Reforming The Special Law To Facilitate Agricultural And Farming The Debt Cancellation.


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1 index Legislative Decree not. 10 the Assembly Legislative of the Republic of EL SALVADOR, whereas: I-that by Decree legislative not. 263, of date 23 of March of 1998, published in the daily official N 64, took not. 339 of the 2 of April of the same year, is issued the law special for facilitate the cancellation of them debts agrarian and agricultural.
II.-that it referred law from its approval, has by object, between others, contribute to the reactivation of the sector agricultural through the readjustment of them credits to its value current and the establishment of them mechanisms financial that allow cancel of way immediate them debts collapsed by them awarded of lands.
III.-who dated 11 August 2011, by Legislative Decree No. 806, the effects of the Decree 263, were extended for a period of one year, which expires on June 30 of this year, in which at the time of ordering are existed an understanding and commitment of this organ of the State, which during the term established in the extension of the same It would carry out a review and analysis of the objectives achieved during the period of validity of the law, which was from 1998.
IV.-that it is necessary that this organ of the State given pursuant to the previous recital so it becomes necessary to extend first subparagraph of article 4 of the special law to facilitate the cancellation of the debts of agrarian and agricultural, which is establishing the term of validity and the time that the law grants to the beneficiaries of the same to assist this , by a period of twelve months rather than expire the 30 of June of the year 2013.
Therefore, use of his constitutional powers and at the initiative of the deputies and members: Orestes Fredesman Ortez Andrade, Mario Marroquin Mejia, Abel heads, Manuel Vicente Menjivar Esquivel, Santos Adelmo Rivas Rivas, David Rodriguez Sigüenza, Luis Roberto Angulo Samayoa, Ronal Rivas, César Humberto Garcia Aguilera, Audelia Guadalupe López De Kleutgens, Francisco Roberto Lorenzana Duran, Blanca Noemi Coto Estrada, Rodolfo Antonio Martínez; and with the support of members and deputies: Othon Sigfrido Reyes Morales, Alberto Armando Romero Rodríguez, José Francisco Merino López Roberto José d'Aubuisson Munguia, Lorraine Guadalupe Pena Mendoza, Carmen Elena Calderón Sol of Escalon, Sandra Marlene Salgado Garcia, Irma Lourdes palaces Vasquez, Margarita Escobar, Rodrigo Samayoa Rivas, Ernesto Antonio Angulo Milla, Eduardo Enrique Barrientos Zepeda, Joseph Edgar Escolán Batarse, Manuel Orlando Cabrera Candray , José Vidal Delgado Carrillo, Silvia Alejandrina Castro Figueroa, Dario Alejandro girls Argueta, Norma Cristina Cornejo Amaya, Adam Cortez, Carlos Cortez Hernandez, Rosa Alma Cruz Marinero, Ana Vilma Albanez de Escobar, Silvia Estela Ostorga de Escobar, Lucia del Carmen Ayala de León, Nery Arely Díaz de Rivera, Antonio Echeverría Veliz, René Gustavo Escalante Zelaya, Jorge Alberto 2 index legislative Escobar Bernal, Emma Julia Fabián Hernández , Felix Agreda Chachagua, Carmen Elena Figueroa Rodriguez, Juan Manuel de Jesus Flores Cornejo, Dina Yamileth Argueta Avelar, Claudia Luz Ramírez García, Vicente Hernández Gómez, big Jesus, standard Fidelia Ramirios Guevara, José Wilfredo Guevara Diaz, Estela Yanet Hernandez Rodriguez, Alba Elizabeth Marquez, Rafael Antonio Jarquin Lario, Karina Ivette Sosa Lara, Benito Antonio Lara Fernández, martyr Arnoldo Marin Villanueva, Juan Carlos Mendoza Portillo , Walter de Jesús Montejo Melgar, Rafael Ricardo Moran Tobar, Sigifredo Ochoa Perez, Guillermo Antonio Olivo Méndez, Jose Simon Paz, Mariela Pena Pinto, Manuel Mercedes Portillo Dominguez, Nelson de Jesus Quintanilla Gomez, Ishmael Recinos Aquilino Posada Rivera, Jackeline Noemi Rivera Avalos Sonia Margarita Rodriguez Sigüenza, Misael Serrano Chavez, Manuel Rigoberto Soto Lazo, Omar Arturo Escobar Oviedo, Mario Alberto Guerrero Tenorio, Enrique Alberto Luis Valdes Soto , Jaime Gilberto Valdez Hernandez, Ramon Aristides Valencia Arana, Mario Eduardo Valiente Ortiz, Eugenio Donato Vaquerano Rivas, Guadalupe Antonio Vásquez Martínez, Francisco Jose Zablah Safie and Edwin Victor Alejandro Zamora David.
DECREES the following: reform to it law special for facilitate the cancellation of them debts agrarian and agricultural Art. 1.-reform is the subsection first to the Art. 4, of it way following: "them institutions of the system financial, must subscribe with them institutions creditor cited in this law, a Convention that allow grant to them beneficiaries that it request of them nominees in the Art. 2 of the same" , and that the date of entry into force have not cancelled amount owed, a loan at 6% of annual interest for a term of up to 12 years, which will be a grace period of two years, in which there will be no payment of capital and interest of any kind. These loans must be processed and formalized within the period that will end on 30 June 2013, being this period suspended the filing of any claim for the start of trial of nature Executive commercial or civil, involving embargo; "as well as which are initiated and is found in any stage of the process judicial executive civil or mercantile, against such debtor."
Article 2.-the present Decree shall enter in force eight days after its publication in the daily official.
GIVEN in the blue room of the Legislative Palace: San Salvador, 24 days of the month of may of the year two thousand twelve.
OTHON SIGFRIDO REYES MORALES President ALBERTO ARMANDO ROMERO RODRÍGUEZ GUILLERMO ANTONIO GALLEGOS NAVARRETE first Vice President second Vice President JOSE FRANCISCO MERINO LÓPEZ FRANCISCO ROBERTO LORENZANA DURAN third Vice-President fourth Vice President 3 index legislative ROBERTO JOSÉ d'AUBUISSON MUNGUIA fifth Vice President LORENA GUADALUPE penalty MENDOZA CARMEN ELENA CALDERON Sun of step first Secretary Second Secretary SANDRA MARLENE SALGADO GARCIA JOSE RAFAEL MACHUCA ZELAYA third Secretariat fourth Secretary IRMA LOURDES PALACES VASQUEZ MARGARITA ESCOBAR fifth Secretariat sixth Secretariat RODRIGO SAMAYOA RIVAS REYNALDO ANTONIO LOPEZ CARDOZA seventh Secretary eighth Secretary House Presidency: San Salvador, fourteen days after the month of June of the year two thousand twelve.
Publish, CARLOS MAURICIO FUNES CARTAGENA, President of the Republic.
JOSÉ GUILLERMO BELARMINO LOPEZ SUAREZ, Minister of agriculture and livestock.
D. OR. No. 116 volume no. 395 date: 25 June 2012 07-16-2012 SV/geg