The Law On The Replacement Of Certain Police-Apukustannusten

Original Language Title: Laki eräiden poliisin virka-apukustannusten korvaamisesta

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The speaker of Parliament, in accordance with article 1 of the decision provides that When a police officer is required to provide assistance to the municipal or Community institution for the implementation of the measure, on the person to the police by the assistance shall be replaced by the cost of the resources of the State, their own police in the district, however, so on.
Municipal 1, kuntainliittoa Cypriot community has means and other 420,000.

§ 2 When the police give assistance for the general maintenance of the institution approved the private institution for the implementation of the measure of their own on the person to a police officer in the district, shall be replaced by the cost of the resources of the State, as it expressly provided for.

section 3 of the cost of that city's Police Department official assistance resulting from their own police in the district, shall be observed, what the Police Department is separately provided.

section 4 If the police is the official within the meaning of article 2 of the help in giving to travel outside their own police district, the costs incurred by the Office shall be replaced by the assistance of the County by the Government through State resources, if assistance is given to: 1) in order to carry out the requested search that the measure;
2) in order to restore the person to the facility means a facility or tampered with to have disappeared;
3 for the institution to another institution to keep a person), if the transfer is on the order of the State caused by the authority; as well as 4) for irtolaisen and as an alcoholic.
If the police otherwise 2 the assistance referred to in section to go to the police in the district, is the official requesting the facility to replace the cost approved by the Chief of police to the person concerned, according to the Bill, which must be drawn up on this law, as well as the replacement of the travel costs, in accordance with the provisions and allowance.
If the cost of replacement in the event of a dispute, the matter be referred to the County to County, with the assistance of the subject given the police the man is. The County Government's decision to let haettako change.

section 5 of the official assistance must be used to it, taking into account the total cost of travel, which is the cheapest, if the purpose or there are special reasons for administrative assistance are required.
In relation to a person which is placed on the cost of the transport, as well as necessary as costs only for meals and an overnight stay at the police.

section 6 When the assistance is requested or the request is not unduly esiintulleesta reason in time withdrawn, the requestor must be replaced by official aid post in the apukustannukset State. The provincial government, whose decision shall be final.

section 7 If the post-apukustannukset shall be carried out in the resources of the State, is the police the right to get their own police district of the County of ulkopuolalla for the assistance from the Government. If that is not the case, the requester required administrative assistance, at the request of the police, if it can be done without delaying the official assistance, to carry out the payment on account.
The County Board is provided for in article 4, in that case, be carried out in the police post in apukustannukset. If these costs to the provincial government, according to the decision, will not be to the detriment of the State, a County Government to ensure their recovery.

the application of the provisions of article 8 of this law shall be adopted, where the need for further regulation.

This law shall enter into force on 1 July 1956.