The Law Of Recognition To The Heroes And Heroines National Reform Law

Original Language Title: Ley Reformatoria a la Ley de Reconocimiento a los Héroes y Heroínas Nacionales

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CONSIDERING: That, within the principles that encourage the awards granted in the armed forces, only those who have made proven acts of value that goes beyond the strict line of duty, can be considered heroes and heroines; That, despite the multiple distinctions and decorations that a member of the armed forces may receive during their service, this law gives special recognition to those persons who have rendered exceptional service during armed conflicts that Ecuador faced in the 20th century, reasons why not all fighter may be deserving of the benefits of the law; That, the granting of the benefits provided for by the law to heroes and heroines to the troops who fought in the 3 ecuatoriano-peruanas wars of the 20th century, not be extended to those who received a solemn praise, because this distinction does not constitute a merit exceptional, but fulfillment of the duty; and, in exercise of it attribution conferred in the Art. 120 of the Constitution of the Republic of the Ecuador, it Assembly national issued it following: law reform to it law of recognition to them HEROES and heroines national article 1.-replace is it available end first, by it following: "first.-all those people benefited by it law special of gratitude and recognition national to them 4-supplement-record official No. 804-Friday 5 of October of the 2012 fighters of the conflict war" of 1995, published in official register no. 666 of 31 March 1995 and its amendments; and who are registered in the orders General of the Ministry of national defense as combatants in the conflict in 1981, will receive the following benefits: 1. the State shall allocate annual quotas for scholarships complete ex-combatants and their daughters and minor children and adults with permanent partial or total disability which students as , and by its origin socio-economic, ethnic, gender, disability or place of residence, between others, find difficulties to enter, keep and end your training educational integral, until the third level.

2. in the case that former fighter submit a public contest of merits and opposition will be granted an initial score equivalent to five per cent of the total considered score.

3. development of programmes and projects of education and training for the inclusion in the formal labour system.

4. free and preferential attention in hospitals of the armed forces and the public health system.

5. preferential treatment in obtaining credits in the institutions of the public financial system.

6. inclusion preferential in enterprises driven by the State, especially in the sector of the economy people and solidarity.

7 ex-combatants will use logos and emblems of their status, both in their uniforms, while they are serving, as in her civil suit, when they are in passive service.

8 ex-combatants not remunerated, or pensioners, who are in situations of vulnerability, qualified by the Ministry of Social and economic Inclusion, will receive a unified monthly basic salary.

In addition, extends these rights to those who are with physical or psychological injuries of permanent total or partial character, as a result of the lifting of minefields or manipulation by explosive devices in compliance of citizen security missions; as well as to the daughters and the minor children and older with total or partial permanent disability, of those who lost their lives in this work." Article 2.-Replace the second Final disposition, with the following: "second.-all those benefited by the special law of gratitude and national recognition of the fighters of the conflict in 1995, published in the register officer no. 666 of 31 March 1995 and its reforms, with the exception of those laid down in article 7 of this law;" and those who have received the "Cross of war", creditor to all the benefits that this law provides for national heroines and heroes. In the event that they have previously received benefits of same or similar nature, these shall be understood as imputed to the benefits of this law." Article 3.-below of it available end second, add is the following: "third.-will be considered as beneficiaries for them effects of this law, only who achieve accredit is and qualify is as such, according to them provisions force, therefore is leaves without effect all process of accreditation previous to the validity of this law." Article end.-the present law will enter in force starting from the date of its publication in the record official. Given and signed at the headquarters of the National Assembly, located in the Metropolitan District of Quito, Pichincha province, the seven days of the month of August in two thousand twelve. FERNANDO CORDERO CUEVA, President.

DR. ANDRES SEGOVIA S., Secretary General.

Not. PLE-CNE-1-28-9-2012 "the full of the Council national ELECTORAL whereas: that, the article 108 of the Constitution of the Republic stipulates that the organizations political sustain conceptions philosophical, political, ideological, inclusive and not discriminatory." Its organization structure and operation will be democratic and ensure the alternation, accountability and parity conformation between women and men in its policies. They will select their policies and candidates through internal elections or primaries; That, the articles 65 and 95 of the Constitution and articles 3, 305 and 306 of the Act Electoral and organizations policies of the Republic of the Ecuador, code of democracy, they have principles that underlie the right to citizen participation in matters of public interest; That, the Constitution and the law guarantee the functioning of political organizations, according to its internal rules; That, the paragraph 6 of article 219 of the Constitution grants to the National Electoral Council, the power to regulate the legal regulations on matters within its competence; and, in the exercise of the constitutional and legal powers, issuing the following: