The Law Of Staff Of The Armed Forces Reform Law

Original Language Title: Ley Reformatoria a la Ley de Personal de las Fuerzas Armadas

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THE full whereas, the official registry supplement 660 on April 10, 1991, published the law of the staff of the armed forces; That, the article 3 subsection second of it law organic of Defense says that: "... their functions constitutional, in those aspects boundary, them will implement through the Ministry of defence national;" and in the military-strategic aspects, with the joint command, without prejudice for exercise them directly; That, the law No. 32, published in the official register supplement 607 of June 8, 2009, the law reform and sets that military grade, rating for its formation and the military situation will be awarded generals officers, and senior officers colonels and ship captains, by Executive Decree; That, under the rules before cited, the Ministry of Defense or them respective commanders General of force can deal with is of them Affairs administrative relating to them promotions according to them degrees military respective; and, in exercise of its constitutional and legal powers, issued the following: law reform to the law of staff of the forces armed Art. 1.-Article 25, be replaced by the following: "the military grade and rating for their training will be awarded: 1. generals officers by Executive Decree." 2. to the commissioned officers: colonels and ship captains, lieutenant colonels, frigate captains, elderly and captains of Corvette and the subordinate official by Ministerial Agreement.

3. to the would-be officers, personnel of troop and aspiring troop, by resolution of the respective General Commander of force."

Article 2.-Article 30, be replaced by the following: "Art.30.-top by seniority is one that has greater time of service in the grade." In equality of time of permanence in the grade, between military of the same force, the antique is will determine by order of 6-second supplement-record official No. 441-Friday 20 of February of 2015 location in the Decree Executive, agreement Ministerial or in the resolution of the command of force, according to corresponds, and the precedence will be weapon, technical, services and specialists. Between different military force, if the above is not applicable, will remain antiquity who in the ascent to the immediate previous degree." Article 3.-Article 65 be replaced by the following: "the military situation is established:  General officers by Decree Executive;"  To top officials: colonels and ship captains, lieutenant colonels, captains of frigate, older and Corvette captains; and,  junior officers by Ministerial Agreement. For would-be officers, personnel of troop and troop applicants, by resolution of the respective commands of force." Article 4.-Article 171 be replaced by the following: "Art.171.-when the military find in Commission or duties on the outside and should be placed on availability or discharged, be ordered his return to the country within a maximum period of 30 days;" and, once in, shall be issued the respective Executive Decree, Ministerial Agreement or resolution as appropriate." Art. 5.-reform is the Art. 45, by the following: "to the President or President of the Republic you corresponds, in exclusive, the employment and the allocation of hostesses affected to its service, if it considers timely, who will determine their functions and the time of permanence in the charge, that not may exceed of two years." The Chief Military of the House presidential shall exercise this charge by a single time and by the period that the President of the Republic determine. For the designation of hostesses and the military Chief of the presidential House, the Minister of national defence will present a slate of three candidates for each position of the President of the Republic, of which this or this will choose the holders. The positions of assistants of orders of the Minister of national defence, the Chief of the armed forces joint command and force commanders, shall be exercised for one period not exceeding two years and only once in the career military officer." Transitional provision: Hostesses were appointed who are acting under cover of the law of staff of forces armed-the hostesses who were appointed under the protection of the law of staff of the armed forces existing and whose provisions are reformed by this reform law, will remain in functions until the end of the period for which they were appointed. Available end.-the present law shall enter in force starting from its publication in the record official. Given and signed at the headquarters of the National Assembly, located in the Metropolitan District of Quito, Pichincha province, on the tenth day of the month of February of two thousand fifteen. f.) GABRIELA RIVADENEIRA BURBANO, President. f.) Dr. Libya RIVAS ORDÓÑEZ, Secretary General.

No. 008-2015 the plenary of the Council of the judiciary considering: that, article 178 of the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador has: "The Judicial Council is the organ of Government, administration, supervision and discipline of the judiciary..."; That the numerals 1, 3 and 5 of article 181 of the Constitution determined: "shall the Judicial Council, in addition to those determined by law: 1. define and implement policies for the improvement and modernization of the judicial system;" (...) 3 direct the selection process of judges and other servers of the Judicial function, as well as evaluation, promotion and sanction. All processes will be public and motivated decisions (...) 5 ensure the transparency and efficiency of the judiciary... "; That, article 182 of the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador, says: "the national court of Justice shall be composed of judges and judges at the number twenty and one, who will be organized in specialized chambers, and shall be appointed for a period of nine years; they may not be re-elected and be renewed by thirds every three years. They will stop in its charges in accordance with the law... "; That article 89 of the code of the Judicial function has: "The Judicial Council shall determine the objectives, technical standards, methods and procedures for assessments, according to qualitative and quantitative criteria which, on the basis of technical parameters, will prepare the unit of human resources of the Judicial Council."; That, article 254 of the Judicial function Organic Code establishes: "the Judicial Council is the only organ of Government, administration, monitoring and"