The Law Of Non-Recovery Of Claims For Certain Small Claims

Original Language Title: Laki eräiden vähäisten saatavien perimättä jättämisestä

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament, provides for: 1 section if the State other than the ability to pay or future vise. According to the law, the tax is low, is it maksuunpanna, or if the maksuunpano has already been delivered, nor charged. (11.8.1978/626)
Erinäisellä payment for the purposes of this law, the resources of the State in advance of the survey carried out commissions, and forest improvement loans, as well as the collection of other comparable for the County Office of the State or county government tax collection in the Office maksuunpantavia.
In advance of the loans granted by the various State and by the recovery of the capital once and for all, the payment is valid, it is specifically provided, however, that if, once and for all, to be carried out, together with interest on the loan or the compensation is low, it is the provisions of paragraph 1 apply.

section 2 (5.12.1963/532), section 2, is repealed by the L:lla 5.12.1963/532.

section 3, the community, or At official or someone else in the aftermath of a calculation error or other error is the entry from the State inherited from the less or more than the cost of the execution of the State paid for what should have been, and the difference is minimal, is it to be left to be recovered, if the recovery of the cost of the work or would be out of proportion. However, the recovery will take, with regard to the person concerned if the errors have a disproportionate number of or recovery otherwise there is a specific topic.
Officials for the purposes of this law, the responsibility of a State in all of the official mission.

section 4 of this Act, the said tax, fee or other amount shall be kept upon the State a claim, if it is less than the number of fixed by the Ministry of finance.

section 5 of the lower limit of the amount of the sum to be maksuunpantavan, or if it is otherwise provided for in the law referred to in article 4, without prejudice to the provisions of this law is to be respected.

the more specific provisions of article 6 of this law shall, as appropriate, on the implementation and application of the Ministry of finance.
The Ministry of Finance also has the power to order that this law has to be applied to other small State in future taxes, charges and claims, as what was mentioned above.

The change of the date of entry into force of the acts and application: 5.12.1963/532:11.8.1978/6: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1979.