Constitutional Reform Agreement N ° 3.


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1 index legislative constitutional reforms agreement No. 3 the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of EL SALVADOR, considering: I.-that under the Constitution in its article 1, El Salvador recognizes the human person as the origin and purpose of the activity of the State and that therefore their obligation is to ensure the inhabitants, the enjoyment of freedom health, culture, economic well-being and social justice.
II. that democratic societies around the world have accepted and recognized that water is a natural good essential to life.
III.-that different nations have recognized since the last century, in a large number of national and international instruments, the right of access to water as a right to live in dignity, in addition, affirming that access to it is a precondition for the realization of other rights inherent in the human person.
IV.-that according to article 117 of the Constitution is the duty of the State to protect the natural resources to ensure sustainable development, declaring themselves social protection, conservation, rational use, restoration or replacement of natural resources.
V that the economic order should respond essentially at the beginning of social justice, that they tend to make the country an existence worthy of human beings, and must promote the economic and social development through the increase in production, productivity and the rational use of resources, according to as enshrined in article 101 of the Constitution.
VI. that the right to adequate food, as a fundamental human right, has been recognized through a set of international legal instruments for the protection of human rights at the regional and universal level, being in full force an aspect of vital importance for the enjoyment of an adequate standard of living of the Salvadoran population.
VII.-that the rights mentioned in recitals III and VI, are not regulated explicitly in the text of the Constitution, so it becomes necessary to make the relevant constitutional modifications to its proper incorporation.

2 index therefore legislative in use of his constitutional powers and with the initiative of Deputies: Othon Sigfrido Reyes Morales, Irma Lourdes Palacios Vásquez, Yohalmo Edmundo Cabrera Chacón, Dario Alejandro girls Argueta, José Álvaro Cornejo Mena, Luis Alberto Corvera Rivas, Blanca Noemi Coto Estrada, Hector Miguel Antonio Dada Hirezi, Nery Arely Díaz de Rivera, Ricardo Bladimir González, Santos Guevara Ramos Mildred Guadalupe Machado Argueta, Hugo Roger Martínez Bonilla, Guillermo Francisco Mata Bennett, Misael Mejia Mejia, Oscar Ernesto Novoa Ayala, Gaspar Armando Portillo Benitez, Zoila Beatriz jaw Solis, Manuel Orlando Quinteros Aguilar, Inmar Rolando Reyes, Gilberto Rivera Mejía, Mauricio Ernesto Rodríguez, Sonia Margarita Rodríguez Sigüenza, Ana Silvia Romero Vargas, Jaime Gilberto Valdez Hernández, Ramón Aristides Valencia Arana, Maria Margarita veiled bridges, as well as members of the 2006-2009 period : Irma second Amaya, José Salvador Arias Peñate, Blanca Flor Bonilla Bonilla, Humberto Centeno Najarro, José Ricardo Cruz, Juan Pablo Durán Escobar, Walter Eduardo Durán Martínez, Ana Guadalupe Erazo Castillo, Luis Arturo Fernández Peña, Ana Elda Flores de Reyna, Oscar Abraham Kattan mile, Matthew Nestor Menjivar Amaya and Gloribel Ortez Gonzalez.
Remember: the following reform of the Constitution, issued by Constitutional Decree No. 38, dated December 15, 1983, published in Official Journal No. 234, volume no. 281, dated 16 December of the same year, the constituent Assembly.
"Article 1.-reforming the public health and SOCIAL assistance heading, located in the fourth section, chapter II, social rights, title II, rights and fundamental guarantees of the person in the following manner: fourth section, public health, food, water and SOCIAL assistance" article 2.-reforming article 69, in the following manner: "article 69.-State will provide the resources necessary and indispensable for the permanent control of the quality of chemical products" pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations, by means of monitoring bodies. Also the State will control the quality of foodstuffs and environmental conditions that may affect health and well-being.
Everyone has the right to adequate food. It is obligation of the State to create a policy of food and nutritional security for all inhabitants. A law shall regulate this matter.
Water is an essential resource for life, is therefore the State obligation to exploit and preserve water resources and to ensure their access to the inhabitants. The State will create public policies and the law shall regulate this matter."
GIVEN in the blue room of the Legislative Palace: San Salvador, nineteen days after April of two thousand twelve.

3 legislative index OTHON SIGFRIDO REYES MORALES President CIRO CRUZ ZEPEDA PENA GUILLERMO ANTONIO GALLEGOS NAVARRETE first Vice President second Vice President JOSE FRANCISCO MERINO LOPEZ ALBERTO ARMANDO Rosemary RODRIGUEZ third Vice President fourth Vice-President FRANCISCO ROBERTO LORENZANA DURÁN fifth Vice President LORENA GUADALUPE PENA MENDOZA CÉSAR HUMBERTO GARCIA AGUILERA first Secretary Second Secretary ELIZARDO GONZALEZ LOVO ROBERTO JOSÉ D'AUBUISSON MUNGUIA Third Secretary room Secretary IRMA LOURDES PALACES fifth VASQUEZ Secretariat sixth Secretary MARIO ALBERTO TENORIO Warrior seventh Secretary D. O. No. 75 volume No. 395 date: April 25, 2012 JCH/geg 21-05-2012