. If the yhteisomistajat are in agreement, a judge giving the same power in his article referred to in paragraph 6 of the Ordinance. Unless the instructions otherwise provided for, not the trustee will conclude an agreement on the joint use of the object. Let not, however, without authorisation, he make such an agreement for a longer period than their own for the duration of the term of Office or, when he has laid down his duties for the time being, for a period not exceeding five years at a time.

section 8 if the yhteisomistajat are not a special case change or to the trustee otherwise laid down in the State, it is for the position of the trustee on behalf of and represent the joint owners and respond to them authority and also in matters relating to the common object.
A challenge to the authority of a public body, shall be deemed to be joint owners of the instruction or other communication of knowledge, when it is in the legal order of the trustee.

section 9 of the joint owners shall be entitled to share in the common object the sharing to be fired. A division shall be observed mutatis mutandis, what inheritance article 4 of Chapter 12.
If the object is not possible or it would be disproportionately expensive costs or reduce considerably the value of the object, is the right power share and his haastatettuaan others yhteisomistajat case to be heard to determine the object for sale at the joint possessions.

The legacy arc 5/85 is repealed by L:lla 41/1965, see Inheritance cycle 40/1965, chapter 23, section 3, 7 and 8.

the sale of the object, in its decision on article 10 of the law shall determine how the sale is to be made. The object is to provide for the sale by auction, unless otherwise agreed by the yhteisomistajat and subject to the contrary, that it obviously at a lower cost to the other way. If the sale of the object to a third person is not authorized, is a sales provide the joint owners.
The Court may request to fix the lowest price for the share object will be sold. If the sale of the property and someone is under guardianship, the Court will be without the requirement of a coat to prescribe the lowest sales price. There is no need to have such a sale to the trust by the Act (442/1999) the authorisation referred to in article 34. (as of 1 April 1999/453)
What 2 yhteisomistajaan vajaavaltaisesta yhteisomistajasta, shall apply to the States as well, where he provided the trustee, whose task it is to impose on the property. (as of 1 April 1999/453) (7.5.1997/422) on the allocation of the purchase price of the object and to take care of the right must, where appropriate, provide for the trustee. If an item has been ordered for sale at the auction, it is a matter of joint owners, in consultation with the trustee to prescribe the terms and conditions of sale, in so far as it is not done, the submission and provides publicly announce an auction or a judicial auction. The trustee will sign the deed, when one is drawn up.

section 12 of the sale of the item must be carried out without delay, after the sale has been the right decision. If the item is not sold within one year of the adoption of an order for the sale or, if the decision has been contested, after the final decision on the matter shall be deemed to have been given to the trustee of the order withdrawn.
Let the fact that the decision on the imposition of a trustee sale on the section of the stand in the case of appeal, in accordance with the position of the object in the sale of the ' the person from transmitting.

section 13 of the First period referred to in articles 6 and 11 of the uskotuksi man is the right to appoint a person, who takes on the task will consider the job. Yhteisomistaja uskotuksi may be imposed.
Implement the man in regard to what is laid down in chapter 18 of the trade cycle, the agent of responsibility, accountability, the remuneration and expenses.
The costs to be incurred by a trustee or the sale of an article is made, the vastatkoot all the yhteisomistajat, each part.

section 14 If the trustee wishes to give up his post and show due cause for, vapauttakoon the right to him.
If the Court finds that the trustee will not be released from their duties, it is him, when yhteisomistaja makes it an application. In the case of evidence, on the basis of which the liquidator shall keep its mission, can the right to a personal aloitteisestikin to free her from it. Let there be vapautettako deprived of the powers conferred on the men before him has been given an opportunity to be heard, if this without great inconvenience can occur.

Article 15 of the Decision by the judge under section 6 is given, are not allowed to apply for a change. Law 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 14 of the decision can be appealed. A decision on the sale of the object other than the common can be immediately implemented, subject to the implementation of the right to make an appeal to the point or not.

section 16 (13 March 2009/138) section 16 is repealed by L:lla 13 Mar 2009/138.

section 17 of this law shall enter into force on 1 July 1958.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: 8.5.1987/485: this law shall enter into force on 1 September 1987.
THEY 238/86, pankkivk. bet. 5 SuVM 271/86/86, 7.5.1997/422:

This law shall enter into force on 1 July 1997.
THEY 259/1996, TaVM 4/1997, EV 9/1997 of 1 April 1999/453: this law shall enter into force on 1 December 1999.
THEY 146/1998, LaVM 20/1998, EV 234/1998 on the 13 March 2009/138: this law shall enter into force on 1 September 2009.
Before the date of the entry into force of the laws which have been in force at the time of entry into force of the law applies.
70/2008 16/2008, LaVM, EV 5/2009