Law Reform To The Law Of Creation Of The Canton The Concordia

Original Language Title: Ley Reformatoria a la Ley de Creación del Cantón La Concordia

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Whereas: that, of conformity with it available transient tenth sixth of the Constitution, the President of the Republic, Economist Rafael strap Delgado, through Decree Executive 946 of 28 of November of 2011, convened to them citizens of the canton it Concordia to consultation popular so determine it province to which wanted belonging; On Sunday, February 5, 2012, according to official data announced by the National Electoral Council, the citizenship of the canton of La Concordia, you spoke way majority (64,92% of voters), in favour of belonging to the province of Santo Domingo of the Tsachilas; That, in accordance with article 106, paragraph third, the Constitution of the Republic, the popular statement is mandatory and immediate compliance; Which, in accordance with paragraph 5 of article 132 of the Constitution of the Republic, in accordance with article 135 of the same body of law, for the modification of the division administrative politician of the country required the approval of a law, which should send the President of the Republic; and, in the exercise of its duties and powers, approves the following: law reform to the law of creation of the CANTON LA CONCORDIA and to LA law of creation by the province of SANTO DOMINGO DE LOS TSÁCHILAS article 1-article 1 of the Act of creation of the Canton of La Concordia, be replaced by the following: "article 1.-create the canton belongs to the province Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas Concord" ", as territorial jurisdiction subordinate to the legal, political and administrative system of the State." Article 2.-Replace the article 3 of the law of creation of the province of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, by the following: ' article 3.-the limits of the province of Santo Domingo of the Tsachilas will remain the same which had the Canton Santo Domingo de los Colorados with their urban and rural parishes, that the boundaries of the Canton Concord will be added " annexed to Santo Domingo from the Tsachilas province l by legal effect of the result of the Popular consultation of the February 5, 2012 ". Article 3.-in the article 4 of the law of creation of the province of Santo Domingo of them Tsachilas, replace is "enclosure the Concordia" by "canton the Concordia".

Supplement-record official No. 20-Friday 21 of June of 2013-3 disposal GENERAL in all those standards in which is refer to the canton it Concordia as belonging to the province of "emeralds" must replace is by the province "Santo Domingo of them Tsachilas".

TRANSITIONAL PROVISIONS FIRST. -All agencies and State institutions which perform their functions in the territory of the canton of La Concordia will pass to the jurisdiction of the province of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas. These organisms will transfer the necessary institutional resources for the fulfilment of its functions and powers. Ensure the stability of the public servants who, at the time, working in the entities of the public sector with headquarters in the canton of La Concrdia. Similarly, ensure adequate and uninterrupted provision of public services. SECOND.-following the publication of this law and by the General budget of the State, the Ministry of finance, will assign the respective resources to comply with the article 4 of the law of creation of the Canton La Concordia. THIRD.-in order to comply to the provisions of article 193 of the code of Territorial Organization, autonomy and decentralization, COOTAD, the National Institute of statistics and censuses, will provide the Ministry of finance, the information that compete you for the calculation in reference, within the period of 30 days from publication of this law.

WILLINGNESS to repeal starting from the expedition ypublicacion of this law, all legal and regulatory provisions that contradict the content of this law are hereby repealed.

DISPOSAL this law shall enter into force following its publication in the official registry and signed at the headquarters of the National Assembly, located in the Metropolitan District of Quito, Pichincha province, the thirty days of the month of may of two thousand thirteen yun. f.) GABRIELA RIVADENEIRA BURBANO, President. f.) Dr. Libya RIVAS O., Secretary General. PALACE NATIONAL, IN SAN FRANCISCO OF QUITO, DISTRICT METROPOLITAN, TO SEVENTEEN OF JUNE OF TWO THOUSAND THIRTEEN. SUBJECT TO SANCTIONS AND PROMULGATED. f.) Rafael Correa Delgado, constitutional President of the Republic.

No. 053 the Ministry of the environment considering: that the Constitution of the Republic of the Ecuador, in article 66, paragraph 13, recognizes ygarantiza people: "The right to associate, meet and manifest itself in a free and voluntary manner"; That, through the Executive Decree No. 339, published in official register no. 77 of November 30, 1998, the President of the Republic, delegated to each Minister of State, the Faculty for that according to its competence, approve and amend the statutes of the organizations concerned; (That, by agreement Ministerial not. 250 of date 30 of December of 2010, published in the register official N ° 394 of the 28 of February of the 2011, the Minister of the environment, empowered to the Coordinator General of advisory legal several of their functions, between which consists in the Art.1, literal d) "approve them statutes of corporations, foundations and associations linked to them areas of competition of this Ministry and their respective reforms;" to dissolve, in a reasoned way, corporations, foundations and associations according to the grounds provided for in the Social status of each organization"; That, in this State portfolio, has been presented the request and required documentation for the approval of the reform to the Statute of the Foundation Fund Ecuadorian sustainable development - FED, with domicile in Quito canton, Pichincha province. That, Dr. Doris Jaramillo, officer of the legal General coordination of this State portfolio, by memorandum No. MAE-CGJ-2013-575, on April 23, 2013, reports on the fulfilment of the requirements laid down in chapter VI, article 12 of the Decree Executive N. 3054, published in the Official Gazette N °. 660 of 11 September 2002, and Art. 6 of Executive Decree 982, published in the Official Gazette N ° 311 08 April 2008, to reform the social statute, which were discussed yaprobadas in ordinary General Assembly of members, held on 22 September of 2012. In use of the powers laid down in the first paragraph of article 154 of the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador; of executives N ° 3054 decrees, published in the official register no. 660 of September 11, 2002 yN º 982, published in official register no. 311 on April 08, 2008.

Agree: Article 1.-to approve the reform of the Statute of the Foundation Fund Ecuadorian's development sustainable, whose short name will be FED, the same that will be bold and are as follows: reforms to the Statute: